I’m fed up!!!!!

CVG had gradually turned into hell this past few months….get that? I hate this company, their sanity-freaking policies (not to mention unattainable) and it won’t take 3 mos and I’m outta this hellish company!!! (Just give me time, ok…mhirap ata humanap ng work ngayon at mahirap ang buhay, noh!) Honestly. Ive never expcted myself to last long in this industry, if not for the good compensation and friends…yeah friends…

And now that I am in a new team, i don’t think i’ll be able to survive but I have…anyways, the team is actually going to Galera on the 18-2oth of this month…Gudlak!!! I think I ought to give them a chance…maybe I could find new set of friends there…

It’s this time of life when you miss good old days…

You start missing the times spent with friends…

You start missing the things you used to do…

I wish I could stay as a child forever, skinned knees are easier to heal than broken hearts and aching souls…you only worry about whom you’d be playing with…now how you’d play in life…you cry and the people around you gave what you’d asked… now you’d cry because you weren’t given the things you thought you ought to have…and wish you could give more to people you’d love…

Haaayyyyyyyy..why can’t I stay young forever?


Anonimhy pipz…ur such darlings to me…I really can’t help but compare you to my present team but strangely, I am enjoying my new team…they’re bunch of good people…they really welcome me and make me comfortable…

Miss you aimz, ruth, malen and pring and the rest of the L2S_MOC, hope I cud join u in the next climb…

Chele, sorry wasn’t able to meet you when we were supposed to meet…that was my fault…and I miss you!!! I read ur comment about my EXPERIMENTATION – that was great! Napapangiti den ako…hehehehe…That was one of my life’s most embarassing moment, but twas exciting!!!

i know i’ve been such an ass to u jahnays, but sorry…hope u understand that i have my own life to attend to…I wish there would be times I could say “NO” to your invitations because I need to…I need to be selfish at times…need to focus on myself at times…need to think of myself and not just jump off my bed when you text me and hop in to Megamall if you want me to even if I have important things to do or deal…I’m just being fair, ain’t I? But I want you to know that I miss you….

I miss shiela, rhea, carol and zaldy…and all my college friends…hope we could have a reunion!

I miss everything…I miss life, happiness, childhood…I miss my college days…

I need peace of mind…

I need a break…(in a far far far land of Puerto galera…I’d be joining my team there on the 18th-20th…)

Life’s really pissing me off BIGTIME!

basta, nakakainis ang life…it has been so hard lately!!!

So hard!!!

I wish there’s a thing called “TIME OUT” in life, I really wish there was… and as Mayonnaise said on their song “Jopay” aalis tayo sa tunay na mundo….

Kantahan ko na lang nga ung sarili ko:

lift yer head
baby don’t be scared
of the things that could go wrong
along the way
you’ll get by with a smile
u can’t win at everything but u can try

and baby u don’t have to worry
coz there ain’t no need to hurry
no one ever said that there’s no easy way
and when they’re closing all their doors
and they don’t want u anymore
this sounds funny but i’ll say it anyway

girl i’ll staythrough the bad times
even if i have to fetch u everyday
i’ll get by if u smile
u can never be too happy in this life

coz in a world where everybody hates
a happy ending story
it’s a wonder love can make the world go round
but don’t let it bring u down
and turn ur face into a frown
u’ll get along with a little prayer and a song

lift yer head
baby don’t be scared
of the things that could go wrong along the way
we’ll get by with a smile
now it’s time to kiss away
those tears goodbye

One thought on “I’m fed up!!!!!

  1. malen says:

    hoy hija….

    ang buhay paganda yan ng paganda…

    hehehe. miss u too bruha! ang drama2x mo super! CARRY lang. see u soon

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