They’re no snobs at all!!

Had this misconception that famous peepz are total snobs! I was proven otherwise by some of these people :

Kaye Samson, head coach, Philippine Special Olympics, Badminton team.  Grabe ang babaeng ito, nakaka-inspire. I was just so moved by Kara David’s presentation of Tagumpay sa Shangahai in 2007  that I made a blog entry out of that. I didn’t know she’d make a comment and would respond to my queries. I hope to finally meet her in person and be part of the Philippine team, kahit sa maliit na paraan lang.

Crystal Orteza, writer, Dream Catcher Series, Bookworms Realm Digital Publishing. When she promises something,she delivers. Grabe ang dedication sa fans (yes, fans talaga! Cge na nga fanatic readers na lang) whom she considers friends and sisters na rin. Masipag mag-reply yan, mapa-frienster or  forum man, kahit personal email, pinapatos niyan, hehehe.. Mahilig ding mag-basa ng blog ko yan. Hoping to finally see her in person.

Heart Yngrid, writer, PHR. There was a time na sobra akong na-obsess sa Drop Dead Playboys and no matter how busy she is, she takes time answering inquiries sa friendster account niya. Halos araw araw ko atang kinukulit sa PM si Heart and she would always reply.

Tarra Buluran, writer, MSV. Nakakatuwa si Ms Tarra kasi talagang in-invite pa ko para sumama sa husband niyang mountaineer sa isang event. She would really answers all queries. Pati sa blog ko bumibisita din yan.

Aimz Cruz, artist. Magaling yan, kahit friend ko yan, talgang magaling yan!


One thought on “They’re no snobs at all!!

  1. Cryssy Orteza says:

    Naloka ako sis… lam mo di ako makatulog pag di nakakasilip sa blog na itich. Kaya nagulat me na nakabalandra ang name ni La Lola mo sa listahan ng hindi “snob”.

    Salamat sis ha? They don’t know what their missing if they don’t get to know you… Hehe… Lam mo na yun! (yung tungkol sa PM mo about you know… *wink)

    Who would want to refuse to go along with you, sis? You’re irresistible!

    Hope to see you ganda! And I know you’re dreams would come true because you actually deserve it!

    Muwah! Lab and hugs!

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