New Year = New Resolution

I don’t believe in New Year’s resolution. For one, almost every year I come up with my own list but have yet to see them fulfilled. So much for making promises and compromises!

Well, this year, there’s only one in my list. Yup, read it right. One. Single. Only. Sole. Hehe… that is to always be happy! I wouldn’t let anything alter this inner joy that I know I possess. I wouldn’t subject myself to be miserable just because things don’t go the way they should or the way I want them to.

Through the years I’ve come to realize that life is a matter of perspective. There are some things we don’t have any control over. When problems besiege you, would you rather break or bend? Would you give up without a fight or fight without giving up? Problems, sufferings, toilings should shake you a little, might throw you off balance, but when a ball hits the wall it bounces back and continues to roll, so should we. Only one of two things would happen, suffering could either destroy you or build you up, so I choose to always be on the winning side, I choose to be stronger.

Besides, how would you know you have truly lived if you haven’t nearly died? Experiencing hell makes the idea of heaven more heavenly. How can you say you’re happy if you don’t have a foggin’ idea what sadness, loneliness or pain means, right?

It’s always easier to look at the brighter side of things than wallow in misery. People won’t give a damn if you’re miserable so might as well be happy.

Cliche’ as it may sound, life’s too short to feel or be anything but HAPPY!

2 thoughts on “New Year = New Resolution

  1. she says:

    bongga!!! ang taray mo bakla!!! agree ako sa mga tinuran mo… hehe!!! mabuhay ang mga nagpipilit maging masaya…echos!!! hehe… be happy! be happier…. mag-inuman tayo!

    • janisluvj says:

      Hoy Aiecka,

      shemperz hindi naman magpilit maging masaya….hehehe… ume-echos ka na namang bading ka, bading ka talga kahit may matris ka!

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