I am MEAN and I mean it!!! (sometimes…)

Excitement was rushing thru my veins as I was trying to reach NBI’ s office before buzzing 5:00PM…i need to be there…you see, I have to pass this NBI clearance to my new employer (excited talga ko…at long last I’d be a LEGITIMATE PROGRAMMER!!! Hurray!!!) Sino may sabi professional basketball players lang ang marunong ng buzzer beating stunts, ako den. I felt good at having received my new NBI clearance (a little history : i hate my name because I have constant problems getting my NBI clearance. everytime i get one from a kiosk – MEGAMALL, i always ended up going to NBI’ s main office to revalidate my name — it so happened na may kapangalan akong may kaso!!! Ganon ba kadami ang DE ASIS sa Pilipinas? DUH! as it turned out when i went to NBI for revalidation, i have to go back the next day for my clearance to be released… don’t have much of a choice, db? I am considering changing my name to smething very extraordinary like ASTRID JANIS —- cguro naman wala nang ASTRID JANIS DEASIS, noh! Dahil kugn meron pa, tatalon n lang ako sa Pasig River)

Then i was walking towards the QUIAPO church na and have to cross thru the underpass to go home… maputik pa naman because twas raining and ingat n ingat pa naman akong wag maputikan when from the middle of nowhere may isang office girl n naglalakad, walking as if she’s alone in that road, and the road was dry and clean at that at natilamsikan ng putik ang paa ko, with my pair of slip ons hanggang sa jeans ko… i swear that bitch notice that and nagpatay malisya at tumingin pa sa kin!

“The nerve! Deadma pa!! “I waited for her to apologize but it seemed that I was asking for something so impossible so I told her “Miss, mag-ingat ka naman sa paglalakad. Tingnan mo naputikan pa ko. ” I was concerned pa naman dahil baka sa sussunod bigla n labng siyang sabunutan ng next victim niya. And again, DEADMA. Hindi pa ako nagtataray niyan. So i told myself “Enough”. So the next thing I did was pour out the remaining liquid off my C2 over her paper bag w/c i’d seen full of important papers. “Ano ka ngayon?”

She might have noticed that because she started to panic. I was calmly walking beside her and giving her the notion that I was the culprit. “I told yah to be very careful…” then I paused “Lalo n sakin…Hmp…oh di mag-inarte ka ngayon.” Then i started walking as if nothing happened.

So ano k ngayon???

No one messes around with me and gets away with it!!!

I invented cattiness and bitchiness!