Sarbey, sarbey at marami pang sarbey

[On ] Who was your last text from?
~ Globe Rewards

[Two] Where was your default picture
~ my bed
[Three] What are you doing?
~ may ginawa ako sa CR.

[ Four] Your current status?
~ SINGLE, for life!

[ Five ] What is your current mood?
~ sleepy but I have to be awake, dadalaw pa ako sa hospital, my nephew’s still there, e

[S ix] How old are you?
~ 26.

[Seven] If you could go back in time
and change something, would you?
~ yah, I’ll let him know how much I truly love him…(sigh)

[Eight ] What’s your favorite
~ green, pink and blue

[Nine] Ever had a near death
~ many times

[Ten] Something you do a lot?
~ eat…eat…eat

[Ele ven] Who can you tell ANYTHING
~ friends

[Twel ve] Name someone with the same
birthday as you.
~ venus and my cous Donald

[Thirteen] If you could have one
super power what would it be?
~ invisibility

[Fourteen] What’s the first thing
you notice about the opposite sex?
~ eyes (kelangan chinito, hahaha)

[Fifteen] Favorite season of the year?
~ pasko

[Sixtee n] Do you still watch kiddie
movies or tv shows?
~ siyempre, forever young
[Sevente en] What are you eating or
drinking at the moment?
~ iced tea ngayon, iced tea mamaya, iced tea bukas

[eighte en] How is the weather there?
~ rainy but humid (ano yun?!)
[ Nineteen] Describe your life in one
~ ma-drama. sabi nga ni malen, I’m the orig Drama Queen!

[ Twe nty ] Do you have any tattoos?
~ None. Don’t have any plans to get one.

[Twenty one] Who was the last
person you hung out with?
~ neph, gary and patrick

[Twenty two] What are you thinking
about right now?
~ sana makalabas na ng hospital ang pamangkin ko.

[Twent y three] What should you be
~ leaving the office to go to the hospital…but you see, I’m finishing this survey

[ Twenty four] Who was the last
person that made you upset?
~ marami actually, pero si *toot* lang talga ang puwedeng makapagpalungkot sa kin!

[Twenty five] What are you listening
~ I need love by laura pausini

[Twen ty six] Do you like working in
the yard?
~ ok lang..isa sa mga gusto kong mangyari pag tanda ko is to have a flower farm

[Twenty seven] Who is with you?
~ office colleagues?

[Twenty eight] Do you act different
around the person you like?
~ yahahaha…minsan! Lalo akong nagiging mataray!

[Twent y nine] What is your natural
hair color?
~ black

[Thirty ] Last time you were really
~ Happy? I guess you could never be too happy in this life – Ely Buendia of E’heads

Bittersweet Surrender

Bittersweet Surrender

i’m a woman whose life’s in order
i dont want any nuissance
i even hate surprises
i want everything planned, in order
i never want to be caught unawares
i have to be ready, too carefully composed

i’ve lot of ambitions to be fulfilled
goals to be realized
stars to be reached
plans to be actualized
i have to go one to many places
i hate failing
i really fear losing
i am born victorious and i will always be victorious
a winner, survivor

but when you came
a lot of things have changed
subconsciously, i’ve made provisions in my life for you
trying so hard so i could make room for you
in this overly planned life of mine

you made me realize a lot of things
i am not the superwoman i intend to show I am
instead, you made me realize that I am a human being;
alive and breathing
with emotions, with felt needs only you can fathom
i ain’t no superwoman, indeed
just plain Woman, just a woman

when you came
you had introduced a lot of things
you had delivered me from alienations
of things that seemed foolish,
awkward and absurd before
you made me feel things i haven’t felt before
see things in a way i haven’t seen before
most of all made me realize of a lot of things
i’m missing

i was so sure i was strong, was in control
but you let my guards down and allow you to take off my shield
and made me vulnerable in the process
human enough to feel joy, to feel pain
you make me feel emotions i never knew existing
like excitement of seeing someone special
the joy of seeing you
jealous over someone who’s caught your attention
pain of looking at you from afar and never finding the courage to really approach you
nervous to look at your direction and see me oggling at you like a silly teen-ager
or i may gape at you like crazy
you might  be intimidated by my scorching stares
but there is an underlying truth about this
i was the one who’s intimidated
you were so cute and easy on the eye
women literally swooned seeing you
i was too scared, scared than you could imagine
too  scared to find out the feeling might not be mutual
i feared rejection, i hated losing (remember?)
i was just protecting my heart

so i wore this mask to drive you away
so that i might seem unaffected, insensitive, oblivious
i just wished i didn’t hurt you in any way
co’z in all honesty, my heart would really break if i made you cry or made you hate me

i think it’s too late to reach you
what’s the use of all of these confessions?
you’re a million miles away
and never would you hear me again
never would i see your face again
the face that haunted me for years
i miss everything about you
you eyes, your lips, your voice
your name which I whisper like a prayer every night
i wish there’s another way, another chance
i wish there really is

i may have kept this for a very long time
but now i’m gonna say this
if God will bring you back to me
I will never, ever let you go again
Co’z this time I mean it

Poetry emotion (Poetry in motion?)

I believe in destiny
as I’ve seen it happen in history
even in fantasy.
I believe that there’s someone
who’s just right for you.
Because I believe in destiny.
I believe there’s you.

Maybe we’ve met in the past,
The past when both you and I
didn’t realize it yet –
that You and I belong together.
And that one day we’ll meet again
To continue where we left off –
make love and life sweeter that time around.
Or maybe I haven’t met you yet,
and while you are away
I am preparing myself
to be everything to you.
Your joy. Your hope. Your soul mate.
Your spiritual partner. Your lover.

Maybe I don’t know you yet
Still I could feel you
My heart is telling me
that soon I’ll find you.
I know I’m gonna find you
No matter how long the time;
Or how far the distance;
In the deepest abyss of the ocean;
In the vastness of this universe;
Amidst the billion people between us.
I’m still gonna find you.
We’ll be together.
You and I.
We’re destiny.


Lamenting over an innocent soul…

Malapit na ang Pasko, dapat masaya lahat, gusto ko nga sana puro masaya na lang lahat ng nangyayari, lahat ng kuwento, yet hindi ko mapigil ang malungkot sa nangyari sa isang 12-year old innocent girl who commited suicide due to extreme poverty. Sayang talaga! Nakapanghihinayang! Kids her age should be in the playground and enjoying every second that they are kids – free, happy ang walang pinoproblema. For an innocent child to commit suicide, 12 years old at that who’s supposed to be enjoying her childhood playing, nakaka-alarm di ba?

Mariannete Amper was so full of dreams pa naman. And people like her whose awareness with the “real world” is so great, would really do wonders for this country. I’ve no doubt she would be a good citizen, if not a good leader someday. But all these – her passion, her dreams, her desires – were stolen by a tragic, non-sensical death.

 Sana, kung sana may pera siya para ipadala ‘yong sulat niya sa Wish Ko Lang , hindi sana siya na-depress nang ganon! Kung sana, meron man lang isang tao, kahit sino na kapitbahay niya sa Davao ang nag-attempt man lang tulungan siyang maipadala ang sulat, hindi niya maiisip ang bagay na ‘yon. Napaka-simple lang naman ng hinihingi niya – puwede ko nga siyang bilhan ng sapatos at bag, ‘yon lang nga hindi ko kayang bigyan ng hanapbuhay ang parents niya. Eto ‘yong excerpt sa letter niya ,

“Gusto ko po sana magkaroon ng bagong sapatos at bag at hanapbuhay para sa nanay at tatay ko. Wala kasing hanapbuhay ang tatay at nagpa-extra extra lamang ang aking nanay sa paglalaba.Gusto ko na makatapos ako sa pag-aaral at gustong-gusto ko na makabili ng bagong bike”. Naglalakad lang kasi sila papasok sa school at WALANG BAON! At paano nga naman makabubuhay ng pamilya ang P40 na kita araw-araw?! Okay na sana na mahirap sila, tanggap na ng bata yon, ang masakit may mga taong mahirap na nga sila, lalo pang nilulugmok sa hirap.

We’re all to blame with what happened. That includes me. And you.

Unfinished business(es) in ’07

Grabe, ang bilis ng panahon, November na pala. Most of my goals for the year, hindi ko ata nagawa. Pero may mga pahabol pa… 

Must Do Before the Year Ends :

1. Email Kaye Samson. Hanggang ngayon kasi hindi ko pa rin ma-send and reply ko sa kaniya. Siya po ang head coach ng badminton team na lumaban last Special Olympics sa Shanghai, China.

2. Save. Goal before the year end is to save money talga – kahit konti lang.

3. Manage finances as an independent cosmo chick. Kailangan walang utang, kailangan planado ang shopping and purchases and kailangang mag-save,save, save!

4. Loose weight, kahit 10 lbs before 2008. Yup, kailangang pumayat,  sa KAHIT ANO’NG PARAAN! (Magkano na magpa-lypo?!)

5. Buy a new microwave oven – matagal nang nangungulit ang makukulit kong friends na ipag-bake ko sila;  and a new computer set para kay Marlon (brother) at sa mga pamangkins ko.

6. Fall in love (hehehe). Puwersahan na ‘to! (Mukhang super labo nito!) Gusto ko sanang tanggalin to pero ang ganda kasi ng concept na to!

6. Kulitin si Ruthie nang ma-i-forward na ang dapat niyang i-forward nang mapa-print ko na at mapunit habang nagsasabi ng “Kalilimutan na kita….kalilimutan na kita….Period!” Utang na loob! KALILIMUTAN NA KITA!

7. Dress to kill sa Christmas Party! Ako ata ang mag-de-design ng dress ko at dress ng aking mga amigas. Kailangan planado this time para hindi maging fashion disaster kagaya last year. Theme : Casino Royale.

8. Maipasyal ang mga pamangkin ko and si Mudra at Pudra sa Christmas.

9. Makapag-out of town. Kahit saan. Basta outside Metro Manila.

10. Get-together with college friends, also some friends sa work.

11. Pag-aralang patawarin lahat ng may atraso sa akin. Esp the Rakbhu team at wag maging “short fuse” sa lahat ng bagay.

12. Impose discipline sa aking sleeping hours. Kailangan at least 5 hours a day.

13. Makapanood ng gig ni Amy kahit minsan man lang.

14. Makapamili ng gifts para sa Christmas.

haaayyyyyyyy…ano pa ba?

INDAY, La SeÑorita Part 2

Number 7

What is in the 7?
Y is it God’s perfect  number?
When in fact, 7 is an odd number?
Just think.
In the bible, you must forgive 70×7.
Even the word FORGIVE has 7 letters.
The rainbow has 7 colors and the word RAINBOW has 7 letters.
Even the word PROMISE. Maybe God designed it.
For even the word MYSTERY has 7 letters..
And now use OLAY Total Effects 2 fight the 7 signs of skin aging!
-Inday, nag-a-apply na endorser ng Olay

“Junior, why do you keep watching the show with the hydrocephalic burn victim? Oh that poor kid…”
– Si Inday, nadatnan si Junior na nanonood ng KOKEY.

“Fools! I was never raised by my mom to be a coquette! I am nurtured with such dignity, respect and morality! Even poverty can’t make me do such scandalous act! Sexy is from within…I don’t rely on aesthetic products and skimpy, scantily clad outfits. So pathetic!”
– Inday nang alukin mag-pose sa FHM. Taray!

Bumper or Car Race?
Mrs : Inday, di ba matalino ka? Ano ang tawag sa unahan ng kotse?
Inday : The bumper. It’s the front part of the car.
Mrs : Sira! Karera tawag dun! Car race! Hahahaha! Naisahan din kita!
Inday : Pathetic !!!!

Mrs1 : Inday, ano bang ginagamit mo, bakit ka flawless?
Mrs2 : Alam ko na, siguro whitening lotion?
Inday : No.
Mrs1 : Whitening soap!
Inday : No.
Mrs1 and 2 : Eh, ano?
Inday : Only Belo touches my skin. Who touches yours?