I am supporting Everywun.com!

I have recently exploited Facebook, I was so comfortable using friendster that I became quite impartial with other networking websites. I came across a cause that fights for a free education for poor Pinoy children. Then a link took me to everywun.com website.

I guess that since I am fond of using the internet to just mere friendstering and blogging, I’ve decided to use it as an advantage to help others, esp the needy. And through causes in facebook, I was able to help without spending a dime.

When I signed up for everywun. com and selected Education as my badge, a friend of mine asked me why education, why not poverty or environment?

My answer was simple. I think most Pinoys are poor because we lack education. If we are educated and hold certain degrees, we’ll have better opportunities, we have better chances of improving our lives. Thus, ending poverty. You think that a poor man thinks on how he can plant a tree or how he can help prevent more destruction brought by global warming instead of earning a living so he has something to feed his stomach? I guess, not. Hence, a person who is educated would have a better life, would have a better understanding of things because he has less worries. He would have more time educating his would be sons or daughters regarding how nature works and how he could help save endangering it. He would have money to spare donating to certain causes and charities.

Again, why education? Education is an immense tool of empowering a person, a nation. Thus making this world a better place to live.

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