Leo Buscaglia says…

So the hardest battle you’re ever going to fight is the battle to be just you. You’re going to fight for it for the rest of your life in a world where people feel more comfortable if you can be there for their convenience.To weep is to risk being sentimental. I am not afraid to cry. I cry all the time, I cry in joy, I cry in despair.  I cry when I see people happy. I cry when I see people loving each other. I don’t care if I appear sentimental. That’s tough. I like it. It cleans my eyeballs. Being hurt occasionally can spice up your life. When you’re crying, you’re at least alive. PAIN IS BETTER THAN NOTHING!

You cannot win them all. And you cannot be loved by everybody.

I should be happy all the time, too. There’s nothing wrong with a little pain. I’ve learned so many wonderful things over the years in painful situations. In fact, sometimes it takes death to teach us about life; it takes misery to teach us about joy. So embrace it when it comes. Say, it’s a part of life. Put your arms around it. Experience it! Learn to feel it again. Scream, yell, gnash the walls. Experience the pain. Cry. Bang on the table! Be angry! Let it come out. And then forget it. Otherwise, you’re going to store it up forever.

“The Last” List

Wala akong magawa, e..Nag-inventory na lang ako ng kung anek anek!

Shala, read on n lang!!!



last place I visited… (Anawangin Beach Cove in Zambales)


last book I read…


Lolita Carbon of Asin Band

last music/album/artist I heard …


last  movie I saw… (A very Special Love)


last person I dreamed of…

I am no Bookworm!

Wala lang, just wanna post my collection…hindi ko pa na-a-add ung bagong bili at ibang inspirational books ko… And my super precious Nicholas Sparks collection na hindi ko na mahagilap…Think  I need to do some general cleaning!

I read a wide array of books. no particular genre though I’ve my favorite authors.