Baduy daw magbasa ng Tagalog Pocketbooks?

Baduy ba? I didn’t know…

Well, let’s give those people who call Tagalog PB readers “baduy” a run for an argument. What premise do they have? Perhaps, the only people they see reading Tagalog PB are their elders, street vendors, housekeepers, yaya’s, security guards, salesladies, high school students, mothers, grandmothers, carinderia helpers and the commoners, maybe then they can call them baduy or all PB readers baduy, for that matter. But are they really? Just because they aren’t rich and influential, they are already baduy? Pathetic, prejudicial psychos they are for looking down on those people. Well, for me if baduy is such bad a term, then these prejudicial psychos are apt to be called baduys as they are the real baduys!!!

I am proud to say that I am a big Tagalog PB reader. It’s my way of helping a rather struggling industry ( if it’s called an industry) in the Philippines — Pinoy Literature. I mean how can you not patronize books that showcase pure Pinoy talents? Can we at least show our patriotism in buying Filipino products? I know that we can never eliminate the colonial mentality, as it seemed inate to every Filipino (including me) but can we at least pay attention to Pinoy authors who only want to share their talents? Authors, who one way or another would touch our lives and somehow inspire us to be better individuals. Maybe these people who called us, Lotharian sissies, baduys, ought to be introduced to Ms Eve Motelibano’s works. I wonder if they would still know the word peace of mind after reading a story and not ask for another and another and another! Then we would introduce the works of Crystal, Nimfa, Ruenna, Fraerine, Kat and all LM books.

And hell, who gave them the idea that pocketbooks, Pinoy Romace Books at that, crappy and all?! I’ve learned so much in them. Some authors coined terms we never heard about. Some of them discussed issue we never dared talk about before. Some books teach us how to be better people, whether as friends, as sisters, as daughters and most especially as lovers. I wouldn’t deny the fact that some expressions I say impress my friends, them without knowing I picked those lines from some books I read, ahaha! Ain’t that smart, huh?

Well, if after the above mentioned reasons I would still be tagged baduy, then I don’t care! Who gives a damn care anyway? Heck, reading Tagalog PB brings out some of my most kept emotions, they gave me reasons to cry, to hope, to love, to smile, to be mad. These crappy, cheesy, eew, corny love stories bring back my faith in love and in life in general. They allow me to hope that someone out there was born for me and we will meet someday, somewhere and will grow old together. These books give me reasons to celebrate life, give me reason to praise God and be thankful that I am a human being – capable of feeling, thinking and loving.

Sige, baduy na kung baduy, masaya naman ako!


12 thoughts on “Baduy daw magbasa ng Tagalog Pocketbooks?

  1. pinoyonlinenovels says:

    hi, writer ako ng mga nobela. I’m Harry S. Parker at ngayon ay nagbabakasakali akong maging writer ng Tagalog pocket books. Sa palagay ko hindi naman baduy. sana suportahan niyo ako sa aking paglalakbay sa mundo ng pinoy panitikan.

  2. aiMz says:

    ok fine. i-publish mo na kasi ang mga written works mo, mas makakatulong ka pa sa industriya. hehehe.

    miss you gurlaloo!

  3. janisluvj says:

    @ Harry S. Parker, hello! Just drop a note or two kung nakalabas na ang mga books mo, I’d gladly support you. Ano bang magiging plot, pinaghalong Harry Potter at Spider Man ba ito? Hehehe…joke lang!

    @ Aimz, miss ko na rin kayo. I intend to be a full time writer, malapit na. Kc malapit nang mag-graduate si Marlon at maging isang inhenyero. Hindi ko na kailangang kumuracha para sa pinakamamahal kong kapatid na ubod lakas gumastos!

  4. Catey Skywalker says:

    I said before, ang cravings natin sa Tagalog written Novels, eh parang mga German na German ang linguwaheng gustong basahin, o di kaya Japanese sa Niponggo.

    Same thing with Tagalog.

    Mahalaga naman, kahit ano pang salita yan, naiintidihan mo naman yung nilalaman.

    And the most important thing is, you feel inspired, hopeful and happy each time you read the last page.

    Those who said that TRN is “baduy”, well… kanya-kanya lang kasing trip yan… wala na lang basagan ng trip.

    At kahit anong sabihin nila, patuloy pa rin tayong magbabasa ng TRN, di ba Janis?

    (Luka-lukahan ang closing statement!)

  5. foobarph says:

    aru, baduy din pala ako.

    minako: who cares?
    yume: yeah! who cares?
    foo: teka, paulit ulit lang kayo.


  6. janisluvj says:

    Agree, agree, agree! Baduy lahat tayo! Hehehe…

  7. jadiite says:

    Hi, everyone! I chance upon this comment while looking for site to buy tagalog pocketbooks. nakakainis na nakakaawa rin ang mga taong who look down on people who read tbp. How sure are these people know how to read or even hold a book in their hands? I doubt it. I got hooked up reading these books when I got tired reading english books (from history, fiction and non-fiction to romance novels) and was introduced to them by my maid back then. Buti nga nagbabasa sila eh. Samantala dito sa tinitirahan ko ngayon mga english speaking nga pero mga mahihina rin sa grammar at hindi rin naman mahihilig magbasa. Unfortunately, the reason why these people are baduy is that majority could not really afford to buy english novels or books that cost hundreds of pesos. Kung pinahihihram nila ang madla ng english books eh di hindi na tayo baduy but sosi na at matatalino pa raw tulad nila diba. hehehe!

  8. janisluvj says:

    Sis catie, foobarph and jadiite

    Mabuhay tayong lahat! Mabuhay lahat ng mga nagbabasa ng TRNs! Mabuhay din lahat ng TRWs! Nawa’y dumami pa tayo!

  9. homer says:

    papano ba mag publish ng nobela?

  10. janisluvj says:

    Naku Homer, ano bang tema ng naisulat mo? Well kung love story maraming publishing house nag pedeng mag-publish niyan. You mihgt lose the rights sa works mo if you let them publish it for you for they might have full ownership if it’s copyrighted under the publisher’s name with you as the author. Maraming publishing house sa Pinoy Lit section ng blog ko. Well kung ibang theme naman yan, pede kitang i-refer sa office mate ko who’ve publishe some trivia books. Puede din ikaw na lang mag-publish kung kaya ng “budget” mo. At least sau lahat ng kita at copyright d b?

  11. zeira says:

    readin pocket books are not baduy noh!
    the usual readers of it are lowprofiled persons thats why i think is the reason kea nila nssabi un,, maybe if u know me u can say na im the type of person that dont read one but for real i love it i have plenty of it hehe

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