Sarbey, sarbey at marami pang sarbey

[On ] Who was your last text from?
~ Globe Rewards

[Two] Where was your default picture
~ my bed
[Three] What are you doing?
~ may ginawa ako sa CR.

[ Four] Your current status?
~ SINGLE, for life!

[ Five ] What is your current mood?
~ sleepy but I have to be awake, dadalaw pa ako sa hospital, my nephew’s still there, e

[S ix] How old are you?
~ 26.

[Seven] If you could go back in time
and change something, would you?
~ yah, I’ll let him know how much I truly love him…(sigh)

[Eight ] What’s your favorite
~ green, pink and blue

[Nine] Ever had a near death
~ many times

[Ten] Something you do a lot?
~ eat…eat…eat

[Ele ven] Who can you tell ANYTHING
~ friends

[Twel ve] Name someone with the same
birthday as you.
~ venus and my cous Donald

[Thirteen] If you could have one
super power what would it be?
~ invisibility

[Fourteen] What’s the first thing
you notice about the opposite sex?
~ eyes (kelangan chinito, hahaha)

[Fifteen] Favorite season of the year?
~ pasko

[Sixtee n] Do you still watch kiddie
movies or tv shows?
~ siyempre, forever young
[Sevente en] What are you eating or
drinking at the moment?
~ iced tea ngayon, iced tea mamaya, iced tea bukas

[eighte en] How is the weather there?
~ rainy but humid (ano yun?!)
[ Nineteen] Describe your life in one
~ ma-drama. sabi nga ni malen, I’m the orig Drama Queen!

[ Twe nty ] Do you have any tattoos?
~ None. Don’t have any plans to get one.

[Twenty one] Who was the last
person you hung out with?
~ neph, gary and patrick

[Twenty two] What are you thinking
about right now?
~ sana makalabas na ng hospital ang pamangkin ko.

[Twent y three] What should you be
~ leaving the office to go to the hospital…but you see, I’m finishing this survey

[ Twenty four] Who was the last
person that made you upset?
~ marami actually, pero si *toot* lang talga ang puwedeng makapagpalungkot sa kin!

[Twenty five] What are you listening
~ I need love by laura pausini

[Twen ty six] Do you like working in
the yard?
~ ok lang..isa sa mga gusto kong mangyari pag tanda ko is to have a flower farm

[Twenty seven] Who is with you?
~ office colleagues?

[Twenty eight] Do you act different
around the person you like?
~ yahahaha…minsan! Lalo akong nagiging mataray!

[Twent y nine] What is your natural
hair color?
~ black

[Thirty ] Last time you were really
~ Happy? I guess you could never be too happy in this life – Ely Buendia of E’heads

2 thoughts on “Sarbey, sarbey at marami pang sarbey

  1. Banget says:

    Chinito, hmmm…

    glad 2 hear ur nephew’s ok now

  2. I hope your nephews doing ok now.

    Take care. Miss yah!

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