Francis Magalona is gone!!!!

Sad, but true!

How could someone so young like him die? He’s been my crush since I could remember. I really like him, especially his contributions to the Pinoy music industry. Remember the song “Mga kababayan ko.”

The news really saddened me so much. It’s hard to think that he had finally bid goodbye to this world to reunite with The Creator. Too bad  I won’t be able to hear him rap again,not that I am a fan of rap since I am more of a rocker.

I don’t know what it is with him that I truy adore but I simply love him. Well, good thing I have his albums with me, I could at least say he had left me something to remember him by, actually his music would be the proof that he has been a nice person. He wanted Pinoys to change for the better. Wouldn’t forget his genuine trust with Pinoys and his patriotism.

I love you Francis M, wherever you’ll go I know that you’ll be happier. Rest assured that we will never forget you.

HAPPY BATTLE, forever!!!

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ain’t he really cute?


4 thoughts on “Francis Magalona is gone!!!!

  1. adaengkantada says:

    what?! anong ikinamatay niya? i read somewhere na may sakit pa, pero nakalimutan ko na kung ano yun.

  2. janisluvj says:

    he died at around 12:20 earlier sa medical city. he had leukemia. bumigay na daw ung heart and lungs, e.

  3. anakngpating says:

    hays pareho pala tayong pasimpleng umiidolo sknya
    nakaklungkot noh pero kaylangan mag move forward pero madami naman syang naiwan dahil mat tatak na sya sating mga pinoy, masaya na talaga sya kung nasan man sya ngayon.

  4. Jacky says:

    inGat pUuh mR.kinG oF rap ..

    haiXt ..sayanG . ..

    cOndOlenCe pUuh sa maGalOna famiLy …

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