Days with Chele

Friday, March 18
Those SL’s bored the hell outta me (I was absent from my nerve-wracking and sanity-losing job because of tonsillitis — y not? In the call center industry, you tend to abuse your tonsil so much because you’re talking for the whole 7.5 hours you’re in the Goddamn office!) so I went to Chele’s place and went on swimming with her… Then found out that she’s already resigned from Etel…

Solo Pic

Chele and Me

Saturday, Mar 19
We’ve heard the news that there’d be a JOb fair at Mega, so we opted to go there and take chances…When I was there I’ve realized how many Filipinos were or are jobless, just by looking at how jobhunters swarmed around the Megatrade Hall. After we’d scanned the area for possible companies, we readily went to the Dep store and boutiques. Here were some pix taken there…

Me and Chele sa fx…pauwe n kami

Models not for Sale


One thought on “Days with Chele

  1. malen says:

    nood kayo ng concert namin (ruty and aimz) nila chelle sa April 23, 6:30 PM sa Philam Life theater. sa kin kayo bili ng ticket. please. 150P lang ticket. please please. kita kits tayo dun.

    suge na ha. we’ll expect you thre

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