Naiisahan din daw si Bill Gates…

It was a very awesome Sunday afternoon and I was very excited to see familiar faces in the church and of course to praise God. Pastor Oriel was so funny. Ung mababasa ninyo was one of his stories during his sermon.

One day Bill Gates died. He was asked by God to select which way he’d go — heaven or hell. Bill Gates replied, “How could I choose if I know neither! I wouldn’t know the difference?”

So God, with his ever precious gift to us gave Bill his free will to select. God requested Peter to accompany him to hell. Then, Bill Gates was very fascinated by what he saw — blue beach, white sand and sexy ladies in their swimsuits running around. Bill said to himself,”Ain’t this cool? I think I like it here.”

And so Peter appealed,”Want to see heaven?”.

Bill Gates agreed and was brought to heaven. When Bill Gates reached heaven, he was disappointed with what he saw — angels singing and playing their harps. Bill Gates told himself,”Is this heaven? So boring.”

Then God asked Bill,”So what’s your choice Bill?”.

Bill replied,”I think I like hell better than heaven”. So while God was disappointed and unhappy with Bill’s decision, He still requested Peter to send Bill to hell.

After a couple of months, Peter visited Bill Gates and Bill rushed to him and said,”I don’t wanna be here anymore! I’m stinking and burning here. Tell me Peter, why, when the first time we came here, it wasn’t like this and everything seemed nice and cool?”.

Peter replied,”The first time we came here, you were just seeing a SCREENSAVER!”


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