The Sign

A couple of days ago I had a very serious talk with God regarding humungous matters of the heart, my heart specifically. I asked for a sign – so as to  decide whether I would continue to hold on or would finally let go. In a matter of days, God heeded my request and gave me my much anticipated sign.

I have been loving someone since, cliche-sounding, time immemorial, even if we’re literally worlds apart. But you know if you as much challenged fate and asked for a sign and you’re given one, you should learn to compromise, especially if you, yourself cited consequences. One should learn to stick with consequences come what may even if what turned out to be was the opposite of what you’ve really hoped for.

God had given me the sign I’ve been waiting and praying for years and I must accept it. For it was I who fervently prayed for it. God fulfilled his side of the bargain, it’s high time I fulfill mine.

And suddenly I know what to do. It maybe tragedy to see the dream is over but the sufferings and pain need to be halted…

I must say goodbye…FINALLY!!!

And to God would go my eternal gratefulness. Thank you!!