Sorry isn’t enough!

“Words and hearts should be handle with care because words when spoken and hearts when broken are the hardest thing to repair.”

Saying sorry sounds so phony to me. It is but a word utterred by someone just so he could vindicate himself for hurting others. But words when spoken can never be taken back. Hearts when broken can never mend to be whole again. Things already done cannot be undone. So why say sorry?

They say a person who’s very angry could say the best speech he would later regret saying. Simply because fury can cloud one’s mind and decision. You won’t have time to pick the right words to say, thus, resulting in saying hurtful words that would break someone’s heart.

I don’t believe that what you say when you’re angry and revoking it after would make a difference, it wouldn’t make the other person feel better. The person who had received hurtful words surely was already hurt. Mayhaps, terribly hurt.

I also don’t believe that what a person say or do when he’s angry, unhappy or isn’t feeling well are not intentional. At that point in that person’s life he meant those words.

It happened to me one day that I found myself terribly hurt by someone whom I thought would hurt me last. And when that person apologized to me, I just smiled and said ok, even if it wasn’t ok . That person sounded so unsincere even if I knew that person was sincere. I couldn’t get myself to believe everything’s ok because I know it would be otherwise. How could everything be okay when I was terribly hurt, shaken to the core and the pain so deep it didn’t even bleed?! Things will never be the same again. I know they never will. I was hurt. No one would ever know what agony, what great a pain I felt with what that person said and did to me. No amount of sorry, hugs, kisses, even tears can mend it. Nothing can make me forget. I can forgive yes, but I will never forget. I will never forget what I felt that moment I was hurting! I will never forget how I cried so hard that I thought I’d have a heart attack. I couldn’t even scream for the tight feeling seemed caught up in my throat that I would explode in a moment. So is the song right or wrong, is it really too late to apologize?

To me, it is, as the damage has been done. And the damage is great it can never be undone!


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