Philippines bagged 53 Gold Medals in Special Olympics

I know that there really is a Special Olympics, what I didn’t know was, it had already concluded for this year’s event last October 12 (twas my bday pa naman!). Blame it on my busy sked and ever disorganized and chaotic life. And what I didn’t know was we won a total of 53 gold medals until I was able to watch a portion of Kara David’s report last Monday night during my first break.

Naiiyak talaga ako habang pinanonood ang report niya. My heart was filled with so much awe, joy, bewilderment and pride as Kara reported each struggle our special athletes had to go through in order to win. Sobrang na-touch talaga ako kaya sobrang obsessed akong mag-search ng mga info sa internet about the event, to make up for the lost time I spent over non-sense blah blah things sa buhay ko. Sobra talgang naging happy ako.

Going back to Kara’s report, ang napanood ko lang was the gymnastics event, swimming, weighlifting and track and field events. And habang pinanood ko si Christine Joy Galura (gymnast gold medallist), naiiyak talaga ako kasi she had wowed the audience sa gymnasium. Partida pa ‘yan dahil sobrang hagad sa training ‘yan at wala talagang technically-qualified training na na-attend-an ‘yan. And of course, si Louie Decolongon (bench press gold medallist) naman was the smallest among the contenders, pero, hello, nakuha pa ang gold medal!

I would have to give it to Kaye Samson (Philippine head coach), all coaches and all people who have been supporting and loving these special people. I think this serves as an eye opener na we should really put more money, devote more time and give more priority sa mga activities and schools for special people.

Such honor. “I know I can” was the theme for the 9-day event. How apt. Because we know they can. They made it!

Hard Facts about love and MEN

 1. A man won’t let go if he really loves you.
(Do not hold on to someone who has let go of you. He
does not love you and does not value having
you.Believe me, he will not let go if he really loves
you. There is another reason he is not willing to

2. Do not look for reasons why he ended the
(There is only one reason why he ended your
relationship. He just does not love you. Do not waste
your time thinking of reasons or what you should have
done. Move on and be open to a man who will truly love

3. Do not get hung up on your past.
(Do not nag or distrust your current boyfriend just
because your ex
hurt you. Do not treat him or the relationship the
same way. Do not compare. He will not react the same
way as your ex. Do not be worried that your simple
mistakes will cause him to look for another girl. What
happened with your ex was not your fault. It was not
because you didn’t guard him enough or you didn’t make
him happy enough.)

4. Do not look into images.
(How many times have you met a girl who didn’t have
the best image in
school or at the office, but you get to know the girl
and found
out she was actually extremely nice? Do not rely on
images. Oftentimes, it is far from reality. Do not
fear men just because your
“supposedly” perfect ex-boyfriend mistreated you.)

5. Always have your own set of rules.
(Set your limits on how far you’d go for a guy. It’s
perfectly ok to
give and do everything as long as it’s worth it..And
it’s worth it if the guy is treating you right.)

6. Do not be scared to lose him.
(Don’t be scared that he’ll break up with you. Once
you are afraid of losing him, you easily can be taken
advantage.Be strong and if something is unacceptable,
do not accept it and speak up.)

7. Avoid calling your guy.
(It’s a guy thing. The relationship will definitely be
better if it’s
the guy who’s calling, not the girl.He will get tired
of you if you keep on calling. He will lose interest
and challenge. More so, he will get annoyed. But it’s
a girl thing also that your fingers get too itchy
until you dial his number. But avoid as much as
possible. Call only if really needed (like checking if
your suspicions are reasonable).)

8. There is a guy who will value you.
(There is a guy out there who can make you feel
valued, appreciated,
and loved. And I mean, not just during your first few
weeks together. So don’t lose hope. Don’t settle for a
lesbian if you are not attracted to women. There is a
man out there who can love you like a girl can. Also,
do not believe him when he says it’s just the way he
really is. He’s not the sweet or expressive-type.
Remember during your first few weeks together? Where
has that sweet guy gone? He simply is not that into
you anymore.)

9. Always be the only one, no matter what.
(Do not ever fall for a guy who has another girl, be
it his wife,
girlfriend, or any girl that he says he just can’t get
rid of for
whatever reason. If you truly believe that he loves
you and for some
reason, he can’t leave or let go of another girl, then
you are no
different from any ordinary mistress.)

10. He must respect you.
(No matter how long the relationship has been, he
should always show
respect towards you.)

11. If he fooled you, end it.
(Philandering once is enough. You can never trust nor
respect the
person again.)

12. Never start a relationship the wrong way.
(Do not steal another girl’s man, for whatever reason.
Nor should you
enter a relationship for the wrong reasons
(loneliness, on the
rebound, getting back at your ex, man-dependency,
etc.) it is bound
not to last. You will only end up wasting more years
of your life.)

13. Do not force yourself into a relationship.
(Do not get into a relationship just because your
friends are getting
impatient with your dating escapades and the one
hasn’t come yet..
Do not choose who to say yes to based on superficial
things like
money, looks, cars, etc.. If you are even thinking of
things, you have not fallen in love yet.)

14. Do not settle.
If you are not happy anymore with your relationship,
break up
instantly. He will not stay with you forever no
matter how upright he might seem to be. Eventually, he
will also want love and happiness in his life.)

15. A relationship has to have love.
(Love is the only thing that will push you to give
your efforts into
making the relationship work. And believe me, keeping
a relationship
requires genuine efforts of both parties.)

16. Don’t be afraid to be single.
It’s fun to be single, try it. You can go out whenever
and wherever
you want.You are free. You can date whomever you want
and you get to go out for free! Do not get a boyfriend
just for the sake of having one. Do not settle.)

17. Be a good girl.
Be a good girl to attract a good guy. Enter the
relationship with
sincere intentions. Take the guy and the relationship
seriously with the plan of spending the rest of your
life with that person(of course, this is after you had
your bit of fun in your younger years). If you compare
your flings from your real relationships, you will
know that the latter makes you happier and more

18. Love without limits.
(Whether you loved and gave everything or loved but
held out for some things, if the relationship ends,
you still get hurt. But if you gave
your everything, you were happy and you could say that
it was worth
it. If you didn’t give your all, you get hurt for

19. You will get over him.
(Love is over-stated. Love eventually ends and you are
free to love

20. Be the one.
(Act like you are the one. Don’t be a nagger. Don’t
hinder his
gimmicks. Don’t give in to him too easily. Make him
treat you as important. Don’t be easy. Don’t be like
every other girl he had in his life.) 

26 Things I discovered…and learned?

Today is my 26th birthday (yaiks, ang tanda ko na pala!). I’ve decided to come up with things I discovered throughout the 26 glorious years na nabuhay ako sa mundong ito. I used the word “discovered” dahil kapag sinabi kong “learned”, ibig sabihin talagang magiging guiding principle ko na ito sa buhay. Actually, ‘yong iba naman dito aren’t totally new, parang re-discovery lang ang nangyari. Ilan sa list ay matitino, ang iba naman wala lang.

1. Things aren’t always what they seem. Sometimes, we need to dig deeper, we need to pay attention to nuances and things that aren’t obviously shown to have a better understanding on things. It’s true that sometimes, we say things we don’t really mean and try to hide what we really feel inside. While “What you see is what you get” sometimes is true, there are times when we fail to understand the reason why things happen because we focus more on what tends to be visible to the eyes. Parang ‘yong long word na “GODISNOWHERE”, most of the time ang basa natin diyan, GOD IS NOWHERE hindi GOD IS NOW HERE!

2. Don’t expect too much. The less your expectations are, the less chances you’ll get hurt. Don’t keep your hopes too high. Sabi nga nila, expect the unexpected di bah?

3. Life is unfair. Hay, ano pa nga ba? Minsan parang mas masaya ang mga taong gumagawa ng masama. Laging nakikita ‘yong mga pangit sa’yo, ‘yong mga maling ginagawa mo over your good deeds, your good qualities. Life is really a matter of perspective, sabi nga either you complain because roses have thorns or be glad that thorns have roses.

4. People will fail you. Believe me, at one point,even the people you trust the most will betray you, would let you down,would hurt you.

5. Life itself, is irony. Sabi nga ng song, “kung sinong mahal mo siyang ayaw sa ‘yo”. Sabi pa ni Alanis, “it’s like meeting the man of your dreams and then meeeting his beautiful wife”. Sabi pa ng iba,”kung sino pa ang nagpaiyak sa’yo, ‘yun dun ang taong nagpapasaya sa’yo”. Eh ganon talaga!

6. You cannot please everyone, you never will, even if you try real hard. I have come to admit na may mga tao yatang pinanganak para mainis sa’yo, magalit sa’yo kahit wala ka talagang ginawang masama sa kanila, or kahit wala kang ginawa at all.

7. No one has or was given the right to intimidate you. This is my personal credo about intimidation “You only get initimidated if you’re not secure of who you are.”

8. May mga bagay na kahit anong paliwanag, hindi mo talaga maintindihan. Pero may mga bagay na naiindihan mo kahit walang paliwanag.
9. Tama si Oprah ““If a man wants you, nothing can keep him away.If he doesn’t want you, nothing can make him stay”. Tama na ang ilusyon. Tama na ang kaiisip sa mga sandamakmak na what if’s sa buhay mo! Tama na! Sobra na! Ang sinabi na ito ni OPRAH ay isang SAMPAL na gumising sa natutulog kong isipan at umalog sa namamahinga kong puso. Ayoko ng umasa! Ayokoooooo na! Reality bites…it hurts!

10. It’s hard not to fight back, not to get even. Mahirap talgang maging mabait. Minsan, ang hirap manahimik lang at huwag gumanti lalo na at magiging worse lang ang situation. Pero minsan mahirap talaga to shut up and suppressed the growing anger that’s building up inside you. But we must dahil ang pumatol sa baliw, mas baliw! Hahaha… Iniisip ko na lang lagi “Hinding hindi ako bababa sa level nila.Hmp!”

11. We have to reward ourselves. How about buying something for yourself once in a while? Dati hindi ko makita ang point sa pagbibigay ng reward sa sarili, until napagod ako at nabulagan sa fruits ng labor ko. Akala ko nagtatrabaho lang ako for nothing. Feeling ko, napupunta lahat sa family ko (not that it’s a bad thing) pero nakakapagod din lalo na kung walang natitira sa’yo. That’s when I decided na kailangang magtira ako para sa sarili ko. This is also applicable sa love, kailangang mahalin mo ang sarili mo at magtira ka, ‘wag all the way, ‘wag “I’ll give you everything”, ‘wag mo ibigay ang 100%, para pag natapos na ang lahat and it didn’t turn out right, may natira pa sa’yo. Para buo ka pa din, buong buo pa din ang pagkatao mo.

12. You don’t and won’t always get what you want. Minsan, the things you want the most are the things you’re being deprived of, things that are taken from you. It’s one sad fact we should learn to live with, to live in.

13. It’s true na some good things never last, malalaman mo ang worth ng isang tao o bagay when you lose it/him/her; there are times na some good things won’t even start. Lesson : Embrace life as it comes.

14. Hindi totoo ang kasabihang “Beauty is useless but character is the best.” C’mon, magpakatotoo naman tayo, just this once! Although in the long run, mas mahalaga ang “substance”, hindi ba nagsisimula lahat sa physical attraction, sa “intrigue”, kaya na-engganyo ka to know a person better? It’s this “intrigue” or “mystique” that’ll draw you to someone.

15. Kung hindi talaga para sa’yo, kahit ano’ng pilit mo, hindi magiging sa’yo. If it’s bound to happen, it’s gonna happen; if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. Kahit mag-novena ka pa buong taon, maglakad nang nakaluhod sa Quiapo at hindi kumain ng ilang centuries, may mga bagay na hindi talaga para sa atin. Should we let go? We must.

16. There will always be “some people” – people who would always hinder, humper and would never let you be happy and would never leave you in peace. Part sila ng buhay mo and they would always bother you unless you allow them and until you learn to disregard them like trash. My personal mantra ako dito,”Difficult people are like sandpapers, they may rub you painfully. But they would end up worn out and you’ll end up well polished”! Bongga!

17. There are things, facts that are just so hard to accept, but we must. These are the things that we don’t have any control over. They just happen, we have to let them be.

18. I am one of the few lucky people in this world. Everywhere I go, I always come across meeting true people, true friends, true gems. I’ve hopped from one job to another, but I’ve made it my point not to leave that company without touching lives and adding names to my list called “friends”.

19. May mga bagay na mahirap talagang kalimutan. Either dahil talagang intergral part na sila ng life mo or talagang ayaw mo lang kalimutan. Kagaya ng ano, kagaya ni ano.

20.There’s a price for everything. Walang libre sa mundo. If we wanna take something, we should also give something back. Hindi tamang tanggap lang ng tanggap, kuha lang ng kuha, kelangang magbigay din. It’s like saying that once you let yourself love a person, kailangang handa kang masaktan, pero masaya ka naman habang nagmamahal ka di ba?

21. Kapag lumalaki ang source of income mo, lumalaki lalo ang mga expenses mo. My first job was with Link2Support, and for the record, my initial salary then was P 8000, pero masaya ako noon. I was able to eat out with my supahfriends Aimz, Ruth, Malen, Pring and Chele. Jahnays and I was able to go ‘lil shopping at times. I was paying my younger bro’s tuition fee, plus the monthly bills. Naka-survive naman ako. Pero ngayon, hello? It feels like hell living paycheck to paycheck.

22. Sometimes there’s no day but today.Minsan kasi we forget to live in today, we continue to live either in the past or the future. By looking back or fast tracking tomorrow, nalilimutan natin to live in the moment kaya tuloy may mga bagay tayong na-i-ignore, things we forget to pay much attention at, thus, losing the opportunity to enjoy life and be happy. Minsan sa sobrang pag-dwell natin sa pasts, sa mga regrets, sa mga mistakes, may mga opportunites na dumadaan lang, na puwedeng hindi na ulit ibigay sa atin. And may mga bagay na ina-anticipate mo pa lang, nauunsiyami dahil sa kapalpakang pinaggagawa mo today.

23. Don’t complain or you’ll never stop complaining, for there’s so much in life to complain about. There was a time sa buhay ko when every night na lang before I report for work, I would rant about something, from the taxi driver, salesclerk in the mall, your neighbor, traffic, etc… I always have a complaint about almost everything in this world. Then it dawn on me that it’s becoming a pattern, like kailangang mairita or magalit ako everyday. Napansin ko na mas madali akong magalit, madaling mairita, madaling maasar at madalas kong nakikita ‘yong sarili kong dakdak nang dakdak dahil sa napakaliit na bagay. Napakadali kong ma-provoke. More than ever, that was the time that I was the best candidate to an anger management program. At dahil sobrang mareklamo ako no’n, wala na akong nakitang maganda, wala na akong nakitang tama, lahat na lang mali, lahat pangit, lahat negative. Hindi ako makapag-perform nang maayos sa trabaho. Madalas akong nagagalit sa mga kapatid ko, I had very little patience and feeling ko para akong bombang sasabog any moment. I suddenly felt old but immature. I decided na hindi na ‘yon healthy, I had to change or else, it might be too late!

24. Tears comfort the heart and cleanse the soul. One of the nicest things I’ve learned from Leo Buscaglia is the undermined power of tears. I find true strength in crying. May mga bagay kasi na hindi nadadaan sa usapan. May mga bagay na kahit anong discussion mo with friends, kahit anong hanap mo ng words of wisdom para ma-resolve ang kung ano mang bumabagabag sa loob mo, ma-e-ease lahat kapag umiyak ka. This is the reason why I always say na iyakin ako, sobra, but that doesn’t mean na whimpy ako, na sobrang weak ako. There are really times na kapag hindi ko na kaya, I just let it out and cry. For me, sa bawat patak ng luha, parang nadi-discharge lahat ng negative energy, lahat ng negative feelings na nagpapabigat sa loob ko.

25. There comes a point in a person’s life when you’d get fed up. Kahit gaano ka katapang, kahit gaano ka kalakas, kahit akala mo kaya mo lahat, darating at darating sa point na mapapagod ka. Mapapagod kang lumaban. Mapapagod kang maging okay. Maging malakas. Mapapagod kang sumubok. Mapapagod kang maging matatag. Mapapagod ka. Period. Kailangan lang naman magpahinga. Tapos mare-realize mo na ready ka na ulit to continue your journey.

26. Count your blessings, NOT YOUR AGE!

With everything said and done, I realized, life’s not bad afterall, sobrang colorful pala ng buhay. Hindi boring dahil maraming spice, marang bitter-sweet memories…Ang importante i-enjoy lang ito!

What a Manny Pacquiao can do?

The many facets of Manny Pacquiao (ung iba seryoso, ung iba chorvah lang):

1. He is the ultimate answer to all traffic problems. Naranasan mo na bang baybayin ang kahabaan ng Edsa habang busy si Pacquiao sa pakikipagbakbakan sa ring? Matutuwa ka talaga — walang traffic, walang traffic enforcers, walang sasakyan. Nagulat nga ako last Sunday pag daan ko sa Gateway, usually ‘pag may laban ang La Salle, ang daming taong naka-kulay green na umaaligid doon, pero last Sunday, konti lanmg talga.  Tapos ung papunta sa sakayan ng jeep, feeling ko madaling araw kasi wala talgang commuters, so kahit konti lang ang sasakyang bumibiyahe, hindi mo kailangang makipagsiksikan at makipagbalyahan.

2. He can unite one country. Imagine-in mo nga, everyone’s glued in to his TV set kapag may bout si Pacquaio. Lahat alerto. Lahat tutok na tutok. As in, sobrang humihinto ang mundo sa pag-ikot. Lahat ina-anticipate kung anong round mapatutumba ang kalaban. Kung sana araw araw may laban siya, ano?

3. He is the ultimate crime buster. PNP reported 0% crime rate all over Metro last Sunday. Haha! Pati daw sa ilang cities kung saan mataas ang violence and crime rate outside NCR, tahimik din! Pati mga snatcher, holdaper, rapist, terorista at pusher, nanood yata. Usually, yung talipapa samin nagre-resume ng mga 2 PM (kasi wala nga namang namamalengke ng tanghaling tapat), pero last Sunday, malapit ng mag-3 PM, sarado pa din! And take note, wala ring tambay. Nagsilbing ghost town talaga samin. Pati mga bata batutang naghahabulan sa init ng araw, mukhang mga fans din ni Pacquaio.

4. He is the answer to our financial crisis, bawat Pinoy puwedeng maging milyonaryo. Mamili ka, tataya ka sa  Lotto or pusta ka na lang kay Pacquiao? Pag tumaya ka sa Lotto, you have to pick 6 numbers from 1 – 46 (yata). Eh, hello, ilang number combinations ba ang puwedeng lumabas sa 46 numbers na yun? Samantalang kung kay Pacquiao ka pupusta, simple lang ang mechanics — kapag talo siya, talo ka rin; kapag panalo siya, panalo ka din. Tapos hindi mo pa kailangang bumili ng kahit anong produkto as proof of purchase at maghulog ng entry sa pinakamalapit na supermarket. Panalo talaga!

5. He is a living proof that everyone can be sucessful, famous, and be a superstar. Name a person kung saan ang fan base ay mula sa masa, sa pulitika, sa showbiz at sa elite society ng bansa? Hindi lahat pabor kay Pres. GMA, hindi lahat ng tao gusto si Angel Locsin. Pero lahat ata ng Pinoy nanood at umasang mananalo si Pacquaio! Hindi lahat ng tao nanood ng championship ng PBA. Hindi lahat ng tao, manonood ng concert or ng movie. Pinatunayan niya na  kahit sino ka pa, kaya mong paluhurin ang nagtatayugang mga tala at gawin silang mga tangahanga, este, tagahanga pala!

Ang ganda pa ng timing ng pagkapanalo ni Pacquaio. After halos ipahiya ng Desperate Housewives ang mga Pinoy medical practitioners sa US (siguro sa buong mundo na rin), nanalo naman si Pacquaio. GUSTO KO TULOY SABIHIN DUN SA WRITER NG NASABING SITCOM NA HINDI NAKAKATUWA ANG JOKE NA NAISIP NIYA! GUSTO NIYA BANG MAKATIKIM NG ISANG JAB KAY PACQIAO NANG MAALOG NAMAN ANG UTAK NIYA AT MAGKAROON NG BRIGHT IDEAS  PARA SA SHOW ?!

Saan ba nakakabili ng Spark?

This was an email forwarded to me centuries ago, naisipan ko lang i-post dito. Nililinis ko kasi ang mga email accounts ko sa yahoo at gmail.

Ako kasi I’ve always believed in “spark”. Laging may “something” unang kita ko pa lang sa isang guy. Though hindi naman parang love at first sight ‘yong dating pero may “something” na nagsasabi sakin na he’s gonna be someone special.

Pero ‘kaw naniniwala ka ba sa “spark”?


Contributed by
noringai (Edited by blue_kuko)  

San ba nakakabili ng Spark?

Iyan ang tanong sa akin ni Lhen, isang kaibigan. May umaaligid daw kasi sa kanya na matinong lalake, kaya lang, wala siyang maramdamang spark. Kaya nagtatanong siya kung saan nakakabili ng spark.

Hindi ko alam ang sagot. Kung alam ko lang, eh di sana matagal na akong pumila para mamakyaw. Kailangan ko rin ng spark. Maraming-maraming spark.

Ano ba ang spark? Ito iyong kuryente na nararamdaman mo kapag kasama mo ang isang tao. Iyong nanlalambot ang tuhod mo. Iyong parang nauutal ka at ayaw gumana ng motor skills mo. Iyong kahit na anong gawin at sabihin niya, o kahit wala siyang ginagawa o sinasabi, kinikilig ka na. Kung hindi mo naman siya kasama, nangingiti ka kapag naiisip mo siya.

Ang tawag dun… spark. Magic. Kilig. Kuryente.

At iyon din ang hinahanap ko ngayon.

May isang lalaking may gusto sa akin. Mabait siya. May hitsura. Matino. Stable. Mature. May napatunayan na sa buhay. Maalalahanin. May konting sense of humor. At alam ko, aalagaan niya ako.

Siya iyong lalaking iuuwi mo sa nanay mo at alam mong magiging mabuting asawa at tatay ng mga anak mo.

Pero wala akong maramdamang “kilig.” Walang magic.

Lagi kong sinasabi, “He’s a ‘good on paper’ guy, pero walang spark. Kahit kiskisan ko man ng bato… wala talaga!”

Sabi ng mga kaibigan ko, hindi na daw importante ang spark. Hindi daw ito tiket para sa isang masaya at tumatagal na relasyon. Maraming factors ang dapat i-consider, hindi lang spark…

Aanhin mo ang spark kung lagi naman kayong nag-aaway? Aanhin mo ang spark kung hindi naman kayo nagkakasundo sa mga bagay-bagay? Kung hindi naman siya puwedeng mag-commit? Kung alam mo naman na masama siya para sa iyo?

Noong huling usap namin ni Lhen, sabi niya, baka daw bigyan na niya ng chance iyong manliligaw niya, kahit wala siyang maramdamang spark.

Pati tuloy ako, napapaisip na rin… Itutuloy ko ba kahit na walang spark? Magiging masaya kaya kami, kahit na hindi ako kinikilig sa kanya? Importante ba talaga ang “magic” sa isang relasyon?

“Baka naman nasa atin lang ang problema,” dagdag ni Lhen.

Mali nga ba ako kung maghanap man ako ng spark sa isang relasyon? Pang teenager na nga lang ba iyong “nanlalambot ang tuhod” chuva at kapag nasa 20s ka na ay nakakasuka na ang humangad ng kilig?

Siguro nga masyado na akong matanda para maghanap ng lalaking magbibigay sa akin ng “kilig” dahil hindi naman kami mabubusog doon at hindi rin puwedeng pambayad ng tuition ng magiging anak namin ang spark.

But I am also old enough to know what I want in a guy… and having that “kilig” feeling is one of them. At para sa akin, ang pakikipag-relasyon sa isang taong walang spark, ay maitutumbas na rin sa pagse-settle.

At ayokong mag-settle.

Pero di ako nawawalan ng pag-asa. Malay mo ngayon, walang spark. Pero eventually, sa tamang panahon, baka magka-spark na. Kung paano, hindi ko alam…

Meron kayang binebentang spark sa pinakamalapit na Mercury Drug o Mini-Stop? Saan nga ba nakakabili ng spark?

by dunkinshiek

Monday, March 28, 2005 @ 02:05:54 PM

nakita ko na yan nun ah (libre) pero nawala din agad eh kasi naman ung kinakitaan ko ng spark eh me inii-sparkan na iba (ngeks…lolz) kya ayun, para syang torch na nahipan ng malakas na hangin.
ang hinahanap ko ngaun eh baterry. kse nde ko marinig ung “music”. sabi kse nila me music daw yun (ano ba talaga?). tried different battery pero all i hear is static eh, ewan ko, cguro out of beam or footprint ung antenna.

good luck na lang sa mga naghahanap ng spark and paki post na lang kung san nakakabili pag me nakita kau..hehehe.

Re: bili na lang tayo…
by nescafe_ice13

Monday, March 28, 2005 @ 02:34:18 PM

ng watusi. me spark din naman yun e.
sorry mej jaded na ko, its just that minsan, i believe the spark would come in later. habang nakikilala mo na yung guy. habang narerealize mo na me similar likes/dislikes kayo, same principles. habang nakikita mo ang kanyang stable qualities. habang unti-unti, you tend to see him in a different light. di naman siguro yun instant spark. mas kilig for me yung unti-unti, makikita mo na yung spark. tapos that spark would turn into something more magical, more passionate, more…ayoko nang ituloy. baka censored e…

again, good work, miss noringai. ang sinulat mo ngayon ay isang bagay na ayokong harapin, pero you helped me face it. at chaka pag nakita mo ulit si direk ha? 🙂

by anGelTears

Wednesday, March 23, 2005 @ 03:13:35 AM

You wouldn’t be settling, you’re simply opening your mind and heart to the possibility that the spark simply took its sweet time to be felt.

That was the same situation I was in. Singlehood was my fate for nearly half a decade, and among the reasons for choosing that was the lack of that spark. When I thought I found a guy who managed to raise my pulse rate a bit. . . he fades into nothingness. Sobrang spark, biglang nagliyab at nawala sa kawalan hehe.

Around the same time there was this guy who was all sweet, thoughtful, gentlemanly and very patient. I must’ve been too blinded by what I thought was spark from the other camp, I originally wrote off Mr.Nice as. . . well, Mr.Nice. Thankfully I did not close my doors to him and throughout the many experiences we’ve shared, I got to know him more and realized. . . we’ve got not just sparks flying – there was a whole fireworks display 😀 Guess who I decided to end my half a decade singlehood streak with? (“,)

mr Nice by noringai on Friday, March 25, 2005 @ 11:48:26 AM
spark vs chemistry
by hydro

Wednesday, March 23, 2005 @ 10:37:12 AM

having/finding spark in a potential partner is indeed welcome. though not a prerequisite for me.
i put more weight on chemistry. it bodes of a better guarantee that you and the other click. the thing with chemistry though is that it takes longer to deliver the verdict on whether you have it or not. kaya naman i usually adopt a more laid-back attitude when deciding. and in the process usually manage to enjoy the ride/moment so far.

kung spark lang ang make or break criteria. masyadong fleeting minsan. kaya you run the danger of deciding prematurely.

hemingways, dunno if that made sense or not. nice read none the less. and glad to see you writing here again.

Things learned from intergender friendships

Things learned from intergender friendships
By Mariel G. Calalo
YOU contributor

THE PREMISE of this article lies on the principle that sometimes,
loving a person doesn’t mean it has to be romantic and loving a person for the
rest of your life doesn’t mean you have to end up marrying them. Can a man
and a woman just be friends? I’d say yes and they should be.

Hindi dahil kinaibigan ka, liligawan ka na. Not every guy who befriends
you has an ulterior motive. Get over yourself. Don’t flatter yourself.
There is a reason why he befriended you, but don’t automatically assume that
it’s because he wants to be your so-called boyfriend. If this will be the
principle you’ll follow every time someone asks you to be his friend,
you’re gonna miss a great deal from the friendship.

Hindi dahil mabait sa iyo, nililigawan ka na. There are people who are
naturally sweet and kind. There are people who are innately good and no
matter how wicked you seem, they just find it so easy to be kind to
you. It doesn’t mean he is courting you. Don’t put yourself through unnecessary
stress trying to figure out if he’s courting you or not. Because I
think if he is, you won’t have to guess, you’ll know and you’ll be very certain
about it.

Hindi dahil he talks to you a lot, he loves you na. You don’t befriend
a person if you absolutely abhor him, right? Chances are you make sense
when he talks to you, or you’re probably very patient listening to him. The
two of you probably connect on some level but why does it always have to be
assumed to be romantic? Being two intelligent, mature human beings, you
need to accept that it’s nice to share a cup of coffee over a stimulating
conversation, and that you don’t have to automatically put romantic
connotation to it. Relieve yourself of the pressure. It’s just coffee
and a shared interest.

Hindi dahil cute ang friend mo, crush/love mo na siya. This is the most
amusing thing that hit me lately. People always assume that because
your friend is cute or should I say, hot (because cute is a word you
describe your high school crush while hot is a word you use to describe a hunk),
“lakas amats mo na for repapips!” Let me just say this, at least from
my own personal experience, I’m just nearsighted, I haven’t gone blind. I can
still appreciate God’s creation! However, there will always be weird things,
crazy things, stupid things that will keep you, believe me, from having a
crush on him. First of all, you’d know his history with women, enough to judge
what’s good for you. Second, don’t you just hate it when a guy who’s
absolutely always put together, who looks intelligent enough pronounces the word
country as “kawntri” and the word mango as “meynggo.” Call me crazy for
judging a person just because he can’t pronounce these words right. I
admit,I’m crazy.

Hindi dahil you hang out with each other most of the time, you’d end up
being boyfriend-girlfriend.
Self-explanatory… There are a thousand,
no million different reasons why things don’t always turn out that way.
There is no one proven formula. For all we know, the reason why he likes
hanging out with you is because he likes getting kikay tips from you. He
probably plans on being kikay himself and he needs a mentor.

A dinner with a guy friend does not necessarily mean equate to a date.
Especially if you’re paying for your share no. Hello? Three things to
consider: the place, the topic and how the two of you actually planned
to meet. First, how it was planned. If it were a date expect that he would
ask you out at least three days before the actual date to give you some
lead time, to give you the notion that you are not just a filler on his
schedule. Second, the place. If it were a real date, the both of you would want
real food and a place where you could really talk things through. Don’t go
out with a guy to a movie on Friday night if you’re really serious about
him. Going to a movie is more like treating him like a “filler” just because
you had nothing to do on a Friday night so you might as well go out. Topic.
Ha! You wouldn’t be talking about chikang artista, chikang opisina or argue
if the one girl’s boobs are real or not. You would be probably talking
about sensible, quite personal stuff.

I therefore conclude that platonic relationships are never complicated;
people just have tendencies to complicate them!