Time for a Cool Change this Hot Summer!!!

Summer’s around the corner. Ready or not, it’ll surely come so might as well enjoy it.

I would have a very busy summer, a Tagaytay trip with work colleagues, family outing (probably in May) and a much-anticipated Caramoan trip on May 23. Of course, who would enjoy summer without hitting the beach (or beaches) ? And beach means swimming, and swimming means wearing sexy bathing suits.

Being part of the call center for what seems like eternity now made me so huge, as in, lumobo talaga ako nang todo! Gaining 39 lbs and adding 3 inches around my waist aren’t good news, either, so how could I wear sexy, as in drool worthy swimsuits?

Then my horoscope for today says :

“Face up to a big issue you’ve been procrastinating on — and the sooner the better.”

Whoa! Bingo! Bull’s eye! Sapul na sapul!

I have been dreaming, wanting, coveting to lose some weight and shed off sound pounds and burn some fats for what seems like forever. But I always tell myself that there would be plenty of time for that in the future and as I always say to my mother whenever she bugs me to exercise and diet, “Wag ka mainip ‘Nay, papayat din ako!” Now the question is, WHEN???

I dunno if the horoscope could0 be a warning or precaution, it may not even be regarding my weight for it might be for other areas in my lilfe such as career or money matter, but I would never put off my plan to really be a little skinnier (echos! skinner than my current figure, that is!)

I would have a concrete plan. I should, really.Then I would stick with it like a religion. First, I need to have the “drive” , then “discipline”. Pero that’s the problem, discipline? Saan ba nakakabili nito?

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