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MAY 7-8, 2005.


Wanna share ung experience namin sa Club Manila East in Taytay last May 7-8…The place is nice with three big pools (one kiddie and 2 dault pools – one of which has a basketball ring while the other has a the kayak pool…)

Rose and I arrived at 4pm. we met with anya and khat. then we decided to swim na.

Then may isang problem, where would we be sleeping? (we belonged to diff teams prior to the outing when AnoNiMhy was dispersed..see my previous posts kung magulo!!!) It’ s a gud thing kasama namin si Denz, Dennis and Nel…they offered their villa (airconditioned rooms with bath tub and two bedrooms plus a ref, phone, closet and a sofa bed in CME) so we decided we’d join them.

Around 5pm,we had pm snack sa social hall . afterwards, we decided to swim back. then denzil rented the basketball and we played… nakakaloka at nakakapagod un…imagine jameh and and ogie joined us together with Cath and wilbur and hell…walang kiber ang mga lalaking ito kahit nasasaktan at magkalunod-lunod kami!!! But it’s really an experience! And we can;t help but really laugh our lungs out dahil sa SAYA!!! TApos nag-videoke pa kami sa loob ng villa (Ian joined us later and TL Jorellie – tnxtnx again 4 accomodating us) kc Ian brought a MAGIC sing… hindi na kami kelangang pumila sa videoke bar para mag-vidoeke..

AS usual lasing si ANYA…pero kudos ROSE – hindi talga uminom!!!
Hindi ko alam kung pano kami nagkasya – we’re 9 pipz dun sa loob ng villa…

But it was really a lot of fun…At ang pinakamasaya sa lahat – Nag-kayak ako, amidst my great aversion to waters..Kiber and mga phobia…hindi ko kelangang isiping hydrophobic ako para hindi mag-kayak! It was really fun..sana maulit…


One thought on “Buzz…buzz…

  1. ruthie says:

    It’s really nice na naovercome mo yung fear sa water. Kaya mo yan girl!!!

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