Caramoan Trip Tips


1. Check with any Caramoan local if  Survivor is currently shooting. If there’s a current Survivor shoot, you won’t be able to go island hopping to nearby spots.

2. Check if island hopping will be a short trip or a long trip. (March 2012 boat prices as per Kuya Ramil – 2500 long trip, 1500 short trip; the boat I think could accommodate 6 passengers). Apart from the boat rent being high, you would sorely miss all those nearby spots, too (relative to no.1 post) . Please use this website as reference to those islands. I do not own that website. (short trip) and (long trip).

3. Ask the inn you would be staying if it’s in the town proper or in Paniman Beach. If you are to stay at inns in the town proper, you have to at least take a 30-min or less trip to Paniman beach, the jump-off point in island hopping. Being able to dip in the nearby beach is an added perk in staying at Paniman Beach.

4. There is a two-hour trip from Naga to Sabang port. Another two-hour boat ride from Sabang Port to Guijalo Port (Caramoan). At Guijalo Port, around 45-min to an hour trip to Paniman Beach. So please make neccassary travel adjustments (inline with your flight schedule).

5. Earliest boat trip from Sabang to Guijalo Port is 7AM, interval of two hours for succeeding trips. Last time we went there, last trip from Sabang to Guijalo is 1PM. From Guijalo Port to Sabang, earliest is 8AM. I forgot what time the last boat trip is from Guijalo Port. So make sure you don’t schedule your flight to Manila earlier than 1PM (assuming you will take all the earliest trips from Caramoan; CamSur’s airport is in Pili, not in Naga).

<Naga (2 hour jeep or FX van trip) — Sabang Port (2 hour boat ride) — Guijalo Port>

6. If you would be travelling in group, I suggest you don’t take any package tour. Caramoan is backpacker friendly so make it a DIY trip!

7. SUN and GLOBE don’t have signal in Caramoan, so bring a SMART sim with you. (March 2012 was the date we’re there, I am not certain if signals for Sun and Globe have already improved)


Note : We stayed at Kuya Ramil’s house (300/pax/night) who happens to own several boats for island hopping. Contact number : 0907-4351962


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pinoy ako and am proud of it!

Why I love the Philippines and love being a Filipino!!!

“There is no greater nation on earth than our Motherland. No greater people than our own. Serve them with all your heart, with all your might and with all your strength. Son, the ball is now in your hands” – Sen. Benigno Aquino

A Day in Paradise

I’ve had this aversion to water since time immemorial. The moment my feet feel nothing solid underneath the water I’d start panicking, thus learning how to swim has become elusive. I’ve always had this weird thought of getting drowned everytime I go swimming. I ended up missing a lot not enjoying all water activities — swimming, snorkelling, rafting, kayaking and scuba diving.

But not until July 04, 2008 when I and few of my closest office colleagues decided to go to Anawangin Cove in Zambales. Beach resorts aren’t the major attraction there since I found that there’s nothing much to enjoy with Pundaquit’s shoreline. The main attraction there was island hopping and trekking towards Anawangin Cove. It was truly a paradise. It’d make you feel like you’re somwhere else but the Philippines. I had this weird feeling that I am in New Zealand or Switzerland. I ejoyed the whole trip because finally I have overcome one of my fears, not to mention that it was only my 2nd time riding a water vessel (if a motor boat can be considered a vessell at that), one was a ferry from CCP to Orion when I joined my L2Summitteers climbing Mt. Tarak in Mariveles, Bataan ages ago. And that was about the same time I learned, really learned to swim..hehehe..I sure would enjoy going outdoor more.

Some of us had hesitations going to Anawangin but not me and Mico and Shie. Hearsays had it that a few seasoned mountaineers died and gone missing a few weeks back while trekking. Well, I wouldn’t wanna spoil my excitement for I was too excited beyond what can be considered as overly excited. Few days prior to the trip, the rain never stopped pouring, threatening our forthcoming trip to perdition. It even came to a point that only the three of us or make that fours us, with Riza’s inclusion, decided to go despite the not-so-good a weather forecasts from 4th ’til 8th of July. I just relied solely to my observed luck with outings, trips and campings that whenever I am included and no matter how unpredictably bad the weather is, the sun would always show up during those planned dates. Of course, I coupled that “luck” with ardent prayers. And on the 4th we setforth to Victory Liner in Monumento. Each of us paid P257.00 for fare (P252.00 from Caloocan to San Antonio, Zambales plus P5 accident insurance) and at exactly 11am, off to Zambales the bus went. And before the clock ticked at 3PM, we arrived in San Antonio, went straight to the market to buy a 3-day-supply of food, water and other personal things. Then we went straight to Mama Tess’ Wild Rose Beach Resort and paid a sum of P4,400 for a 2-night stay at her cabana.

We spent our first night swimming tirelessly at the pool. My, the resort was clean and since we’re the only people checked in at the resort, enjoyed our sole use of the resort. The next day, we started sailing towards Anawangin Cove at 8AM. Before we sailed, I told myself that nothing could harm me if God didn’t permit so. And I put on my life vest and rode the boat with much enthusiam enough for all 8 of us.
When we arrived at Anawangin, I understood why so much has been said about everything in it, from the white sand, to the pine trees,to the lake and the tip of the lake that meets the mountain and the sea. PERFECT! Though I’ve observed that there’s garbage here and there, maybe because of the rain and because of some people who, because of too much appreciation of the place, forgot sensibility. Before I even reprimand myself from being too OC, I found myself sweeping garbage off the prestine white sand. Hello! I mean, libre na nga ‘yong place, nag-iwan pa tayo ng kalat! Why shouldn’t we live by this saying:


After the never ending picture taking and photo sessions, we sailed off to Capones Island, with the intention of having more photo session at the Lighthouse. But because the waves became too strong that it became dangerous to sail, we landed at the other end, rather the other side of the island. We just took pictures on the rocks at the other side of the island and also while enjoying the water.

Before we went home, all of us were convinced that indeed it was a day in paradise and we’re all looking forward going back.

Akyat pa Pinas!:New 7 Wonders of Nature

Hay, what can I say so happy sa itinatakbo ng online voting for the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Ba’t ng aba hindi, e last time na nag-check ako, #2 na ang Tubbataha and #3 and Chocolate Hills, #5 and Puerto Pincesa Subterranean Park and #9 ang Mt. Mayon. Super love ko talga lahat ng nag-vote! I mean God made this country a paradise so we better show the world that it’s true!We could actually offer more…Sabi nga sa isang patriotic WOW Philippines-sponsored commercial :

“God enjoyed creating the island of the Philippines so He created 7, 106 more!”

Continue to vote! Let’s promote eco-tourism kasabay ng medical tourism campaign. I know one day we’d reap what we sow today!

More info on our entries :

Live ranking :

About the New 7 Wonders of Nature

kabayan, kakosa, ka-chokaran, ka-friendster, kamag-anak, ka-chikahan, katabi, ka-klase, kaanib sa ano mang puwersa at organisasyon, ka-sis at ka-brod, VOTE NA KAYO, pls!

3 ang entries ng Pinas para sa New 7 Wonders of Nature. Make them ur 1st,2nd adn 3rd votes – Tubbataha Reef, Chocolate Hills and Puerto Princessa Subterranean River National Park. Natalo na ung Banaue Rice Terraces natin sa nakaraang 7 Wonders of the World, kailangang makuha natin to! Mas ok kung pasok ung tatlo di ba! Pls, to all Pinoys globally, pls vote na din kayo! Kung nag-spend tayo sa panonood sa youtube ng kung anu-ano, konting effort lang para sa Pinas. As in, max na ung 5 minutes sa pag-vote! Hay, ang ganda ganda ng Pilipinas, kailangang malaman yan ng buong mundo!

Pls, pls… nung last check ko, pang-7 ung Tubbataha Reef. Pa-akyatin pa natin! Tapos iakyat din natin ung Puerto Princessa Subterranean River.




Eto ung live Ranking:


More pics :


Our water, our life.

The La Mesa Dam is in danger. With the government awarding land titles to 12,000 families very close to the dam and the site being only 24 meters above the water level, the drinking water supply of 12 Million Metro Manila residents is at risk of being contaminated. A study by UP scientists warned that the housing village can contaminate the water with their garbage, toilet wastes, insecticides, etc. The pollution can reach the water in case of floods and through groundwater pollution. Unsafe drinking water can cause severe diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, typhoid, hepatitis and deadly epidemics.
If the La Mesa Dam water becomes unclean, 12 Million Metro Manila residents will not have access to clean water. But it’s not yet too late. By getting 5 million signatures (actual signatures, text messages or emails), there’s hope that the government can change its mind about building the housing project. If it happens, the recipients of the title will be relocated to another site.

Add your voice to the campaign to preserve the La Mesa Watershed.
Join the signature campaign asking the government

By signing the petition, you are opposing the privatization of the 59- hectare portion of the La Mesa Reservoir, wherein a housing project will be built, thus endangering the integrity of Metro Manila’s water supply. Join various organization in the La Mesa Coalition in asking the government to exhaust all means to find a just solution to the rights of the awardees/ claimants of the 59-hectare land, without prejudicing the rights of 12 million Metro Manila residents to clean water.
You can send your “signature” by texting:

LM PROTECT Name, address and send to 2366 for Globe and Sun Cellular subscribers, 231 for Smart, Talk N Text, Addict Mobile subscribers (only one text per person).
Or you can use any piece of paper, write your name, address and signature and drop it off at any David’s Salon outlets, JRS Express outlets, LBC outlets, Bayad Centers in Metro Manila or fax to Bantay Kalikasan nos. 412-1382, 410-9670.
You can also sign the on-line petition by visiting www.lamesaecopark. com

12 million people in Metro Manila depend on the La Mesa reservoir for water.
Please help keep it safe and clean. God bless you!

Aileen Q. Magparangalan