Janis luv j? What’s in the name?

A friendster asked me why I chose janiluvj? Hmmm…mang-intriga daw ba at magkaroon ng pagkarami-raming speculations? Lemme cite all the reasons why..

1. janisluvj as in Janis luv Jesus. Haller sino bang hindi?

2. janisluvj as in Janis luv Johnny Depp. I simply love this guy since time immemorial, noh! I super loved his performance in Edward Scissorhands and loved him the more when I saw him played Ichabod in Sleepy Hollow. I followed him since then, followed him grew from a delinquent teen actor struggling to balance fame and living a normal life to becoming one of the most respected actors of all time. I am not at all oblivios of his “wild-Viper days” but I began to know him more and discovered that he is still human, devoid of flaws. Sabi nga nila, when you love someone, you should accept the wholeness, including the flaws and mistakes and hope that one day he’d realize his mistakes and pick up where he left off — and that’s what he’d taught me. Kasi he is a changed man right now and I am proud of who he’d become right now— award-winning actor and a family-oriented guy.  

3.  janisluvj because Janis luv Julius and Jeaneth — fyi to everyone, mga pamangkins ko sila.

4.  janisluvj because Janis luv J, as in the letter J. 

At talgang may humihirit pa, Janis luv J—– daw! Heller, remember, I’m trying to move on n nga, di ba?!

3 thoughts on “Janis luv j? What’s in the name?

  1. malen says:

    move on ka jan..hahaha…be sure na nag u-update ka lage ha. mwaaaaaahhhhhhh!

  2. aiMz says:

    tampo naman ako, wala ako sa blogroll 😦

    oy nood tayo switchfoot concert!

  3. janisluvj says:

    Wait, kc sobrang rush ang paggawa ko nito…update ko na para kay aimz and ruth….

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