2011 Summer Special Olympics : Pinoy athletes proved once again that we are the champions!!!

“Let me win, But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”

It shamed me the greatest that I wasn’t able to cheer as for the Philippines special athletes much as I wanted for the 2011 Summer Special Olympics held in Athens, Greece last June.

I promised myself to personally watch the 2011 World Games four years ago, I was totally sold to the idea of scrimping and saving so I could fly all the way to Athens and cheer for my favorite athletes. But sad to say, I fall short on the saving department.  Unfortunately, apart from ESPN, there was no way I could watch the games in front of my telly to rally for victory.  So what I did was check Kaye Samson”s Facebook account on a day to day basis to keep me posted. Kaye Samson’ s the head coach of  the Badminton team.

I didn’t have the entire list of winners, so if anybody could give me names,  I would be very grateful and would edit this entry…

The Philippine Team brought home 49 medals in the recently concluded 2011 Summer Special Olympics held in Athens Grace. The team bagged 22 GOLD, 11 SILVER, and 16 BRONZE medals. We sent 38 athletes, yet yielded 49 medals! Congratulations to our athletes, their supportive families and hardworking and ever passionate coaches!
Andrew Dominic Lim 4th and Benrafii Tuazon Omar 3rd in Men’s Singles (Badminton)

Ma Angelica C. Manzanares f4th and Anna E L Mahweng Se 2nd in Women’s Singles (Badminton)

Rythmic gymnastics team bagged 2 gold, 3 silver, and 1 bronze medals
Luis John Decolongon, 22, won the gold and silver medals in the power lifting division.


Lemme quote Ms.  Samson,  ‘Thanks all… Team Philippines will be coming home singing to “Jingle Bells” sa dami ng mga medals….’


Lik the community page  we made to express our love and undying suport for our special athletes!




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