Pag maldita sila, dapat bang mas maging maldita ka?

You definitely can’t please everybody. Adage, but true. But I guess no one believes in the saying “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others do unto you.” anymore, as many others continue to be mean and degrade oeher people.

When my friend and I met up a couple o’ weeks ago, she was so devastated that she cried regarding untoward incidents she had with her co-workers. “Sana Janis, magkasama pa tayo sa work. Hindi ko na kaya. When I was eating sa pantry sabi ba naman ng isa sa mga bruha, mukha daw akong katulong! Sana nandoon ka, para hindi nila ako kayang awayin.”

Well, I admit, my friend isn’t what we can consider pretty. She may not be good looking but did she deserve being treated that way? I mean, hello, no matter how beautiful or gorgeous a person is, that person doesn’t have to feel superior and treat others like dirt.  Being good looking isn’t a ticket to make other people feel inferior. Like, duh, what are you, a god/goddess ? Dahil mas maganda ka, may karapatan kang manlait ng iba na sa tingin mo ay hindi kasingganda mo? Para sa akin, kapag ang isang tao ay good looking, mas marami siyang moral responsibilty. I mean, people are gonna watch your every move. Gaya kung matalino ka, maldita, laitera or what. People would try hard to see the worst in you. Kailangan hindi masyadong mataas ang ere dahil pag bumagsak at lumagapak, masakit! You have to at least live up to what you really are – beautiful- and beautiful inside and out. Masakit masabihan ng “maganda nga, maldita /masama ang ugali/bobo naman. Kala mo kung sino. Hmp!”

Whereas the less good looking people, sabi ng friend ko, has reasons daw para maging masama ang ugali. Sabi niya kung buong buhay mo nilalait-lait ka, aba, dapat matuto ka daw lumaban. Ganon na? Pride and dignity na lang daw meron sila. He, he, he… But kidding aside, physical appearance is but a facade, what’s inside your heart and mind matters the most. You may be the pretiest but if you malign others, you’re nothing but an empty can can — shallow… loud but empty. Everything about you surely is skin deep, all surface but nothing underneath it. Nothing worth knowing, nothing worth loving. You’re just a number, your existence doesn’t matter, doesn’t have a value, doesn’t have any worth at all.

Kaya sabi ko sa friend ko, dapat ganito sinabi mo sa co-worker mo, “Oo, mukha akong katulong, magandang katulong. ‘Yong tipong nire-rape ng amo kasi maganda. Hindi kagaya mo, katulong lang, PERIOD. Bisayang katulong*, INDAY! ” You won’t lost anything by believing in KARMA. Of course we don’t want to be treated badly, right, so we should learn to be responsible in dealing with other people. After all at the end of the day, your deeds will either save or condemn you, therefore would define who you really are!!!

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P.S. Pasintabi sa mga “Bisaya”, I, myself is an Ilongga, my father hailed from Bago City, Negros, Occ. Na-type cast lang po dahil marahil sa humor na ma-tagged ang mga maids and yaya as Bisaya. Huwag pong magalit! Peace!

What’s inside ur bag???

Like one of the segment of Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino’s primetime show, SNN (Showbiz News Ngayon) where they managed to show what other artists have inside their precious bags (as bags that could cost hundreds of thousands to millions of pesos.)

Hindi ko talga kayang iwan alinman sa mga ito..i feel naked when I left something at home…

– Clean & Clear pressed powder
– blush on
– Zaija eye cream
– island Life Vanilla Splash
– bath & body works cucumber melon
– 2 shades of lipstick (Martha Tilaar and Sara Lee)
– MD Hortaleza AHA gel (for pimple emergencies)
– Ponds facial lotion
– Lewis and Pearl loose powder
– Nivea lip care
– Olay moisturizing cream
– Petroleum jelly
– umbrellla
– pouch with my charger, USB disk, card reader, K610i cp
– shades
– wallet/puch that has several compartments for my key, cash and cards

– toothbrush and toothpaste
– my medicine kit/pouch esp for my allergic rhynitis and vertgo attacks
– hair brush
– small organizer
– extra napkins (Sisters is my brand!)
– facial tissue
– I always bring my passport and other ID’s

Horoscope Galore!

Say ng horoscope ko:

You need to say goodbye to someone, but it won’t be as difficult as you fear it will. You will see something today that makes you understand that this fork in the road holds two very rewarding (yet opposite) paths for each of you, so leaving them to go their own way isn’t a rejection. You now see that staying on the same path is a mistake for you both. You’re entering a strong selfless phase that will keep your heart warm even when you’re missing people you love.


Say ko naman :

Lalo lang akong lumungkot…Haaay..sino naman kaya itechiwa?

I am supporting!

I have recently exploited Facebook, I was so comfortable using friendster that I became quite impartial with other networking websites. I came across a cause that fights for a free education for poor Pinoy children. Then a link took me to website.

I guess that since I am fond of using the internet to just mere friendstering and blogging, I’ve decided to use it as an advantage to help others, esp the needy. And through causes in facebook, I was able to help without spending a dime.

When I signed up for everywun. com and selected Education as my badge, a friend of mine asked me why education, why not poverty or environment?

My answer was simple. I think most Pinoys are poor because we lack education. If we are educated and hold certain degrees, we’ll have better opportunities, we have better chances of improving our lives. Thus, ending poverty. You think that a poor man thinks on how he can plant a tree or how he can help prevent more destruction brought by global warming instead of earning a living so he has something to feed his stomach? I guess, not. Hence, a person who is educated would have a better life, would have a better understanding of things because he has less worries. He would have more time educating his would be sons or daughters regarding how nature works and how he could help save endangering it. He would have money to spare donating to certain causes and charities.

Again, why education? Education is an immense tool of empowering a person, a nation. Thus making this world a better place to live.