Lutong Macau sa Thailand???!!!

Philippines landed on the sixth (6th) place as overall medal standing was tallied in the ongoing (it’s on its last day today) 2007 SEA GAMES. This is despite the fact that we are at 2nd if numbers of medals is to be the basis. What bothers me a lot is the deliberate attempt of the host country, Thailand to put the Philippine Team down, the hardest they can, at all cost! Yes, THAILAND, together with the SEA GAMES official and their government, DID EVERYTHING TO CHEAT FILIPINOS, TO GRAB EVERY OPPORTUNITY OF WINNING GOLD MEDALS AND TRIED ELIMINATING THE PHILIPPINES IN ALL EVENTS AT THE EARLIEST ROUND THEY CAN. YES, IT IS NOT THE LAND OF THE FREE, BUT OF CHEATERS AND LIARS!

That’s why I couldn’t blame our Pinoy boxers when they totally gave up their respective bouts to show protest to how the games were being decided at the said event. The first time a Pinoy boxer receded, Thai spectators were dumbfounded. But when they realized what these Pinoy boxers were doing, when they finally got the message, they threw in a resounding “Boo!”. ANG KAPAL NGA NAMAN NG MGA MUKHA! Well, what would they expect? That our boxers continued to fight, had themselves hurt and while they’re throwing in punches, Thai boxers would earn the points???

And if you must recall, our very own Lito Sisnorio died when he fought against Chachai Sasakul recently due to hemorrage in the brain. Sasakul was knocked out by Manny Pacquiao couple of years back. He wasn’t a boxing superstar at all to be known as a hard puncher, so his death is still a mistery up to this moment.

Last 2005, the King of Thailand accused The Philippines of cheating their delegates as well. Really? We would be more than willing to have all the events viewd by the Olympics committee and I am of no doubt that they would agree that IT WAS CLEAN, OFFICIAL AND CHEAT-FREE! What about the SEA GAMES this year, if it is to be shown in the Olympics committee and throughout the world, what would their reactions be? I think it’d be best because there would be a huge deduction with our silver medals, simply because they would be added to our gold medals!

So to Jewel of Malaysia, in her blog, (, where she said that “Mariana was involved in an accident during her duathlon debut yesterday in Chonburi,during the cycle leg. No, not the Filipino duathlete attacking her.. a motorbike somehow found its way into the race route and actually hit her”. Hmm…maybe Mariana was a great contender and had great chance of winning the gold that’s why Thais let a motorbike found its way into the race route to sabotage her pending victory?!

How Thais were able to celebrate their so-called victory despite the whole event being a comical and dirty fiasco is beyond me. If they were brought up not having any conscience at all, I cannot tell.

I hope the King himself can sleep sound at night. I hope all Thais can — knowing that their victory is bogus and only happened at the expense of other countries great athelets!!!

One thought on “Lutong Macau sa Thailand???!!!

  1. chuvaness says:


    masarap pa naman ang lutong THAI


    koneksyon?? o sya sya,…see yah

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