INDAY, La SeÑorita Part 2

Number 7

What is in the 7?
Y is it God’s perfect  number?
When in fact, 7 is an odd number?
Just think.
In the bible, you must forgive 70×7.
Even the word FORGIVE has 7 letters.
The rainbow has 7 colors and the word RAINBOW has 7 letters.
Even the word PROMISE. Maybe God designed it.
For even the word MYSTERY has 7 letters..
And now use OLAY Total Effects 2 fight the 7 signs of skin aging!
-Inday, nag-a-apply na endorser ng Olay

“Junior, why do you keep watching the show with the hydrocephalic burn victim? Oh that poor kid…”
– Si Inday, nadatnan si Junior na nanonood ng KOKEY.

“Fools! I was never raised by my mom to be a coquette! I am nurtured with such dignity, respect and morality! Even poverty can’t make me do such scandalous act! Sexy is from within…I don’t rely on aesthetic products and skimpy, scantily clad outfits. So pathetic!”
– Inday nang alukin mag-pose sa FHM. Taray!

Bumper or Car Race?
Mrs : Inday, di ba matalino ka? Ano ang tawag sa unahan ng kotse?
Inday : The bumper. It’s the front part of the car.
Mrs : Sira! Karera tawag dun! Car race! Hahahaha! Naisahan din kita!
Inday : Pathetic !!!!

Mrs1 : Inday, ano bang ginagamit mo, bakit ka flawless?
Mrs2 : Alam ko na, siguro whitening lotion?
Inday : No.
Mrs1 : Whitening soap!
Inday : No.
Mrs1 and 2 : Eh, ano?
Inday : Only Belo touches my skin. Who touches yours?

One thought on “INDAY, La SeÑorita Part 2

  1. banget says:

    asus…ang tagal mong nawala!

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