Ano’ng gagawin mo sa P1.5 million?

       Recenlty, nag-celebrate ng 1st birthday ang bunsong anak and only princess ni Manny Pacquaio. Guess what kung magkano ang nagastos? P 1.5 million para sa party (food not included!)! Grabe?! Tapos ang sapatos ng baby ay Gucci at si Pepsi Herrera ang gumawa ng gown! Bonggacious!!!

 Well, ano nga bang paki natin eh pera niya ‘yun? Puwede niya nga namang gastusin yun sa paraang gusto niya noh!  Kaso lang sa dami ng nagugutom sa Pinas, napaka-obscene!

Ako, kung ako ang merong 1.5 million, ano kayang gagawin ko?

 Siyempre, 10% should be given back to God.

Tapos, 20% should be saved. As in, nakatago lang.

10% charity. Kasama ang P 85 na contribution sa Pondo Pinoy (yearly supposed contribution ng mga Catholics kaya sa mga Pinoy na gustong tumulong, kaya naman po!). Tapos siguro kukuha ako ng child na i-sponsor ko sa World Vision. 

20% investement. Mutual fund, stocks, bonds.

20% business. Mag-invest talaga ako sa business kahit maliit lang na business.

20% education. Kukuha na ako ng special courses and Masters as well.

 Yung shopping, lakwatsa at pagbili ng bahay at kotse saka na lang kapag nag-ROI na ung na-invest ko.

Kaw, anong gagawin mo sa P 1.5 million?

El Ow Vi Ee (L.O.V.E)

Love is when you can’t even imagine what your life would be like without that other person.
When words don’t come close to how your heart really feels.
And eventhough it doesn’t make sense to other people, you know you’re meant to be together.
And you spend all night thinking about him and in the morning, you’ve never felt more rested.
It’s like you have to grab on to something ’cause it seems like your whole body’s about to float away.
-Hot Chick movie

Nang dahil sa sirang vendo at Coke Light…

Nang dahil sa sirang vendo at Coke Light, nakatakdang magbago ang buhay ko…

I was only hoping for a better year this 2008 last December, but now I’ve finally come to a decision that I can make it better — I could make it really fun, prosperous and exciting! My 2007, I would say was passe’ and would be considered bland had it been a food. Not much significance, not much highlights. To say that it was mediocre isn’t even apt to describe it. Though I’ve so much to thank about, one reason is my existence and the so many loving people around me the other… But I want more, I’m gonna get more out of this so-called “life”, thus I’ll be giving more…

And since I am the architect of my own fortune and the director/scriptwriter of my own story, I’m going to fabricate it with vivid colors, interesting events and lessons worth learning. Hahaha…this is my life and I’m going to live it the way I want to! I’m going to enjoy it in full blast.

Hindi naman sana magiging ganito iyong approach ko para sa year na ito, because until now, wala pa akong definite plan para sa 2008 but one incident sa pantry made me realize a lot of things, one of which is my dream of losing weight (na parang 4 years na in the making ang mga fight scenes namin ni obesity). Ganito kasi ‘yon:

Around 2AM.
Eastwood City.
Sobra na kasi akong inaantok kaya during my lunch break, I decided to buy myself a drink, since ayoko namang mag-coffee, nag-decide ako na bibili na lang ng softdrink. Sarsi lang ang softdrink na gusto ko, then Sarsi it is ang drama. Pero it turned out na dahil sirain ang vendo na kung hindi kumakain ng pera, hindi totally naglalabas ng product or ibang product ang ilalabas. Pinaka ok naman ung pangatlo, at least may maiinom ka di ba.’Yun ang nangyari, pero hindi Sarsi ang inilabas, Coke Light! Anak ng….! Biglang may tumawa sa likod ko, si Aiza nga!
“Janis, tingnan mo, pati vendo alam na kailangan mo nang magpapayat!”

Well, matgal ko na talagang plano yan, hindi ko naman like yong grabeng payat, maibalik lang ung dati kong figure, okay na un. Then I thought, siguro kailangan mag-diet talga…pati ‘yong bulsa ko kailangan din mag-diet. Karir na talaga to! Lekat!


Love Knows No Ending


Gusto ko magpaka-pathetic for the last time so as always, nagsulat na naman ako ng ka-chorvahan.


“Forget him, girl. He’s gone!” a friend of mine said.
“Yup, move on…Come to think of it, he was never yours. Never. Yours.” another friend of mine whose “wow” as in words of wisdom kept reveberating in my head like a beat that won’t go away. Last song syndrome? Perhaps.

I sighed and inspite of me, I smiled. Funny, as I’ve told myself those same exact words but to no avail. Maybe I’m just being stubborn but I dunno. I just can’t forget him. No freakin’ way I could afford to forget him No freakin’ way!!!

There were one too many times I convinced myself I’m soooo over him. Tried every single step I know just so I ‘d get over him, every singe step with utmost care and certainty. I tried as hard as I can to just forget the whole thing but the ghost of him continued to haunt me and I keep coming back to where I started — loving and longing more and more of him each day. Most of my friends think I’m a bit deranged. And this whole thing, this whole concept of loving him incedulous. I’m deranged, yes, maybe I am. Well, maybe not at all. If there’s anyone in this world who’d succeeded to forget the one special person who consumed and occupied his entire being, pray tell me so he could share his two cents worth regarding forgetting and moving on. Then perhaps I will be “healed”!

But how one really let go? How does one really forget? Is there a science to it? Or perhaps an art? What if I really don’t wanna let go? But, what if I’m just being plain stubborn? Perhaps I’m still hopeful, falsely and desperately hoping that there’s an ending to all of these — a good one — that’s why I am enjoying this “limbo-himbo” parade that’s raining on me.

Do I really wanna let go? Maybe not at all! Do I really wanna forget him? No! For there isn’t a thing as forgetting, for when a relationship ends, the two parties aren’t totally indifferent of each other — one would hate too much or would continue loving. You see, you can never forget someone! Because the opposite of love is not hate but according to Leo Buscaglia it is indifference, it’s apathy. Once you love someone, that’s already a point of no return, there’s no crossing back. It would be there in your heart somewhere and would leave no more. It’s gonna stay there. When you love someone, it doesn’t go away, thus becomes an intergral part of you, Lest, it becomes you. Then it forces you to care, to love more, to give, to share…

Yes, I could begin new life like what most of my friends recommend. But that life would still be a never ending weaving of dreams, of him and me, and love and life. There’s so much joy, surprisingly despite the pain, the heartaches. There’s so much joy loving him so why depart from it? I may have gone crazy. But love is crazy, isn’t it? And anyone who’s in love is crazy. For it is craziness loving someone without being loved in return. If you get hurt in the process of loving, if you cry a river of tears, that isn’t pain. It’s simply something that reminds you that you sincerely, truly love someone.

Still they say time heals all wounds. I say it doesn’t. It’s gonna leave a scar. They say time makes hearts a little number not to feel pain. I don’t wanna be numb or my heart to get number. I only want love, not time, to heal me. What I want is for time to allow me to hope — to hope that someday, somewhere, someone would be there. What I want is for time to prepare me to love again if he’s not coming back. Still, I don’t believe that love dies. It doesn’t die, for when you say you’re over someone, that doesn’t mean you stop loving but realize that you’ve given that person the love you’re supposed to give and that you have to find another with whom you could give all the love you have in you. That’s what the quest, the search for “The One” is all about.

As of the moment, I am content loving him, even from afar, even if I’m hurting. I don’t care one bit if he can’t love me back, if I can’t take my heart back. For as Roland Barthes said :
“I know no end to desiring you. But why would I seek an end to it? I carry a picture of you in my head like some precious object. I was happy for days. So why would I seek to end this when what makes me happy rests solely on you?”

Don’t ever say it’s pathetic. No! It really isn’t easy to get over a person and move on, especially if that one person, if that one love was the only love you ever wanted.

What’s in Store for Me this 2008…



This year is all about manifesting your personal goals and highlighting life lessons. You may want to withdraw into your own world when, in reality, you have a strong urge to evolve. Detach from the mundane and spend more time discovering and caring for your own needs, nurturing all the love within that keeps your health flowing positively. Making long-overdue positive and practical changes in your living situation will be important, whether it’s putting on the decorating cap or moving into a new house.

Home represents your foundation and is symbolic of who you are. You will have the inner strength and ability it takes to accomplish what you desire. The freed up energy will give you the optimism and enthusiasm to spread your wings and have long-deserved fun. It will be as though someone opened up a large picture window to let some fresh air flow in. Your life will definitely be brighter as new energy and opportunities come your way easily and freely. You will feel a great burden lift and come into a new sense of seeing things from a higher perspective.

Feeling reconnected with your hopes and dreams and having time to be sociable and chatty and being with friends and family will suit you just fine. Music is a great source of inspiration for to connect your talents with your quest for harmony — true to your Libran nature of requiring peacefulness, harmony and balance in your life. Conserve some of your strength to relax and draw on a new sense of courage to help you achieve. Traveling will be a good outlet for you to expand your romantic interests


ou like the idea of settling down with someone you love, and feel security of having a home together that matches your high ideals of beauty and comfort. You thrive on feeling validated for your creativity. Sharing in an intimate relationship gives you an abiding sense of enjoyment. You have a strong intuitive sense what a good partnership requires and like the idea of being part of a unit rather than being on your own.

Get out there! Accept invitations to social gatherings and creative events, embracing the opportunity to find your perfect partner or soul mate. Your energy, at this time, is right to attract an intimate relationship that is both loving and mutually harmonious. You will be imbued with happiness when you find that some of your romantic notions can be fulfilled through travels with your sweetie. Or, you may enjoy a solo adventure to help you gain perspective on life and romance. Taking time to enjoy the company of someone with similar high standards will lead to romantic fulfillment. Children also play an important part in giving you joy and loving energy, as your big heart helps to bring out their creative and loving gifts.


Change comes your way as you shift your dreamy ideas into new practical avenues. You are a very talented writer and have amazing musical abilities. You express yourself with charm, and will entertain others with your ideas. There may be changes at work due to organizational upheavals or having to take on some new assignments.

You may be feeling a constricted and bored with your present job and may seize the opportunity to use your creativity and talents in new ways. You may even want to change jobs, if you are not satisfied with a change in routine or job description. As you develop your ideas more, be open to opportunities where people are looking for the special skills you possess. You like variety in your work, and you need to remain flexible to satisfy your new ideas and still receive rewards. New techniques for doing healing work may also bring some new opportunities.

Beware, however, the negative attitudes of others and always put yourself first. With perseverance, you will achieve more intellectual and communication


Rooster Overview

That 50% rating is an average that masks the fact you are likely to have some very good and bad luck this year. The Pig is generally good to the Rooster, but Fire is the enemy of Metal, your fixed element.

Rooster Rating

50% (5 favorable and 7 unfavorable months)

Rooster Career

There is a greater likelihood of a significant problem instead of a promotion. This is definitely not the time to take chances, make a career change, have a personality conflict with the boss or bend the rules.

Rooster Relationships

Your family can be a source of joy this year, so plan on doing a lot of things with them. This could include taking an extended vacation. It’s also a good time to have a baby or get married. Your passions will be ignited, and love will find you. Go for it.

Rooster Health

You are vulnerable to accidents. There could also be some health issues, especially stress-related ones resulting from difficult conditions at work. The wise Rooster must be careful not to ruffle any feathers.

Rooster Wealth

You could come into money this year. This could be from an unexpected source, but it could also be a normal result of your investments.