Poetry emotion (Poetry in motion?)

I believe in destiny
as I’ve seen it happen in history
even in fantasy.
I believe that there’s someone
who’s just right for you.
Because I believe in destiny.
I believe there’s you.

Maybe we’ve met in the past,
The past when both you and I
didn’t realize it yet –
that You and I belong together.
And that one day we’ll meet again
To continue where we left off –
make love and life sweeter that time around.
Or maybe I haven’t met you yet,
and while you are away
I am preparing myself
to be everything to you.
Your joy. Your hope. Your soul mate.
Your spiritual partner. Your lover.

Maybe I don’t know you yet
Still I could feel you
My heart is telling me
that soon I’ll find you.
I know I’m gonna find you
No matter how long the time;
Or how far the distance;
In the deepest abyss of the ocean;
In the vastness of this universe;
Amidst the billion people between us.
I’m still gonna find you.
We’ll be together.
You and I.
We’re destiny.



One thought on “Poetry emotion (Poetry in motion?)

  1. banget says:

    Emote na emote k cguro dito

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