Who’s Your Movie Star Boyfriend?


hay, wala ng iba pa!!!!  


Johnny Depp

A little Depp’ll do ya indeed, no? Rebel with a clue Johnny Depp is sexy no matter what the role he’s playing, no matter what the hair and facial fur situation and no matter what wacky ensembles he puts on his bod. In fact, his looks are often as unconventional as some of his movie roles, and thank God for that… The only thing predictable about him: that he’s likely to be unpredictable, and we’re often in awe of just how his creative mind works (the incredibly detailed creation of his Captain Jack Sparrow character from Pirates of the Caribbean, for example). On the other hand, he tempers some of that off the beaten path behavior with a devotion to his family and friends that is unshakeable; the man admits enjoys playing with Barbies with his daughter! That is so hot.


Who’s yours? Find out here : http://quiz.ivillage.com/entertainment/tests/moviestarboyfriend.htm?nlcid=et|08-01-2007|


4 thoughts on “Who’s Your Movie Star Boyfriend?

  1. jologs says:

    hmm…lemme guess, ilang beses mong inulit ang survey para mapalabas si Johnny Depp??

  2. aiMz says:

    yah right

    in fairness, gwapo sya dyan sa pic. sa chocolate factory… umm..

  3. janisluvj says:

    magsitigil kayo, nagulat nga din ako, PWAMIS, one time ko lang talga ni-take ung quiz….c johhny talga

  4. malen says:

    super crush ko si brad pitt and he turned out to be my movie star bf din

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