25 Random Things…about me?

I was tagged by a friend (si Alvin) in facebook. I was a bit challenged to come up with 25 Random things about me. So here is my list :

1. I love Chocolates! What would life be without it, anyway?

2. I super hate reptiles! Snakes. Lizards. Eeeewww!

3. I’ve recently discovered I have a passion for cooking.

4. I don’t believe in first impression. I don’t believe it lasts. Prejudice can hinder a friendship to blossom.

5. During one of our accent trainings, one of my co-trainees thought I was a librarian in my former life!

6. I am the worst swimmer. I panick at the thought that nothing’s beneath my feet to step on. It is with this reason that I am ultra-paranoid when riding any water vessel, ferry, boat, etc…

7. I read Tagalog Romance Novels. I am a fanatic!

8. I believe that some good things never last, yet, some don’t even start.

9. I am a crybaby. Madali akong paiyakin, sobra!

10. Naging crush ko si Eric Fructouso ng Gwapings, Spencer Reyes ng Streetboys at si Wowie de Guzman ng UMD. (Pero dati pa ‘yon! Ngayon si John Lloyd na! I love you Lloydie!!!)

11. I have around a thousand books.

12. When I was younger, many people said I am a younger version of Cherie Gil…but that fact I had never seen myself, ’til now.

13. I have always wanted to work as an NGO volunteer. Maraming hindi naniniwala pero mabait naman ako! (Ang hindi maniwala, PANGIT!)

14. I can die for a friend or a family, that’s how deep I love!

15. I only have two major crushes in life. I don’t easily fall in love!

16. I can never exercise and go on a DIET! Hello, sarap kaya kumain, noh!

17. I’d rather live alone with my unrequited love to my grave than be with someone I can never love.

18. Sabi ng nanay ko, hindi daw totoong may malas…hindi lang tama ang timing! Oo nga, I agree with her.

19. It’s easy to provoke me but when someone made me cry because of anger, I’m the last to forgive. My wrath will rot with me to the grave.

20. I rarely smile, but I laugh a lot because I am a happy person.

21. When I say I love a person, I mean it. I don’t easily give up. I don’t easily forget.

22. I want to be a writer.

23. I climb mountains.

24. I love Johnny Depp. As in all of him.

25. I can eat 3 green mangoes in a row without drinking water, without patis, bagoong or salt, just plain mangoes…SARAP!

One thought on “25 Random Things…about me?

  1. anakngpating says:

    wow nangasim ako sa pang huli ha hehe pareho pala tayo ng trip hilaw na mangga na hindi din umiinom ng tubig hanggat hindi pa sya ubos at as in ikaw 3 ,2 lang ang kaya ko madali kasing mangilo ang ngipin ko hehe..sarap naman talaga,..ako kahit anong sawsawan pwede kahit wala rin ayus lang hehe..:)

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