Filipino Novels Online Writers of the Year – the Winners!

I personally would like to thank all my friends who voted for Selene Nepomuceno and Nimfa Beck (both from as both turned out to be winners – bagging 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

The said contest was to know who among our online writers we could consider great. Well, for me the contest would very much raise awareness for ONLINE NOVELS.


* Originality of the story – 15%
* Romantic Touch – 15%
* Realistic approach of plots and events – 10%
* Technical Skill (inc. grammar and punctuations) – 10%
* Unique Characterization – 10%
* Smooth and Effective Delivery – 20%
* Entertainment Value – 10%
* Online votes (will start on January 15, 2010) – 10%

Online Votes result :

Ces Adriano of Filipino Romance Novel (FRN) 2% (25 votes)

Garnet Heart of Your Story Haven (YSH) 21% (247 votes)

Jaine Carwin of The Other Side of Us/FRN 3% (35 votes)

Lady Morgana of Filipino Romance Novel (FRN) 14% (168 votes)

Melanie Quilla of 4% (44 votes)

Nimfa Beck of BookWorms Forum 4% (42 votes)

Roje Fernandez of Internet Serye 22% (256 votes)

Selene Nepomuceno of BookWorms Forum 8% (95 votes)

Xynodras of Tagalog Online Pocketbook (TOP) 1% (17 votes)

Yesha Lee of Tagalog Online Pocketbook (TOP) 20% (231 votes)

Total Votes: 1160

Visit formore info.


Ms Beck could have won if not for lack of votes but that’s fine. We love them! Eherm, magpapa-burger sila! Yipee! Again, thank you…
To read Ms Beck and Ms Nepomuceno’s works, visit :

4 thoughts on “Filipino Novels Online Writers of the Year – the Winners!

  1. catey says:

    Up to now sis… nasa cloun 9 pa rin me… fantastic talaga mga taga bw!

    ang panalo ng isa, panalo ng lahat!!!

    lab yu janis… alam kong isa ka sa mga influencial people para matulungan natin si Lola selene!!!

  2. leiza lei says:

    first time being here, ang ganda ng site mo sis..informative…

  3. janisluvj says:

    Thanks naman! Mag-a-upload ka din ba ng karugtong sa novels mo sa Bookworm sa Feb14? Bitin ako, e!

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