Where is Mr. Right???

Para sa mga singles, separada, ilusyunada, mga bf-less, loveless, may partner pero feeling mo maling tao ung partner mo at sa lahat ng babae…

Reasons why women find it hard to get their men:
– nice men are ugly

– handsome men are not nice
– handsome and nice men are gays
– handsome, nice and hetero men are married
– men who are not so handsome but nice, have no money
– men who are not so handsome but nice and with money think girls are only after their money
– handsome men who have no money are after the girls’ money
– handsome men who are not so nice and somewhat hetero don’t think the girls are beautiful enough

(I received this SMS from Elai…musta na gurl?!?!?!)

I put that SMS as an opening for this passage because I know it’d really catch attention (It caught mine!) and would instigate arguments from both sexes — macho pigs from planet Mars and pretty fairies from planet Venus (aka MEN and WOMEN, respectively). For some, the above message conveys bitterness, but for a few, it sounds pessimistic, if not perfectionist. It made the “manhunting” activities of women as somewhat unattainable or impossible and the issue between two sexes irreconcilable. But when I forwarded this to sa friend, she panicked to high heavens — “My,oh,my Janis…kelangan na nating magmadali, nauubos na sila!” — as if MEN are chief commodities found in a supermarket. But her panic sent me to deep thinking — do we really run out of good men, I mean “good men” we could bring home to our mothers and introduce as future homemakers??? Or women today had raised the bar up high that no man could reach the standard?

The above SMS could be summarized by my lifelong Yahoo! signature (w/c I hedonistically created when I was celebrating getting over my lifetime crush, Edmund). The said signature also created rave from people who came across my Yahoo! profile.

“There is no such thing as Mr. Right or the Man of My Dreams, he’ s an illusion. There are 3 types of MEN — one is GAY, the other TAKEN and last, MEN who are looking in the wrong places.”

Is there really a special guy out there that’s created and meant for you alone? (Received this question from a certain Jelische from Friendster, I dunno why people are sending lots of messages through Friendster asking me a lot of questions and asking me to create a passage or a story they’d like to read — feeling ko isa akong love guru (loveless at that) na pinagtatanungan at isang batikang manunulat para magbigay katarungan sa kanilang mga kahilingan. FYI : Isa lamang po akong simpleng mamamayan na nagnanais na mailahad ang nilalaman ng aking puso at dahil ito po ay batay sa totoong karanasan ay batid kong maraming makauugnay ng kanilang buhay sa mga sulatin ko.) Going back, do you really believe you have a soulmate? A person whose quest in life is to find you, too and live happily ever after??? Or Mr. Right is just that — a psuedonym, a fictitious name we, women, give the man we created in our imagination — created in our dreams, thus, stayed there. Never real, never real. If only we could steal them away from our dreams and hug them for real…(sigh…)
I read once that people are created with only one wing, your quest is to find the other half so you could soar up the sky. The question of the lifetime : Where would I start searching for the the other half of my wing? I dunno, I honestly dunno. It’s a cliche that love would just come, that’s why it’s called falling in love, it just happened, you could never plan ahead, nor create it. I remembered last night we watched a play entitled : The Fifth Prodigal (was one of the best plays I’ve ever seen!), it was mentioned in the play “Ang pag-ibig minsan lang dumarating sa buhay yan!”, well I said to myself and my friends “Minsan nga hindi pa…” then I bitterly thought “Minsan nga dumating na, akala mo yun na…you almost said it’s the real thing…pero, hindi pala para sa’yo…”.

All women out there are still silently praying that the right one would come along at the exact, right time. Like damsels in distress (heroines in so many fairy tales), we all dream and wish for our Knight in Shining Armors, to save us from life’s miseries and give us the ever after happiness we all are yielding and dreaming of. Pero nasaan n nga ba talaga si Mr. Right? A m I standing at the wrong place or talgang naliligaw lang sila sa maling landas (and ended with the W.R.O.N.G. gurls) ???

“There comes a time in a girl’s life when she finds herself wishing that someone will just come to rescue her and tell her that it’s okay not to be tough, that she doesn’t have to protect herself from getting hurt anymore because he’s already there to protect her, that she doesn’t have to worry about getting her heart broken because he’ll do whatever it takes not to let it happen.” (SMS sent by Rajsh…mishu na den gurl!)

Sentiments mo rin yan noh?! Aminin….

Kapag nakita ninyo nga si Mr. Right, pakisabi hinihintay ko siya, ha!


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