Bakit ang kulit mo?

***trying to be NERUDA (again!)***

You’re like a song that never ends, continues to linger;

You’re like a dream that doesn’t go away, asleep or even if I’m wide awake;

You’re like a curse, a curse that no antidote would be able to cure;

You’re like a mystery, a mystery I would and  could never ever fathom;

You’re like a ghost that would seem to haunt me eternally;

You’re like a journey that will never end;

A song

A dream

A mystery

A curse

A ghost

A journey

But inspite of everything, of every single misery loving you causes me

My heart refuses to forget you;

This feeling, this love despite stupidity, doesn’t seem to wear out, doesn’t seem to falter;

refuses to die;

On the contrary, this love continues to live, to fight, to dream, to aim, to hope, to suffer,to sacrifice;

to live in eternal misery and thrive at every tear,every pain, every heartache;

As I was led to believe,

and as I truly believe,

I was born to love you.

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