This is how we say…GOODBYERS….!

They say nothing is permamnent in this world,
for others foresee change as either a
development, promotion, maturation or
Well maybe true…for some…but not for me
(for my team at least)…I just wish that the
sole person responsible for the team dispersal
would somehow be led to read mhy blog…No we
don’t hate you TL Mhy, it’s just that we find
your actions irresponsible and
What have you left was a struggling team who
somehow managed to survive and proved
themselves worthy of admonishon from the
management and other teams alike. Yes, we
survived, we manged to continue living…and
fighting even without your presence…
We don’t hate’s just that we wish you
could said goodbye so that there wouldn’t be
hard feelings over the teams’
separation…That we parted ways as friends,
good, good friends, for some of us spent a
year together….You, ernest, Chris and Mami
It’s just so hard to let go of not just the
team, but the FRIENDSHIP we all took pains to
build and ponder thru the months…I just
regret the fact that you didn’t say
goodbye…You could’ve told us…You know we’d
understand…WE WOULD UNDERSTAND why you have
to go…and leave…
You couldn’t have lied, you could’ve told us
the truth….
And now there is no longer AnoNiMhy — for
that name, that team was history…a legacy of
people who enjoyed being together despite the
challenging job we were bound to do,laughing
together despite the fact that life isn’t good
(sometimes…), drinking together after work
hours (regardless whether am or graveyard
shift — with or without MONEY), scutinizing
one another, not for the sake of “laitin” one
another but to really make fun of ourselves
because we know we love and enjoy our
companies so much that we hated going
home…but looking forward to seeing each
other again —exchanging stories as to what
happened during those time we weren’t
together, never failing to have a good laugh
at nothingness…
I know I will miss this team so much, as surely as I will the things we’re fond doing together..I will miss the friendship…the kind of friendship that was so rare I think only FORTUNATE people like me found…and would forever nourish…
TL Mhy, wherever you are, hope you’re happy and take care always….You know we’ll be okay..You know we will – with or without you….
I don’t know what’s gonna happen but knowing these Anonimhy pipz – I know we could survive, kahit hiwa-hiwalayin, pagtilad-tilarin, because we are connected in a circle — no ends, no corners but goes on forever — where our spirits, the spirits of camaraderie and love, a genuine friendship, reside forever..
Anywies, we are no longer known as AnoNiMhy pala, JAMANYA na…..
Tnx to QSP Jameh — we appreciated the little time you and the team had shared….Makulit man kami pero we’re so glad you were the one who’s assigned to the team…
And to TL Auds, kahit sa maikling panahon naramdaman namin ung concern and love mo sa team – WE SALUTE YOU!!!Kung sana man lang kaw na lang ung maging Tl namin and not itinapon kami sa kung kani-kaninong TL, wla na sanang mas masaya pa sa men….

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