The Sign

A couple of days ago I had a very serious talk with God regarding humungous matters of the heart, my heart specifically. I asked for a sign – so as to  decide whether I would continue to hold on or would finally let go. In a matter of days, God heeded my request and gave me my much anticipated sign.

I have been loving someone since, cliche-sounding, time immemorial, even if we’re literally worlds apart. But you know if you as much challenged fate and asked for a sign and you’re given one, you should learn to compromise, especially if you, yourself cited consequences. One should learn to stick with consequences come what may even if what turned out to be was the opposite of what you’ve really hoped for.

God had given me the sign I’ve been waiting and praying for years and I must accept it. For it was I who fervently prayed for it. God fulfilled his side of the bargain, it’s high time I fulfill mine.

And suddenly I know what to do. It maybe tragedy to see the dream is over but the sufferings and pain need to be halted…

I must say goodbye…FINALLY!!!

And to God would go my eternal gratefulness. Thank you!!


I am flattered dahil marami ang nag-e-email saken na hindi ko kilala.  Nakaktuwa because it’s indicative that some people took time to really read my blog. Feeling columnista tuloy ang lola ninyo. Pero i-se-share ko ung email nung 1 tao na sobrang naloka ako. Medyo i-e-edit ko na ung content.



Elow! I am so aliw with ur blog. Nakakatuwa kc very informative and funny siya. Well, I am a college student. And I’m starting to get annoyed na with my pimple. Like you hindi den naman ako grabe mag-break out pero lately napansin ko, ang dami at ang lalaki na nila. Ask ko lang kung gumaling ung acne mo dati? Anong ginawa mo ate?


Gitah, 19 y/o



‘Lam mo neng, feeling beauty editor naman ako dito. ‘Lam kong na-send-an na kita ng feedback pero gusto ko pa deng i-publish ito. Well, gumaling naman ako. FYI sa lahat, hindi ako gumamit ng Proactiv, ang mahal kasi. Gumamit ako ng ACNESOL line ng HBC. Pareho sila ng amoy ng Proactiv pero hindi ko alam kung pareho ng content. Basta, nag-try lang naman ako. Awa ni Lord, gumaling naman. Nung nag-dried up na lahat ng pimples, I used Olay Total Effects para mag-lighten ung dark marks. Hindi na naulit ung grabeng salanta ng acne na ‘un, though I still have break outs every now and then due to PMS.

Thanks ulit sa pagbasa ng blog ko.



refer to this entry:

What’s inside ur bag???

Like one of the segment of Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino’s primetime show, SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon) where they managed to show what other artists have inside their precious bags (as bags that could cost hundreds of thousands to millions of pesos.)

Hindi ko talga kayang iwan alinman sa mga ito..i feel naked when I left something at home…

– Clean & Clear pressed powder
– blush on
– Zaija eye cream
– island Life Vanilla Splash
– bath & body works cucumber melon
– 2 shades of lipstick (Martha Tilaar and Sara Lee)
– MD Hortaleza AHA gel (for pimple emergencies)
– Ponds facial lotion
– Lewis and Pearl loose powder
– Nivea lip care
– Olay moisturizing cream
– Petroleum jelly
– umbrellla
– pouch with my charger, USB disk, card reader, K610i cp
– shades
– wallet/puch that has several compartments for my key, cash and cards

– toothbrush and toothpaste
– my medicine kit/pouch esp for my allergic rhynitis and vertgo attacks
– hair brush
– small organizer
– extra napkins (Sisters is my brand!)
– facial tissue
– I always bring my passport and other ID’s

Time for a Cool Change this Hot Summer!!!

Summer’s around the corner. Ready or not, it’ll surely come so might as well enjoy it.

I would have a very busy summer, a Tagaytay trip with work colleagues, family outing (probably in May) and a much-anticipated Caramoan trip on May 23. Of course, who would enjoy summer without hitting the beach (or beaches) ? And beach means swimming, and swimming means wearing sexy bathing suits.

Being part of the call center for what seems like eternity now made me so huge, as in, lumobo talaga ako nang todo! Gaining 39 lbs and adding 3 inches around my waist aren’t good news, either, so how could I wear sexy, as in drool worthy swimsuits?

Then my horoscope for today says :

“Face up to a big issue you’ve been procrastinating on — and the sooner the better.”

Whoa! Bingo! Bull’s eye! Sapul na sapul!

I have been dreaming, wanting, coveting to lose some weight and shed off sound pounds and burn some fats for what seems like forever. But I always tell myself that there would be plenty of time for that in the future and as I always say to my mother whenever she bugs me to exercise and diet, “Wag ka mainip ‘Nay, papayat din ako!” Now the question is, WHEN???

I dunno if the horoscope could0 be a warning or precaution, it may not even be regarding my weight for it might be for other areas in my lilfe such as career or money matter, but I would never put off my plan to really be a little skinnier (echos! skinner than my current figure, that is!)

I would have a concrete plan. I should, really.Then I would stick with it like a religion. First, I need to have the “drive” , then “discipline”. Pero that’s the problem, discipline? Saan ba nakakabili nito?

An ailment that is Vertigo.

According to wikipedia,

Vertigo (from the Latin vertigin-, vertigo, “dizziness,” originally “a whirling or spinning movement,” from vertere “to turn”[1]) is a specific type of dizziness, a major symptom of a balance disorder. It is the sensation of spinning or swaying while the body is actually stationary with respect to the surroundings.

The effects of vertigo may be slight. It can cause nausea and vomiting and, in severe cases, it may give rise to difficulties with standing and walking.

Vertigo is usually associated with a problem in the inner ear balance mechanisms (vestibular system), in the syndrome and Meniere’s disease. Vertigo-like symptoms may also appear as paraneoplastic syndrome (PNS) in the form of opsoclonus myoclonus syndrome, a multi-faceted neurological disorder associated with many forms of incipient cancer lesions or viruses.

Vertigo can be caused by inflammation of the inner ear due to the common cold, influenza, and bacterial infections.


August 2008 nang supungin ako ng inaakala kong hormonal migraine lang due to PMS. But vomitting 4 times wasn’t healthy and normal so nag-panic kami ni Kat, (one of my condo roomies) kaya naisugod ako sa Medical City. Dehydrated ang lola mo. Bigla lang namang umikot ang paningin ko kaya konting galaw lang ng ulo feeling ko umiikot na ang buong mundo. Actually it’s the other way around pala, kahit stationary ka lang, parang naglalakad ung ulo mo mag-isa. Then I was diagnosed to having Benign Positional Vertigo. So every sumpong I have to take 16-g Serc tablet every 8 hours and Plasil to avoid vomitting. I so love Plasil, sobra!!!

The said sickness, if it canbe called such, doesn’t have any root cause. But when I was asked how often I clean my ear, proud ako, “Doc, minsan twice a day.” Bingo! Un pala ung isa sa mga causes. Minsan daw kasi napu-push ung ear wax papunta ng eardrum instead na palabas ng ear. E, ang ears daw have two functions, hearing and maintaining balance (parang account sa bangko to, a). So kapag may abnormalities, may imbalance. Kapag may imbalance, un may dizziness na. E pag sinumpong ka nito, wala ka talgang laban. I succomb to sleep na lang. Pag gising ko, hopefully ok na.

So kung may symptoms kayogaya nito, I suggest you see a doctor. Never self-medicate.

Vanity Woes and Mishaps

For Your ReferenceFor Your ReferenceI I was never vain, never a kikay but I am bothered to high heavens, in full blast of this hightened fear of having serious acne. Don’t get me wrong, I was not really flawless, but I never had severe breakouts. Talking about “connect the dots”, my brother used to pick up on me due to my pimples, like he could play connect the dots daw on my face. Usually, I would have two or three pimples when I’m PMS-ing that’d eventually dry up on their own, need not apply any topical products.

Made me wonder what had actually changed with my regimen. More than a month, a friend who happened to be two years my junior, introduced me into using Ponds Age Miracle Cream (red tube). She had non-stop praises for the product and knowing how senstive her skin is, I was also hooked into using it. Apart from that I also had facial service (the one with kojic acid) made at DermStrata some three weeks ago. First sign of really dark pimples didn’t bother me, thinking that it could be brought by hormonal changes (thanks to PMS again) but after a monthlong of worry and battle against these pimples, I am close to hitting the panic button. Sabi nga ng aking pinakamamahal na ina “Yan ang napapala ng mga hindi makontento sa hitsura. Ang simple lang ng buhay, ginagawang komplikado”.

Again, I AM NOT VAIN. It just so happened that I’ve so many issues with my body that I’m trying to address, and this one added to the long list. First, my weight problem. Having gained 22 lbs in 3 years is no joke afterall! I would have to at least shed off a pound every week to have my old weight (and figure?) back. And this weight problem is surely giving me headache and tons of problems – constant palpitation, irregularities with the heartbeat and easily getting exhausted even if I’m not doing any strenous activity are enough to send me to dieting and have myself enrolled in  weight loss program of any kind. I’m so tamad pa naman to exercise and hello? Diet? Second problem was my severe hair loss (natakot naman ako kasi puro “severe” ang description ko sa mga problems ko), exaggeration or not, I maybe losing 300-350 strands everyday. I may lose all my hair even before they all turn gray/white! Third, my skin, the color is something one would find hard to fit in any category – I am not fair and I am not morena/tan. Had it not been for it’s hefty price, I would’ve tried Glutathione a long time ago. (But this is the least of my concerns now. )

I wanna get rid of these pimples FAST! It had caused my face to have not just dark dots/spots but also scars – hay, ! Basta kailangan mawala ang mga lintek na pimples na ito! Ayokong maging next model ng Proactiv!