This one goes out to all the girls who are in control and take charge of their lives! Cheers for all of us!!! Wala lang tinopak lang ako kaya ko ito isinulat! Read on n lang!


Life is too short, I realized just now the wisdom of that cliche. Dahilnakakpagod pala ang maghintay. Nakakasawa. Longing is indeed the most tiring thing in the world. But if I’ve learned a lesson or two about it, that is TO NEVER WAIT, BUT GO AFTER WHAT I WANT, time won’t stop and wait for me.

I’m used to waiting for love to come around. Little did I know that whileI’m waiting for love and ignoring other men who kept knocking at my heart’s door, I was hurting myself so bad. Depriving myself of being happy and being loved.

I’m tired of falling for men who didn’t love me and didn’t or couldn’t fight for me. Men who couldn’t admit and fight for their feelings for me, that instead of fighting and pursuing me settled with other women they had the least challenge of winning.

Ayoko na sa mga lalaking duwag! Sawa na akong maghintay sa mga lalakinghindi marunong or kayang ipaglaban ang nararamdaman nila! Mga lalaking ayaw sumugal dahil ayaw matalo! Mga lalaking mas malaki ang ego kesa pag-ibig!

I’m so sick of men who could confess their feelings for me in front of their friends. In front of other people. But not strong enough to admit itstraight to my face. Not strong and brave enough to win me over. Ngi hindi sumubok man lang. Kahit mag-effort lang! Am I not worth fighting for? Am I not worth the wait? Aren’t they the ones who don’t deserve anything from me? Any emotions from me at all. Not even hate. Much more, pain. But now, no more of that.

Now that I am in love again, I will take charge of my destiny. This time, I’ll take the upper hand and not depend my happiness to others. I’ll try hard to make him notice me. Then love me. I’m gonna make him notice and love me and if that day comes, I won’t make it hard for him. Then I’d be very happy.

Then maybe these MEN would realize their LOSS FOR GIVING UP WITHOUT A FIGHT! It’s all for their eyes to see that I could love him the way that I loved them (probably more) but realized that no one could ever loved them the way that I did. Serves them right for NOT BEING A MAN DESERVING OF A WOMAN’S LOVE! NOT DESERVING OF MY LOVE!!!

Para sa lahat ng mga lalaking duwag, magtago kayo sa cocoon ninyo ngkaruwagan at self-preservation! Darating ang araw na iiyak din kayo!Magigising n lang kayo isang araw n wala na sa inyo ang lahat! Because you passed on a lot of moments! On a lot of chance! Para sa inyo to!:

“I wish one day you’d miss me me that no matter how hard you search for me, you won’t find me. I wish one day you’d remember my face that no matter you wish to forget, it’d keep haunting you. I wish one day you’d love me, that no matter how hard you ignore it, you would always feel the pain. Then you’d be hurt, then you’d cry, then you’d long to be with me only to realize I was gone and could love you no more!”

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