Friendster Bug

I soooo hate friendster nowadays. Why the hell am I a fan of so many people I never had the fortune (nor misfortune)of knowing? Names I never heard in my entire life? Do they have to self infused themselves so people would be their fans? DUH!!!

I never ever ever even visited those friendster accounts and yet I was surprisingly a fan. Heck! I deleted and “un-fan”ned myself to all of those spamming accounts and hopefully I wouldn’t get as much PMs in my friendster account the next time I log in. Pathetic! If ever I will, I will definitely be forced to report those accounts!


4 thoughts on “Friendster Bug

  1. wag ka nang mainis mag facebook ka nalang add mo ko hihi πŸ˜‰

    oh ang kilay wag itaas! friend tayo mwaah!

  2. janisluvj says:

    cge, ung gamit mo bang email ung email na inenter mo dito?

    cge, hanap kita sa facebook!

  3. Badtrip talaga. Ako din eh andami ko friends na hindi ko naman ni add and worst hindi ko naman sila kilala. Mas maganda pa nga sa facebook ka na lang!

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