My new favorite Romance Writer

Lemme quote her from her website :


A New Breed of Love Stories is coming your way!

I moved heaven and earth just so I could have a pen name. I even went through a secret poll (asking closest friends) , which among the list of names I researched on and put together and jumbled first and last names, they would want me recognised. At long last, a unanimous decision for Yara Alonso was made!

I have always dreamt of being a writer. I guess one could readily identify me as a wide reader. A book I read, just unfortunate to have forgotten the name and author of that book, once mentioned “If there’s one book you want to read, yet ,you seem can’t find it, you must write that book”. So here I am, fulfilling the author’s call to write.

Why romance writing?

A friend asked me that question once. That friend sort of envisioned me being a journalist. He said I always have an opinion on almost everything. Well, I think I am opinionated, too much for my own good sometimes, but I tried veering away by reading romance pocketbooks.

Some ask, why romance writing? I say why not. English they say is the international language. I say it isn’t, I believe it’s love. Even blind, deaf, mute and handicapped people fell in love. Some have crushes as early as six years old. That is indeed a manifestation that a strong feeling, a strong emotion is possible to exist in a person. It may not be love yet, but if it flourishes it would likely turn to love.

Love is a universal language. A Chinese would speak Mandarin, a Japanese Nihongo, an American English and yet regardless of origin, anyone knows and understands LOVE. A person need not finish any degree to be skilled at loving, it’s instinctive and instantaneous.

I have always believed in love, in its power, in its magic. Though I don’t have a Cinderella-they-live-happily-ever-after story yet, I believe that someday, somehow, someone would come my way. Someone who would love me the way I want to be loved, would take care of me the way I wanna be taken care of and would be strong for me when I feel like giving up. So while waiting for that someone, I would create a world where love is the center of the story and two hearts would be drawn together and would be bound by destiny. A world where I could make wishes granted and dreams come true. A world where pains, tears and heartaches are pivotal motions to success and happy endings. Stories that might be yours one way or another and heroes and heroines you could and would be able to relate to. True love does exist because I live by that principle, I live by that faith. Those stories would prove that true love happens, while not for me, at least for others.

I would want to reiterate through my stories that loving is not all bed of roses. For loving someone requires sacrifices, compromises and even heartaches, too. For when you love someone, you give that person a potent chance of hurting you, of breaking your heart to a million pieces. But despite the fact that, according to a song, love might kill you, no other experience would come at par with the joy, with the happiness, loving someone could bring.

So join me as we unfold the mystery and force that is LOVE. Happy reading everyone!