A Day in Paradise

I’ve had this aversion to water since time immemorial. The moment my feet feel nothing solid underneath the water I’d start panicking, thus learning how to swim has become elusive. I’ve always had this weird thought of getting drowned everytime I go swimming. I ended up missing a lot not enjoying all water activities — swimming, snorkelling, rafting, kayaking and scuba diving.

But not until July 04, 2008 when I and few of my closest office colleagues decided to go to Anawangin Cove in Zambales. Beach resorts aren’t the major attraction there since I found that there’s nothing much to enjoy with Pundaquit’s shoreline. The main attraction there was island hopping and trekking towards Anawangin Cove. It was truly a paradise. It’d make you feel like you’re somwhere else but the Philippines. I had this weird feeling that I am in New Zealand or Switzerland. I ejoyed the whole trip because finally I have overcome one of my fears, not to mention that it was only my 2nd time riding a water vessel (if a motor boat can be considered a vessell at that), one was a ferry from CCP to Orion when I joined my L2Summitteers climbing Mt. Tarak in Mariveles, Bataan ages ago. And that was about the same time I learned, really learned to swim..hehehe..I sure would enjoy going outdoor more.

Some of us had hesitations going to Anawangin but not me and Mico and Shie. Hearsays had it that a few seasoned mountaineers died and gone missing a few weeks back while trekking. Well, I wouldn’t wanna spoil my excitement for I was too excited beyond what can be considered as overly excited. Few days prior to the trip, the rain never stopped pouring, threatening our forthcoming trip to perdition. It even came to a point that only the three of us or make that fours us, with Riza’s inclusion, decided to go despite the not-so-good a weather forecasts from 4th ’til 8th of July. I just relied solely to my observed luck with outings, trips and campings that whenever I am included and no matter how unpredictably bad the weather is, the sun would always show up during those planned dates. Of course, I coupled that “luck” with ardent prayers. And on the 4th we setforth to Victory Liner in Monumento. Each of us paid P257.00 for fare (P252.00 from Caloocan to San Antonio, Zambales plus P5 accident insurance) and at exactly 11am, off to Zambales the bus went. And before the clock ticked at 3PM, we arrived in San Antonio, went straight to the market to buy a 3-day-supply of food, water and other personal things. Then we went straight to Mama Tess’ Wild Rose Beach Resort and paid a sum of P4,400 for a 2-night stay at her cabana.

We spent our first night swimming tirelessly at the pool. My, the resort was clean and since we’re the only people checked in at the resort, enjoyed our sole use of the resort. The next day, we started sailing towards Anawangin Cove at 8AM. Before we sailed, I told myself that nothing could harm me if God didn’t permit so. And I put on my life vest and rode the boat with much enthusiam enough for all 8 of us.
When we arrived at Anawangin, I understood why so much has been said about everything in it, from the white sand, to the pine trees,to the lake and the tip of the lake that meets the mountain and the sea. PERFECT! Though I’ve observed that there’s garbage here and there, maybe because of the rain and because of some people who, because of too much appreciation of the place, forgot sensibility. Before I even reprimand myself from being too OC, I found myself sweeping garbage off the prestine white sand. Hello! I mean, libre na nga ‘yong place, nag-iwan pa tayo ng kalat! Why shouldn’t we live by this saying:


After the never ending picture taking and photo sessions, we sailed off to Capones Island, with the intention of having more photo session at the Lighthouse. But because the waves became too strong that it became dangerous to sail, we landed at the other end, rather the other side of the island. We just took pictures on the rocks at the other side of the island and also while enjoying the water.

Before we went home, all of us were convinced that indeed it was a day in paradise and we’re all looking forward going back.


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