My personal evaluation on FIBA 2014: A close look @ SMART GILAS team

It was a clear win over Croatia, with few non-calls when there should had been, was the major turning point of our loss. Then came Greece, RANK NO.5 in the world. The Greeks win by 12 points, sure. But I never was disheartened. There was regret and half-disappointment, but our boys did what they could to merit a victory. Not to mention na ilang travelling violations dapat na hindi din tinawag versus Greece. Iba siguro ang definition ng travelling sa FIBA. But, oh well…Alam ko na at the end of the day, every win counts. But I am way pass looking at where we stand as a team.

Kahit si Chot Reyes when he was interviewed pre-FIBA, tinanong siya kung ilan daw ba ang kaya nating talunin. He smiled and said, kahit isa yata wala eh, suwerte kung kahit isa meron, pero lalaban tayo, bilog ang bola. True enough, hindi man natin naipanalo ang mga nakaraang laban, hindi natin hinayaang tapak-tapakan lang tayo sa tournament. For me, that counts a lot. Imagine the shortest line up going against the best of the worlds, na kahit hindi man manalo hindi basta nagbibigay lang ng panalo sa kalaban. Aamoy muna ng dugo ang ibang bansa bago nila sabihing nanalo sila. Come on guys, when Gilas flew to Spain, I have little to no expectation whatsoever. Pero ginugulat ako ng mga bata natin, pupusta ako, sila man nagugulat sa mga sarili nila. Pati si Coach Chot siguro nagugulat din. As a result, buong mundo ang ginugulat ng Gilas.

Cheer up guys, I know may mga maling decisions sa laban kagabi. Alam kong masakit na matalo. We can’t help it as Filipinos, emotional tayo by nature eh. Pero kagabi ang nakalaban natin ay Argentina, RANK NO.3 in the world. Sa isang koponan na pinakamaliit at RANK NO.34, ini-expect ng buong mundo na yuyuko tayo but we stood proud and tall.

So cheer up, we will be up against 2 winnable teams – Senegal and Puerto Rico. Sana lang hindi bumaba ang morale ng mga players kasi may pag-asa pa talaga kapag tinalo natin ang dalawang teams na iyon. Lagi kong sinasabi, kung medyo tumaas-taas lang ang height natin, may laban talaga. Kahit hindi na nila kasingtangkad…

Lastly, I know it would have made a huge impact kung naglaro si Greg Slaughter. But his reasons are valid. Respect na lang natin iyon and leave it at that.

This is just the beginning of many great things the future Gilas line up can do. Ang mahalaga, huminto ang mundo para panoorin tayo…

Good morning! Smile mga die-hards as it isn’t the end yet for our dear Gilas team!

Why I didn’t vote for Noynoy Aquino! (Wisest decision I’ve made in my life)

Costguards found at fault daw sa Taiwanese shooting sa Batanes. Ano pa bang i-e-expect ko from this Administration?

Balewalang isakripisyo buhay ng kapwa-Pilipino para sa pansariling interes. Mahirap ang apihin sa sariling bansa lalo na ang aapi sa iyo ay ang taong dapat na nagtatanggol sayo – ang Pangulo. Hindi na ako magtataka kung mas maraming mga taga-ibang bansa ang patuloy na mangisda sa loob ng Pinas. Itong mga piratang ito, unti-unting papatayin sa gutom ang mga Pilipino dahil mas marami pang huli kaysa sa mangingisdang Pilipino. Okay lang na tayo ang unti-unting mamatay. Kungsabagay, ano bang ikakatakot ng mga taga-ibang bansa kung kakampi nila ang mismong gobyerno ng Pilipinas…Imbes na ipagtanggol tayo, ipinagkakanulo at iginigisa tayo sa sariling mantika. 

This is what the President wants, I gather… Now fellow Pinoys, ito po ang Presidenteng ibinoto ninyo at sa nakaraang eleksyon, dinagdagan pa ninyo ng mga senador na hawak niya din sa leeg….

Saan na tayo pupulutin?

Seattles Best Coffee @SM Megamall – POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Just remember a bad experience from Seattles Best Coffee in SM Megamall (along MegaStrip) last Monday, Feb 04, 2013. The entire crew – from the utility guy, to the guards and bartenders were all rude. Plus the fact that even if we’re not done and ready to leave, the spotlight on our table was put down, while they let the other diners (from other tables) linger. Given that we maybe a bit loud (with chickahan galore) and all but if we as much created disturbance especially to other diners, they could have asked us to tone down and we’d gladly adhere. They need not rudely treated us so we’d be forced to leave. If anyone happens to know Jayson Raymundo (that’s the name of the branch manager according to one crew member), kindly ask him to re-orient his crew a thing or two about CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Nakakahiya naman sa amin, um-order kami lahat ng drinks with no one seating-in para makiupo lang, tapos sa ibang table, paisa-isa lang tapos kami pa iyong papatayan ng ilaw. Degree holders naman kami at puwedeng kausapin nang matino. We opted not to talk to the manager on duty because she should know what her people are doing at the time she’s there to supervise, right? Who knows if the instruction to turn the light off on our table did actually come from her?

If you happen to drop by Megamall and need to grab a cup of coffee or a blended one, PLEASE DO NOT PATRONIZE SEATTLES BEST in MEGAMALL! Poor, pathetic customer service! I hope this rant would reach the powers that be at Seattles Best Philippines! Thank you!


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Caramoan Trip Tips


1. Check with any Caramoan local if  Survivor is currently shooting. If there’s a current Survivor shoot, you won’t be able to go island hopping to nearby spots.

2. Check if island hopping will be a short trip or a long trip. (March 2012 boat prices as per Kuya Ramil – 2500 long trip, 1500 short trip; the boat I think could accommodate 6 passengers). Apart from the boat rent being high, you would sorely miss all those nearby spots, too (relative to no.1 post) . Please use this website as reference to those islands. I do not own that website. (short trip) and (long trip).

3. Ask the inn you would be staying if it’s in the town proper or in Paniman Beach. If you are to stay at inns in the town proper, you have to at least take a 30-min or less trip to Paniman beach, the jump-off point in island hopping. Being able to dip in the nearby beach is an added perk in staying at Paniman Beach.

4. There is a two-hour trip from Naga to Sabang port. Another two-hour boat ride from Sabang Port to Guijalo Port (Caramoan). At Guijalo Port, around 45-min to an hour trip to Paniman Beach. So please make neccassary travel adjustments (inline with your flight schedule).

5. Earliest boat trip from Sabang to Guijalo Port is 7AM, interval of two hours for succeeding trips. Last time we went there, last trip from Sabang to Guijalo is 1PM. From Guijalo Port to Sabang, earliest is 8AM. I forgot what time the last boat trip is from Guijalo Port. So make sure you don’t schedule your flight to Manila earlier than 1PM (assuming you will take all the earliest trips from Caramoan; CamSur’s airport is in Pili, not in Naga).

<Naga (2 hour jeep or FX van trip) — Sabang Port (2 hour boat ride) — Guijalo Port>

6. If you would be travelling in group, I suggest you don’t take any package tour. Caramoan is backpacker friendly so make it a DIY trip!

7. SUN and GLOBE don’t have signal in Caramoan, so bring a SMART sim with you. (March 2012 was the date we’re there, I am not certain if signals for Sun and Globe have already improved)


Note : We stayed at Kuya Ramil’s house (300/pax/night) who happens to own several boats for island hopping. Contact number : 0907-4351962


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My fear for JESSICA SANCHEZ!!!

Riding on the hype about Jessica Sanchez’ latest performance in American Idol. She did great if not totally awesome. Come on, let’s all be real, ask anyone else in the competition to sing it and tell me if there’s someone who could outdo her version. I could only imagine Jessica singing Power of Love and bringing the house down! Does America and The Judges have ears? There’s a difference between a HIGH NOTE and a LOUD VOICE. SHOUTING doesn’t tantamount to SINGING A HIGH NOTE. Hollie Cavanagh almost broke her throat and cracked on the her last note. Transation in FILIPINO : PARANG PIPIYOK or PARANG PUMIYOK. Yet, her performance was labeled by JLo as “Saving the Best for Last”? Can anyone imagine Hollie singing The Prayer or I will Always Love You? Na-ah. Don’t even wanna go there… hahahaha…Skylar and Erika Van Pelt sure is way better than Hollie, for bleep’s sake! Listen with your ears….hehehe

I would want to believe what others are saying about Jessica not wining in AI. AMERICA IS NOT YET READY TO HAVE AN ASIAN, A FILIPINO, AN ASIAN-MEXICAN-AMERICAN AS AN IDOL. Suggestion to execs of AI, next time, don’t ask other people, esp other races living, working and PAYING TAXES IN AMERICA to come to any of your auditions. And change the name of the show to”STRICTLY FOR AMERICAN with a TRUE AMERICAN DESCENTS” IDOL!

Let’s vote for Jessica Sanchez!

So love this girl.


Hope she earns decent number of votes to get her to Top 5 (GIRLS) in American Idol. If only I could vote for her, even throuh online, but seemed like the voting system’s set to filter location within US only.

So to all our Filipino friends in the US, take two minutes of your time to vote!