Huling Hirit

March 20-21, 2005 (Monday-Sunday)
Pansol, Calamba, Laguna

The much awaited team get-together out of town happened at long last. Ironic it may seem(because a week after this, we’d all go our separate ways and join our respective teams), we had the best time of our lives spent together there – even for 24 hours only! I’ll surely miss this team ( it would’ve been “more” happiest and “more” merriest if we’re complete — former and present members alike…esp mention sa aming “Maintenance and over-all boy” Denzil, our beloved Mamu’s — Cielo and Militz..soon to be Gelai and others)… but let me show some of the pics….some lang, ha because we’re still waiting for the those pipz who brought their digicams with them during the outing to upload the pix in their corresponding yahoogroups…

Some of d gurls…
Me, Anya, Rose, Khat and Anne
At the entrance gate…Sunday, 10AM

Pose ala Bb. Pilipinas candidate?
sarap mag-swimming…

I was with Maricar “the ghost”? — have I mentioned that the place was creepy?

Pose ala Model
The Pool. Before going home…one last nook…

We maybe very exhausted when we went home — but deep inside we’re content and happy, knowing that we’d be keeping that memorable moment for the rest of our days… and beyond…Dont know if I’d ever finf a team as true and as unique as this team…I really love these pipz…..

Sana maulit yun!


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