Pix Galore

My weird and not so weird pics…

Part of my anatomy…

moi lips with pimples on the side pa yan ha!


moi eyes na maluha-luha na sa antok!


Few of my faves…

writing while working

fave pair of denims, flats and tube

fave hobby? Sabi nga ang trabaho parang isang mahabang biyahe….sarap tulugan!

fave shirt


Weird pix…




@ my friends’ beach wedding (I personally took the pic)



Woke up one day with the lightest mood I’ve ever had in the last couple’o months….so I took several pics of no other than, myself!


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Wala lang, just wanna post my collection…hindi ko pa na-a-add ung bagong bili at ibang inspirational books ko… And my super precious Nicholas Sparks collection na hindi ko na mahagilap…Think I need to do some general cleaning!

I read a wide array of books. no particular genre though I’ve my favorite authors.


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3 thoughts on “Pix Galore

  1. chuvaness says:

    shuckssss andami…pwede mo ng kabugin ang BOOK SALE!!! hahaha at may valentine romance!! ipa rent mo nga yan

  2. PinoyEngine says:

    You have cool pix. glad to see that. Especially your books.
    I agree with chuvaness. Pa rent mo pa yan.

  3. katuwa naman ito, ung books ko kasi mangilan-ngilan nga lang di ko pa maayos & after ko na mabasa ‘di ko na alam kung napapasaan na. ung iba kasi pinapahiram ko (mahilig ako mag-share ng book, kapag sobrang nagustuhan ko ang laman).

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