Philippines bagged 53 Gold Medals in Special Olympics

I know that there really is a Special Olympics, what I didn’t know was, it had already concluded for this year’s event last October 12 (twas my bday pa naman!). Blame it on my busy sked and ever disorganized and chaotic life. And what I didn’t know was we won a total of 53 gold medals until I was able to watch a portion of Kara David’s report last Monday night during my first break.

Naiiyak talaga ako habang pinanonood ang report niya. My heart was filled with so much awe, joy, bewilderment and pride as Kara reported each struggle our special athletes had to go through in order to win. Sobrang na-touch talaga ako kaya sobrang obsessed akong mag-search ng mga info sa internet about the event, to make up for the lost time I spent over non-sense blah blah things sa buhay ko. Sobra talgang naging happy ako.

Going back to Kara’s report, ang napanood ko lang was the gymnastics event, swimming, weighlifting and track and field events. And habang pinanood ko si Christine Joy Galura (gymnast gold medallist), naiiyak talaga ako kasi she had wowed the audience sa gymnasium. Partida pa ‘yan dahil sobrang hagad sa training ‘yan at wala talagang technically-qualified training na na-attend-an ‘yan. And of course, si Louie Decolongon (bench press gold medallist) naman was the smallest among the contenders, pero, hello, nakuha pa ang gold medal!

I would have to give it to Kaye Samson (Philippine head coach), all coaches and all people who have been supporting and loving these special people. I think this serves as an eye opener na we should really put more money, devote more time and give more priority sa mga activities and schools for special people.

Such honor. “I know I can” was the theme for the 9-day event. How apt. Because we know they can. They made it!


5 thoughts on “Philippines bagged 53 Gold Medals in Special Olympics

  1. kaye samson says:

    Hi janis.

    funny that i just tried to search for myself sa google kaya ko napuntahan site mo. i’m really happy that through kara’s report meron mga taong nabuksan ang mga mata at puso sa mga special kids. kulang na kulang ang awareness dito satin. And one of the things we’rer eally sad about is yung lack of support from the government and community. kakonti lang ang mga tao dito na may puso, mas marami ang nakafocus sa money and fame. kakainggit how other countries really give their all out support sa mga special kids.

    If you’re really curious, want to learn more, and eventually help the organization in any way you can, you may volunteer for special olympics philippines. just give me your contact details so i can invite you to upcoming events. believe me, it will change your life. =)

    by the way, i’m not the head coach of the philippine team, headcoach lang po ng badminton team. hehe. pero pwede na rin. hehe…

    do email me ok. we really welcome people who are willing to open their hearts to this.

    thanks for the nice blog =)


  2. janisluvj says:

    wow, totoo ba ‘to? You really did comment?
    I would love to really help…thanks again at pinagkaabalahan mong pansinin ang blog ko…

  3. Dee Choa says:

    same with Kaye, i was searching the web for some special olympic article and i as lead to your blog 🙂
    hi kaye 😀

    my sister is one of the athlete (roxanne ng, bowler). and like what kaye had written, you are welcome to join us. we will be here for you 🙂

    kaye is one of the best coach the organization has ever had. super sweet pa nyan 🙂

    hoping to meet you someday, janis 🙂

  4. janisluvj says:

    hi Ms Dee. I would really want to help or kahit ano pang klaseng involvent sa inyo. I had promised Kaye last time na pupunta sana ako sa event na in-organize ninyo every weekend for young athletes kaso lang nag-iba bigla ung sked ko. Night shift pa kc I’m working in a contatc center. Hope ma-meet ko kayo ni Ms. Kaye someday! Tell ur sister Roxanne, congrats and I am one of the many pinoys na proud of all the athletes!

  5. Coach Norman says:

    Hi Janis,

    We need more people like you! 😉

    If your available on saturday mornings You can join the practice as volunteers – coach, assistant coach,fan, official etc. just share your time and it will make a big difference. we train at UP dilman soccer field (at the back of UP Alumni center). We hope to see you all there.

    Coach Norman

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