• Dial the TOLL FREE Number assigned to Jessica after the show. They will display them often.
• You can also find the telephone number displayed on her Facebook page at FACEBOOK.COM/JSANCHEZAI11 when it is available, keep checking!

• You have TWO chances to vote, For viewers in the Philippines and east Asia – 10AM to 12NOON and 1PM to 3PM Manila Time

• If you get a busy tone on the first time slot (Wednesday) it means that your MagicJack or NetTalk phone has a west coast number. If so, try another phone or wait for the second time slot. (1-3PM)

• You can vote via telephone AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE!

• Once you start to receive a busy tone, the voting is closed

• Vote early and often!


My fear for JESSICA SANCHEZ!!!

Riding on the hype about Jessica Sanchez’ latest performance in American Idol. She did great if not totally awesome. Come on, let’s all be real, ask anyone else in the competition to sing it and tell me if there’s someone who could outdo her version. I could only imagine Jessica singing Power of Love and bringing the house down! Does America and The Judges have ears? There’s a difference between a HIGH NOTE and a LOUD VOICE. SHOUTING doesn’t tantamount to SINGING A HIGH NOTE. Hollie Cavanagh almost broke her throat and cracked on the her last note. Transation in FILIPINO : PARANG PIPIYOK or PARANG PUMIYOK. Yet, her performance was labeled by JLo as “Saving the Best for Last”? Can anyone imagine Hollie singing The Prayer or I will Always Love You? Na-ah. Don’t even wanna go there… hahahaha…Skylar and Erika Van Pelt sure is way better than Hollie, for bleep’s sake! Listen with your ears….hehehe

I would want to believe what others are saying about Jessica not wining in AI. AMERICA IS NOT YET READY TO HAVE AN ASIAN, A FILIPINO, AN ASIAN-MEXICAN-AMERICAN AS AN IDOL. Suggestion to execs of AI, next time, don’t ask other people, esp other races living, working and PAYING TAXES IN AMERICA to come to any of your auditions. And change the name of the show to”STRICTLY FOR AMERICAN with a TRUE AMERICAN DESCENTS” IDOL!