It Got Me to Believe in Magic…AGAIN!

It Got Me to Believe in Magic…AGAIN!

I am a person of nuances, I hate being stationary and I abhor idleness, I have to move and do something or I might just be dead. Days off bored the hell out of me so I popped “Got to Believe in Magic” into the player. It’s been shown in theatres million of years ago, but  I still haven’t seen it until earlier today. I was surprised at how great the movie really was and how well it delivered the message it’s wanting to convey. The movie would convince people who had been heartbroken one too many times, that it’s still worth giving love another try. It’d also give those hesitant and commitment phobics hope for drool and commitment-worthy relationships.

I like it that it didn’t give us the “illusion” (disillusion) about love, that a certain kind of magic would happen, like a serendipitous coincidence would happen to meet “The One”, certain alien feeling would consume your whole being (“spark”) and you’ll be caught in the moment — MAGICAL, COSMIC. Although the title says we’ve got to believe in magic, it pretty much showed us that love is no magic, more than just a feeling, love is something that would make you realize that you won’t be complete without that “special someone” by your side,  that incompleteness doesn’t mean something’s amiss/lacking in you though, it is the fact that life will never be the same again and that it’d always feel like that someone had taken a vital part of you with him/her that you would never be able to get back. It also discussed the never ending issues between a man and a woman; and how, in pursuit of finding and fighting for true love, every man and woman would learn to compromise in order to meet halfway. And wanna know the best thing about the movie, it didn’t use the “Cinderella” plot to grab us into watching it. The characters were pretty much like everyone else – your brother, your bestfriend, college classmate, co-worker, you, me. Most male spicies I know are very much like the leading man — commitment phobe, legendary playboy and doesn’t believe in love. And all women, whether a closet romatic or obsessed bride to be are very much like the leading lady — career-driven but has faith in meeting The One and living happily-ever-after-you-and-me-against-the-world-raising-a-family life.

I laughed my heart out at the scene when Rico Yan imagined Claudine, gray-haired and bulky, lying in bed with him and when he stared at the face of Claudine, he saw the very same face he fell in love with and same eyes that were staring back at him with unconcealed love, trust and joy. I guess, that’s what true love all about, making a decision to grow old and stay in love with a person until your last breath. (Need I say more? Hopeless romantic kasi talaga ako.)

Well, practical application of the movie in my life? I have little to share about love, because I honestly don’t have a lovelife…hehehe…I guess I’m in a middle of two string ends : a too-desperate-to-be-loved and an Ice-coated-stone-who-believes that-no-man-would-be-good-enough-for-me woman, but I still can relate to Claudine’s character : I know what I want, I have a career and I believe that there is someone out there who would share the other half of my wing so we could fly together (parang kanta ng Reo Speedwagon, “we climb and climb and at the top we fly”).  I must admit that though I’ve had a couple of heartbreaks (not really super serious ones), I sometimes take love skeptically like having a thought that love works for other but for me, never mind but this movie get me to have faith in love…to believe in it’s magic…AGAIN!

Sa mga hindi pa nakapanood, ok ang movie. Hindi ito super sappy na magpapaiyak sa’yo or something you’d call corny or baduy. Mas malamang nga na comedy ito other than a love story. You’ll certain like it. Well, I did!

“Whenever I watch movies or hear love songs and see people kiss and make up, I feel happy. I know love still works, if not for me, at least for others….”

One thought on “It Got Me to Believe in Magic…AGAIN!

  1. Isay says:

    I do! I do! padalhan mo daw si Baklush sa Germany ng copy nito

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