What Christmas Means to Sendong Victims

I was about to blog about my New Years Reso but decided against it to give way to a more pressing issue, the tragic aftermath of a super typhoon.

I was once a victm of a super typhoon myself. Our house was submerged to a chest-deep flood when Ondoy hit Metro Manila September 26 of 2009. I lost a lot, yes. I threw away about two hundred books, less than a hundred magazines and a couple of textbooks. The typhoon took away my television, component, washing machine, double-sized mattress, CPU, DVD player and a handful of clothes. But everything, the inconvenience, the destruction, ended there.

Imagine what the typhoon took from other victims. Others lost their properties, some their homes, yet some lost lives, the very lives of their loved ones. I could only thank God that I was spared from such pain and loss.

So brothers and sisters, let us all do what we can to help those victims gain back their loss hopes and spirits. 

More than that, let’s all pray for their immediate healing, acceptance and understanding. May God be with all of us!

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