Luntian Bags

“With Luntian Bags, I am able to fulfill 2 things- do my little bit for the environment AND run a livelihood program in San Teodoro(Mabini, Batangas) as well”. – Ichay  Bulaong

Ma. Cristina Nuval, my colleague and friend persuaded me to buy bags from Luntianbags. She saw it daw sa fashion section of Cosmo, Feb edition. Wonder why I didn’t see it. Anyway, the goodies were delivered earlier and I got so excited that I ended up using mine to my office. Everyone was ecstatic, nagpapa-order sila.  I decided to get 3 more,  this time regular size na.


At least with Luntianbags, may bag ka na, nakatulong ka pa! As these goodies were sewn by fishermen’s and laborers’ wives.

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Reactiones Muchos…


Janina who? Siya po ung nanalong 2008 Bb. Pilipinas World. Honestly, hindi ko po napanood ung coronation night. But with youtube nowadays, how could you miss every single detail about the much-talked about “hilarious” Q&A portion. Watch ninyo na lang:

 “They was the one…” They and was? Verb tense and subject and verb agreement, anyone?

“My pamily was…eto…wait…” Pamily? Ano yun?

“This was really my perst pageant ever…” Errr… “That was” ba dapat o “this is”? Saka ano ung perst?

“I came from one of the tof ten…” I have no idea what she’s talking about here? Peki-enlighten naman ako…

“important persons” Hmmm, lemme see, siguro nga marami silang importante sa kaniya kaya “persons”.

Kaya kinabukasan nagulat ako dahil nagising ako sa interview kay Ruffa Gutierrez sa TV Patrol regarding her reaction. Eh, graveyard shift ako, kahit hindi pa oras ng gising ko, na-curious ako.

Ang reaction ko naman ay ito:

I’ve nothing against her. I would never say na Melanie Marquez Jr siya, Melanie Marquez kasi, bali-baligtarin man natin ang mundo, Miss International yan. In fairness kay Ruffa, I think kahit medyo ni-lait niya nang “konti” e may kabig sa dulo. “Mag-training siya, speech lesson, etc..” At least hindi lang nanlait, nagbigay ng advice. Meaning, gusto niyang tumulong. Para sa akin, wag ipilit kung hindi kaya. Mas naging kahiya-hiya lang ang dating sakin nung nangyari kasi, one, Mass Comm stud daw si Janina di ba? Pangalawa, totoo, marami ngang hindi naman super fluent sa English na sumali way before Janina, but I guess, this is, so far, the worst (pardone, Janina!). Pangatlo, mukhang mas inaral niya ang pag-project — sa pagrampa, sa pagngiti, sa pagpapa-charming, lalong lalo na sa pag-iyak! Mukhang nakaligtaang i-polish ang communication skills niya. Pero tingin ko wala siyang kasalanan kung naging katawa-tawa siya kasi that’s her. Eh, yun siya kaya kailangang tanggapin natin siya as “siya”. Anyway, hindi naman siya judge nung gabing ‘yun di ba?! So for me, meron pang higit na mas katawa-tawa kaysa sa kaniya because the crown was given to her amidst all consternations…

Seven months to go pa naman before the Ms World pagent kaya I think, kakayanin ni Janina yan! Ang dami na ngang call center at speech learning centers sa bansa, kung ako sa kaniya, try ko mag-enrol. Who knows, siya ang maging kauna-unahang Miss World from the Philippines di ba. Pero kung sakaling before October eh hindi mahasa si Janina, magdala na lang talaga siya ng interpreter. Huwag nang ipilit kung hindi talaga kaya. Mano namang mag-Tagalog siya sa pagent?! Eh bakit nga ang mga Latinas, ung mga favorites like Ms Mexico, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Brazil, etc… kahit puro “porque” lang ang naintindihan ko sa sagot e nagpapanalo naman sa mga beauty pageants!




Aware ba ang lahat dito? Hehehe. basta si Anabelle Rama, feel na feel kong panoorin, hehehe! Entertainment at it’s finest, to the fullest, to the max!!!

Sabi ni Ruffa :
“My pouty perfect lips…”
“Naku naman that was 25 years ago..let’s all move on!”
“I’m such a big damulag, how can you not see me?”
“Lani, can you please text me…”

Famous lines ni Anabelle Rama :
“Malaki daw ang b&$%# ni Bong!”
“Yang ang napapala ni Ruffa sa pakikipagplastikan!”
“Tama na Dong, kumain ka na Mario..”

Comment ko : NO COMMENT! Tatawa na lang ako nang tatawa!

Another Excerpt from my book…

There are occasions in life that I dreaded and wished just pass by, like today! I am turning 27, oh, no, I am already 27 and I hate it. Not that I hate aging, I believe that it’s something inevitable, I just don’t find any reason at all to celebrate it, after all , 27 years had gone by without much significance and happenings.
        Ice made a peck on my right check as she beamingly yelled “Happy 27th birthday!” She needed not emphasize on the 27th, did she? Nevertheless, I managed to utter a casual and cold, “Thanks” as I grabbed my gift from her. Then I told myself, “Birthdays aren’t bad afterall, as I would be getting” I started counting the people around me “twelve gifts” from my college friends alone. I still gave a weak and fake smile as everyone ushered me towards the table to blow my birthday cake. I really couldn’t figure out the matter with me, I just didn’t feel like celebrating my birthday. I just didn’t feel like watching the calendar as my age gradually reaching the close end of being “dalaga” and be tagged as “matandang dalaga”. Don’t get me wrong, though, to think that I was one of those measly singles wanting to hit coupledom for the sake of “coupledom”, because they are afraid either to grow old alone or feel insecure having no one to hold during cold nights. Read : I AM NOT ONE OF THEM! And puh-lease, don’t get my signals crossed, thinking that I was one of those bitter fools who had never found the “The One”! I was no bitter. Not finding “The One”? Hello? So what?! “Well, am I just” I couldn’t even utter the word “bitter and perhaps insecure?”.
         Insecure? Now, where did that come from? How could I be insecure? How could I be insecure of — say, Shelley, my college bestfriend, who’s sweetly holding hands with her husband of three months who looked like they’re alone in their own world; Cesz, who’s lovey-dovey wih her fiancee of two years; and of my niece, Jonah who’s just nineteen and pregnant and set to wed her boyfriend come December of the current year? I definitely wasn’t insecure and jealous of their good fate in love, was I? I definitely didn’t mind going home to this small and hollow apartment, sleeping and waking up alone, did I? I-AM-NOT-FRIGGIN’-INSECURE! I. AM. NOT.INSECURE!!!
        “Wish muna, Karrie” they all beamed at me. I closed my eyes as if really wishing, but little did they know that my head started aching, and into wishing I pretended. The moment I opened my eyes, everyone applauded as if I’ve given a nice performance onstage. I looked around and saw sincere and pristine smiles plastered on everyone’s faces that I couldn’t help but smile back. For one, this day’s supposed to be happy as it’s my birthday and second, I was surrounded by friends, who stuck with me through thick and thin. Kumbaga, “Tibay Standard!” I divided the cake into slices which signalled that it’s time for us to ravage the table. “Kainan na!” Everyone began busy getting served food on the table when I heard the doorbell.
        “Mukhang may humabol pa” Ice commented as she sipped on her champagne glass.
        “Well, another set of well-wishers” I supposed as I shrugged my shoulders. I went to the door and opened it.
        “Surprise!” I am looking at a pretty face whom I vaguely recognized. I frowned as if that would help remember who this stranger happened to be.  
        “Hey, hindi sinisimangutan ang isang magandang babaeng kagaya ko”, indeed she’s pretty, no, to say she’s pretty won’t be enough to decribe her. And her accent, there’s a thing in it that only Southerners in America have. “Karrie, this is Jessie, remember. You elementary bestfriend.” She hugged me even before I could react. Could this really be Jessica?
        “How did you know…”
        “Hey of course I know that today’s your birthday” she waived a hand to everyone as if she already knew them. “and you did give me your address.”
        “I did?”
        She nodded.
        “Come on in. Tamang-tama, kainan na.”
        “Wait, I have company. I’m going to introduce my fiancee.” and that was the only time I noticed she indeed, had company, who was just standing at her back. The guy must be over 5’10” as I was forced to loook up just to see him face to face. I first encountered his eyes, I noticed that though they’re expressive, there’s a sudden coldness in it as it bored on me. That was before he smiled, flashing perfect, white teeth. But still, no matter how sweet and intoxicating that smile was, never reached his cold, sad eyes. I was stunned. This guy looked familiar, no, he just didn’t look familiar, because I knew this guy, knew him so well. He couldn’t be…
        “Karrie, he’s Yussof, boyfriend ko,” Jessie introduced him to me — to us.” and she’s Karrie, she’s the one I was talking about the whole time, my very bestfriend in the Philippines.”
        I couldn’t move, I was paralyzed. To be dead would be better than to be in this situation. This couldn’t be happening. He couldn’t be Yussof, he could be a different Yussof, not the Yussof I know, I knew.”
        Yussof smiled again, then Yussof started walking towards me. Then he kissed my right cheek as he whispered “Happy birthday! It’s ages since we last saw each other.” he gave me his gift- their gift- Jessie and his’ gift. “Musta?”
        I tried to focus on everything he said, he asked. But I just coudln’t react. Everything was too bizzare for me. I know that birthday celebrants were normally given surprises, but the surprises given to me were too much.
        I was shock to the core and if the universe conspired to surprise me then indeed I was surprised…Truly surprised…

Kuwentong Dyipni

Papasok na ako ng office kagabi. Mga 9:45 Pm na yon. Sumakay ako ng jeep papuntang Cubao. Tapos noong nasa bandang IPI na ‘yong jeep at papaliko ng E Rod Ave, may sumakay na babae. She was a bit crippled and was holding a rod. Sabi niya pa pagka-akyat niya sa jeep sa mag-inang nakaupo sa katapat kong dulo,  “Pausod nga!” in a very rude way. Nakaupo ako sa dulo, umupo siya sa tapat ko.

 Habang umaandar ang jeep at nasa bandang Green Meadows na kami, bulong siya nang bulong. Hindi ko naman maintindihan ang sinasabi niya and ano nga bang paki ko kung may sinasabi nga siya. Tapos bigla kong kinusot ang mga mata ko, kasi nga feeling ko may factory ako ng muta sa mata dahil sobra akong mutain. Aba sukat ba namang mag-litanya ang weird na babae:

“Akala mo kung sinong maganda. Kung makapintas ng dungis ng iba, sobra! Eh hindi ka naman kagandahan. Hindi nga ako nagagandahan sa iyo, e. Ang kapal ng mukha. Bago ka nga mamansin ng dungis ng iba, tumingin ka muna sa salamin at linisin ang sarili mong dungis. Akala ko kung sinong maganda to. Hindi ka naman kagandahan. Hindi nga ako nagagandahan sa iyo! Ang kapal! ”

 Deadma talaga ako throughout kahit ang sama sama na ng tingin niya sa akin, Malay ko ba, ngi hindi ko nga siya tinitingnan. The nerve!

Tapos bandang Monark, pumara siya at bumaba. Hindi man lang nagbayad ng fare. Akala ko nga papaluin ako ng rod. Hello?! Inano ko kaya siya, ngi hindi ko nga siya tinitingnan. Gusto ko pa ngang sabihin na may special spot sa puso ko ang mga handicapped at special people.

 Nang makaba siya, sabi ng babaeng katabi ko na bumaba rin sa Eastwood na gaya ko, “Sino ba ang kaaway non?” Hay, bothered ang katabi kong girl. Sabi ko “Hindi ko nga pinapansin, e. Baka may topak. Pag pinatulan, mas may sayad ang papatol!”

 Anak ng…bakit kaya siya nagalit sa ‘kin, e wala naman akong ginawa at sinabi sa kaniya?!


Missing River

Hay I super love this guy! Sobrang na-miss ko talga!

Hirap na hirap akong i-convert into VCD lahat ng VHS copy ko ng mga movies niya… I sooooo love you River!!!! I wouldn’t mind being River Phoenix’ widower (overassuming that I am…no wonder!) for the rest of my life…

“I don’t wanna die in a car accident. When I die, it’ll be a glorious day. It’ll probably be a waterfall. “- River. Indeed, baby, it was a waterfall,alright! I cried an ocean of tears! My heart would lament over your lost, too bad, I guess I’ll lament for life!