What do you mean “Only in the Philippines”?

This’s a circulated message/post/passage. And I hope the author won’t take it against me if I repost/share this to others. I share most feelings and thoughts with her. While I was watching the coverage of the hostage-taking, ang unang una kong naisip : PAANO NA ANG MGA PINOY SA HONGKONG AT SA BUONG MUNDO? Kung tayo mismong mga Pilipino nagalit sa kapwa natin Pilipino, imagine kung anong klaseng treatment ang matatanggap ng mga Pilipinong nagta-trabaho sa ibang bansa. Kawawa naman sila.

Let’s face the truth, bilang Pilipino napakahirap i-earn ang respeto ng ibang lahi di ba? Kahit yata ikamatay natin, hirap tayong kuhanin ang respeto at pagkilala ng ibang bansa, ng ibang lahi. Para bang kahit anong gawin natin, hindi kahit kailanman bubuti ang imahe ng isang Pinoy sa mundo. Kahit kung tututuusin ay marami tayong kontribusyon sa mundo, ipinagwawalang bahala lamang nila. Parang sa isang pagkakamali lang, nama-magnify ‘yong transagession natin. Wala na nga tayong kakampi kundi ang bawat isa, tayo tayo pa ang nagsisiraan. Hinihingi ng panahon ang pagkakaisa bilang isang nasyon. Ipakita natin sa mundo na bagamat nagkamali tayo, kaya nating umusad. Na hindi porke inamin natin na nagkamali tayo ay hahayaan nating api-apihin tayo. Tapos na ang mga panahong inapi tayo sa sarili nating bayan. Ipakita natin sa mundo na isa tayong buo at nagkakakaisang bansa, na sa kabila ng pagkakamali ay nagsisikap na umusad at ituwid ang kanilang buhay.

And when we become successful doing that, ibabahagi natin ang ating success story sa mundo.


What do you mean “Only in the Philippines”?

by Trixie Cruz-Angeles on Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at 2:21am

When the smoke cleared and the bodies were counted, as Mendoza’s story slowly is spread to a visibly shaken nation, I am shattered by the vicious remarks brought to my doorstep courtesy of Facebook. I see words like “Only in the Philippines” and “nakakahiya tayo.”  Here are my countrymen, talking about themselves as though everything that had been done wrong at the Quirino Grandstand was a national trait, as though stupidity were possible only here and the only ones capable of it are Filipinos. And then, I remember with sadness that it is also my own countrymen, who, when seeing a beautiful place in the Republic say with awe, “Ang ganda dito, parang wala tayo sa Pilipinas!”

Of course P/Insp R. Mendoza comitted a criminal act. Of course the police officers and media persons and networks could have handled matters in a more sensitive and timely manner. But it also especially hurts when these mistakes are ascribed as national traits. Only in the Philippines daw. And only Filipinos could screw up this badly.

The vultures can’t resist jeering and insulting. Stupid media. Stupid cops. Stupid Mendoza. Stupid by-standers. The Filipino nation is stupid.

Excuse me?

Our ancestors believed in the concept of an afterlife when many other peoples of the world were still figuring out how to make stone tools. Our forebears crossed the Pacific years before the Vikings crossed the Atlantic. They cultivated rice when many others were still living in caves. They had the first revolution in Asia that united no less than three disparate linguistic groups through a leader named Diego Silang whose wife became his successor. This nation produced women leaders and warriors when much of Europe still considered the female gender as mere chattel. My country abolished slavery two hundred years ahead of the so called New World. My country, whose history and treasures remain mysteries to its own children, cannot and should not be defined by the mistakes of yesterday’s events

And we will not be defined by this tragedy. But we must learn from it. And the first lesson should and ought to be not to add any more hurt to a nation prostate with grief. So much blood ignites so much passion. But we can either flagellate ourselves until there is nothing left of our self esteem. Or we can turn this into an impetus for change. Real change.

So, I will mourn today. I will grieve for all the victims, yes Mendoza included. I will mourn for all the ignorance that makes an embarassing display of itself in times of crisis. I will mourn for the good men and women of the PNP who feel the brunt of the national outrage, but who will go to work tomorrow and still go after the bad guys, still keep us safe. I will mourn for media persons who must live with the effects of their live broadcasts.



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