Vanity Woes and Mishaps

For Your ReferenceFor Your ReferenceI I was never vain, never a kikay but I am bothered to high heavens, in full blast of this hightened fear of having serious acne. Don’t get me wrong, I was not really flawless, but I never had severe breakouts. Talking about “connect the dots”, my brother used to pick up on me due to my pimples, like he could play connect the dots daw on my face. Usually, I would have two or three pimples when I’m PMS-ing that’d eventually dry up on their own, need not apply any topical products.

Made me wonder what had actually changed with my regimen. More than a month, a friend who happened to be two years my junior, introduced me into using Ponds Age Miracle Cream (red tube). She had non-stop praises for the product and knowing how senstive her skin is, I was also hooked into using it. Apart from that I also had facial service (the one with kojic acid) made at DermStrata some three weeks ago. First sign of really dark pimples didn’t bother me, thinking that it could be brought by hormonal changes (thanks to PMS again) but after a monthlong of worry and battle against these pimples, I am close to hitting the panic button. Sabi nga ng aking pinakamamahal na ina “Yan ang napapala ng mga hindi makontento sa hitsura. Ang simple lang ng buhay, ginagawang komplikado”.

Again, I AM NOT VAIN. It just so happened that I’ve so many issues with my body that I’m trying to address, and this one added to the long list. First, my weight problem. Having gained 22 lbs in 3 years is no joke afterall! I would have to at least shed off a pound every week to have my old weight (and figure?) back. And this weight problem is surely giving me headache and tons of problems – constant palpitation, irregularities with the heartbeat and easily getting exhausted even if I’m not doing any strenous activity are enough to send me to dieting and have myself enrolled in  weight loss program of any kind. I’m so tamad pa naman to exercise and hello? Diet? Second problem was my severe hair loss (natakot naman ako kasi puro “severe” ang description ko sa mga problems ko), exaggeration or not, I maybe losing 300-350 strands everyday. I may lose all my hair even before they all turn gray/white! Third, my skin, the color is something one would find hard to fit in any category – I am not fair and I am not morena/tan. Had it not been for it’s hefty price, I would’ve tried Glutathione a long time ago. (But this is the least of my concerns now. )

I wanna get rid of these pimples FAST! It had caused my face to have not just dark dots/spots but also scars – hay, ! Basta kailangan mawala ang mga lintek na pimples na ito! Ayokong maging next model ng Proactiv!

6 thoughts on “Vanity Woes and Mishaps

  1. Isay says:

    cge girlash, join forces tau sa pag-abot ng mga pangarap

  2. malen says:

    haaay..i’ve been there…worst pa jan

    check that one!

  3. Hannah says:

    so kailangan palang ngumiti habang kinukunan ang pimples… di ba dapat malungkot ka kasi may pimples ka nga hehehe…


  4. banget says:

    clearisil lang katapat niyan neng

  5. janisluvj says:

    hindi na effective…super lala na ng situation ko Banget

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