On missing childhood

Time flies so fast I hardly notice that in 10 days I’ll be turnin’ 27. Wish I could be young again…

Cliche as it may sound though,  aging is inevitable as change. And we cannnot freeze the time and trap in a bottle as much as we want to. I just wish I could’ve, should’ve spent my youth as wisely as I could.

I don’t wanna get sentimental about aging, getting old and adding a year to my age, but just can’t help wishing I could be young again. Like the adage, skinned knees are easier to heal than broken hearts, broken souls and broken dreams. For the scars of the hearts run deep.

I wish I could be young again..
to play in the rain;
to throw tantrums when I want to;
to giggle and laugh like silly;
to not mind what is going around me;
to commit the simplest mistake and when your mother nags at you, you can simply pout your lips as you mouth  “sorry”, even if apology deemed insincere;
to not think of the future;
to not worry;
to cry like there’s no tomorrow when you didn’t get something you really want;
to not feel the pain when someone breaks your heart.

I miss the laughter, the innocence, the spontaniety, the mischief, everything. Life was so simple then.

I miss being young, I really do.

But I guess, age and the years don’t matter as long as you enjoy life. And I mean to enjoy it so I try to live a little each day.  I try my darnest best to see the beauty in everything, to appreciate a little something in everyone, to be thankful with every blessing and find simple things to make me happy. After all, happiness is a choice and not  a product of coincidences and consequences. So from hereon, I’ll choose to be HAPPY!

In 10 days, I’ll sing..

“Happy birthday Janis, happy birthday Janis

 happy birthday, happy birthday

happy birthday, to me!”