little poetic (for my special someone)


There’s a place in me where your memory rests;

where your voice and laughter linger.

It is a place no one else ever occupied and nobody dared penetrate.

It is a place only you dominate,

a place where only the sweetest thoughts of you dwell and don’t seem to end.

It is a place where forever is really endless and always never ceases.

It is a place where, even if love dies, the heart refuses to say goodbye.

It is a place where a part of you will always be a part of me

for it is a place where you become me.


(nagpaka-trying hard akong maging Pablo Neruda dito. Haha, ang hirap pala co’z poetry isn’t my main dish. Pang-prose ata ako! Nyahay! Sana mabasa niya toh!)



2 thoughts on “little poetic (for my special someone)

  1. hmmmm may pinaghuhugutan .. hehehe


    nagsusumigaw na enlabo ka kapatid 🙂

  2. junice says:


    special nga.. hehehe


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