Thank Heavens for Paper Bags

Can anyone be kind enough to enlighten me if we have any presidential decree or any approved bill regarding the use of paper bags in the Philippines? Because if there’s none and this initiative was because of fastfood chains and resto’s way of saving Mother Nature, then I highly commend them for a job well done. Despite other people’s negative reaction about paper bags’ easy deterioration (once soaked, they broke thing), I still think this idea is brilliant.

I was at the mall earlier with mother and niece Jellycia when, upon seeing brown paper bags @McDo, decided to have my orders “to go” instead of “for here”.



(with my niece Jellycia)

(photo taken last week)


2 thoughts on “Thank Heavens for Paper Bags

  1. George says:

    which mall was this? 🙂

  2. janisluvj says:

    this is in Ever Ortigas. Both Jollibee and McDo are no longer using plastic bags…

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