Can’t get enough of my team…

Can’t get enough of my team? yeah…i guess so…

You can’t blame me, can you? I’ve been with this team for 14mos…and you gotta give it to them – they help me love myself more by loving other people, that to concern yourself about other people’s welfare is really something…they make me realize that I definitely can smile despite the problems and unexpected happenings in life, they listen to all my rants and frustrations in life, they understand what i’m going thru (esp when I’m PMSing and haven’t completed my 3-hours-a-day sleep), they walk llife with me and enjoy every single moment of it, they make life easier…most of all they’ve accepted and welcomed me (without questions) and loved and embraced me as I am (from head to toe)…Next to my family, they’re my most treasured people from this time being…

We’ve been tru a lot…sabi nga ni Jameh — iba daw ung team namin… TALAGA! We are unique, yes, we are in the sense that we really watch out for each other and mind you – we’re willing to sacrifice a lot for the team..We go for what makes most of us happy…We enjoyed scrutinizing each other, make fun of a person in our circle just to get a good laugh…We never ran out of stories bec we all live colorful lives… Really we’ve been a lot…

Magkakasama kami sa lahat ng bahay – mula sa mababaw hanggang sa malalim..We could be very vicious and naughty but we SIMPLY LOVE EACH OTHER!!! I remembered we even cried during our last night together…Each and evryone of us nag-rant nun last friday (mar25), may umiiyak, may humahagulgol(si anya ba un?) because we’d no longer be a team (‘though we might be seeing each other but then iba pa den kung magkakasama kau).. I would really miss team — wala na kaming breakfast sa macau at something fishy sa eastwood after shift or maagang inuman sa whistlestop (or cafe agogo along emerald ave sa ortigas)sa shang, tapos magkakape sa starbucks…mami-miss ko ung intayan ng breaks bago bumaba ng building, lahat…lalo na ung kwentuhan at tawanan sa floor kahit may calls…

Mami-miss ku ung labasan ng sama ng loob sa mundo…takipan pag may atrsao ung isa pero mind you, ha, na-sermunan muna yun bago pagtakpan…mami-miss ku ung tawa ni rose (lalo n pag lasing); ung pathetic na issue ni anya sa coupledom; ung pagpunta namin ni khat sa ibank twing payday (kasi sira ung atm niya); ung pagsakay namin nina chris at giget ng bus bound to taytay; ung pandadaot ni she at ni ernest, sama no n den si lui; ung mga hirit ni mami militz sa qcomm; ung mga pagkain ni mami cielo; ung mga green jokes ni racky sa qcomm; walang kamatayang kapasawayan ni gelai; ung maingay n pagkocall ni claire; ung knives ni el (nakakatakot..may killer instincts pa nman!); ung effortless na pagpapatawa ni bevs and ung motherly concern ni cathy sa team… lahat lahat sa team na to!!!

We could be very mean and naughty pero mababait pa den kami…

pix below are taken sa Intramuros last Mar 25, nag-visita iglesia kami… we were able to visit only 5 churches : Binondo, Sta. Cruz, Malate, Manila Cathedral and San Agustin…

the song of the rain…the song my soul

was it something in the rain

or a chance to love again

that made me explain

the secrets of my soul

i guess i only needed someone to hold

for i was gone w/o a trace

when the rain blew away

and it seems i’d spend my whole life

waiting for love

and when it comes

i always walk away…

Goodbye AnoNiMhy…

What can I say? Last night was the last I’d be with this team — I know you’d agree with me if I’d say it’s very painful bec I’ve been with this team eversince I’ve been with Convergys — and I know that it’d take forever before I’d be able to jive and enjoy being with my new team!!! Iba kasi talga ang AnoNiMhy — I’ve met the truest and best people, friends, teammates and family here — wala na yatag papantay sa team na’to sa puso ko… Sabi nga ni Anya “Not that I’m closing my doors to other team or people but it’s just that I know I’d never love them the way I had this team…” How apt! How true!

Can’t help but really cry when I was reading the Qcomm (that was a service messenger in Convergys), pano ba naman, everyone’s too sad ad disheartened over the dispersal – everyon’s reminiscing his first impression on this person, the thing he’s learn from him, etc…. Nakakalungkot lang na we’d be starting our new lives with Convergys on Monday — then with our respective teams…..Lemme quote some of the posted messages (courtesy of Chris..tnx dude!):

PHR_SGARALDE> at kay tl mhy: salamat, kasi kundi dahil sa ‘yo di kami maghihiwahiwalay, at di rin namin malalaman kung gano namin kamahal ang isa’t isa…..di namin marerealize na in our own little ways eh na-touch namin ang buhay ng isa’t isa, na nagtuturingan na kaming magkakapamilya(sa iba ngamaaaring higit pa….uuuuy ), dahil sa ‘yo naging matatag kami…sayang nga lang at wala ka na dito para ipagmalaki kami…pero salamat na rin…. – Aiyecka

PHR_JDEASIS> despite those times na minsan may topak tau pareho-pareho, keri lang…..hindi ko alam kung ano ung mas mami-miss ko..ung mga tao b or ung samahan? basta pareho lang…. — janis

PHR_JVILLAMIL> seryoso.. natutuwa ako nakilala kokayo.. iba ang team nyo.. u really care for each other.. too bad kelangan ma-disperse.. – jameh

PHR_EDELACRUZ> sa konting panahon na pinagsamahn natin- konti lang talga yung panahon natin na spend moretime with each other but at least we managed to be foreach one of us…we started out as 5 members – nawalan na tayo ng TL pero andito pa din tayo – marami na ang nawala – may mga dumating…pero kahit anong mangyari tayo pa din ang team – definitely you people will remain my friends; family here at the office…i loveyou all kahit corny pakinggan…- ernest

Huling Hirit

March 20-21, 2005 (Monday-Sunday)
Pansol, Calamba, Laguna

The much awaited team get-together out of town happened at long last. Ironic it may seem(because a week after this, we’d all go our separate ways and join our respective teams), we had the best time of our lives spent together there – even for 24 hours only! I’ll surely miss this team ( it would’ve been “more” happiest and “more” merriest if we’re complete — former and present members alike…esp mention sa aming “Maintenance and over-all boy” Denzil, our beloved Mamu’s — Cielo and Militz..soon to be Gelai and others)… but let me show some of the pics….some lang, ha because we’re still waiting for the those pipz who brought their digicams with them during the outing to upload the pix in their corresponding yahoogroups…

Some of d gurls…
Me, Anya, Rose, Khat and Anne
At the entrance gate…Sunday, 10AM

Pose ala Bb. Pilipinas candidate?
sarap mag-swimming…

I was with Maricar “the ghost”? — have I mentioned that the place was creepy?

Pose ala Model
The Pool. Before going home…one last nook…

We maybe very exhausted when we went home — but deep inside we’re content and happy, knowing that we’d be keeping that memorable moment for the rest of our days… and beyond…Dont know if I’d ever finf a team as true and as unique as this team…I really love these pipz…..

Sana maulit yun!


What do you do when you miss someone so much but you know that
person doesn’t?



How to win someone back.


To win someone back despite of :

a. him, already having a girl

b. his friendster’s status is “In a Relationship”

c. his friendster photos are full of pix of him and his current girl in their beachcapades all over the country


To win someone back without appearing cheap…and well, a sour loser


a. Vicky Belo contract (optional)

b. Friendster Account (at least 1)

c. Wardrobe (sexy sets)

d. Exercise (killer combination)

e. Make-up setsf. Common Friends


1. Always login to friendster to monitor any development in his status : Single n kaya siya?

2. Assess and evaluate yourself. Say “I’m the same person he used to love, ain’t I? And I can win him back no matter!” If the answer is yes, go to step3, If no, STOP. Loser ka talga!!!!

3. Do a little exercise (remember you gain 23 lnbs in Convergys?) If necessity asks,
do a lot everyday…study for certain combinations, or for better results, enrol in a gym or aerobics lesson. If you’re still not satisfied or convinced you can face him, see Dr. Belo.

4. Try on some of your chosen wardrobes and put on some make-up. You could also do color combinations (just make sure that colors agree, otherwise, you’d look like a beaten Kabuki doll). After you’ve ensured you “ALMOST LOOK PERFECT”, go to step 5.

5. Visit you common friends. When you visit them, make sure you’d have time to see him and make opportunities being visible to him (Read : Visible!!!).






Should or shouldn’t I try winning him back?


You’d been officemates for a year but you managed to see him as an alien. Why not?
Not only his fair complexion (too fair for a man) bothered you, he seemed to be so “yabang” and Über “confident” because of his good looks (w/c you admitted just NOW insecured/scared you so much) which made you conclude he’s a total “HEARTBREAKER”. But deep inside you knew and admitted he’s so damn gorgeous and only, all throughout, you managed to drive away any hint or notion that you were indeed, “ATTRACTED” and weren’t immune to his charms. You
always put on your defense mechanism by saying “Given he’s cute, you know naman I’ve no eyes for gwapo, di bah? Isa pa, he’s nothing compared to Mr. Blank (your very first love and the man you still claimed you’re hopelessly and madly inlove with, or so, you thought)” and even
armored yourself with this “mataray” looks and reputation that you loved exhibiting and showcasing everytime, as a result HE ended up as either being the “Witness” or the “Victim”. But despite of your frequent public display of “katarayan” at “kasungitan”, you knew you were special to him, you actually felt it. Take the following examples (if people raise their brows and start musing “Ilusyonada”) :

1) You caught his frequent stares that made you wonder maybe :

a.”Lagpas ba ung lipstick ko?” Later on you realize you actually didn’t put on some makeup.

b. “Magulo ba ung hair ko? Care ko, eh, mahangin sa labas!” But you unconciously started combing your hair.

c. “May dumi b sa mukha ko or madumi b ung face ko?” This time you intentionally check your face — eyes, nose, etc….and started opening your bag and took you pressed powder out and made a final facial check (hehehe), “Okay naman, a!”

So the verdict : Maybe he found your face worth staring at and found you pleasing at all.

2) He tried to, at least if not with you, befriend your friends and invited them to play billiards with him.

3) Finally, receded and admitted the truth that “Hindi k talaga kaya ng powers niya!” and just shrugged his shoulders as you started showing your cat claws and started nagging again, which strangley, he found so amusing!

But you still hated him for no apparent reason at all. You just didn’t like him or was it your feeling for him that you despised? You would rather admit to have crush on other guys than admit that you had strong feelings for him but silently worshipped and nortured your feelings for him. That throughout the duration of your stay in that office, you had been a COLOSSAL DENIAL QUEEN. You even remembered that when he was hospitalized, you visited him or intended to visit him, only you were not able to because you were “caught peeking to his private room by his closest friends with their sheepish grins” and you didn’t know what to do or say or how to escape that “shameful event” and said “Hi, nasa 3rd floor kami ni Chele, may dinalaw lang kami. Sige, bye…” and bolted your way out of the scene (Now you realized that what you said didn’t make any sense at all!)You silently prayed as you walked away “God, kunin mo na ko ngayon, nakakahiya! Ano n lang iispin nun tungkol sa kin — Na kaya ako mataray sa kaniya eh, dahil patay n patay pala ako..! NAKAKAHIYA!!!!” So to cover up that shameful event you continued crushing on other guys even if your friends didn’t believe you anymore…

And the DAY of your life came. He ardently admitted his undying affection for you that went on something like this : “No words can describe how much I feel for you. The only words I could utter is I love you!” But despite the fact that you’ve learned that he loved you, you still didn’t believe that and almost cried out loud “Sabi ko n nga ba!” when you’ve heard that he’s courting other girl months after he admitted he loved you. See? Who knows those words were really for that girl and not yours? Unfortunately, you never had the time to verify and confront “your status” – because you had to leave…

And now after almost 16 months, you were informed by your friend (the same friend you’re with in the hospital) that He was seen with his current girl in Galera, November of last year. They were very cozy and sweet! Sweet? So how was that! How coud they be? Oh, well, you’re too far from being sweet, you’d rather be sour because you love eating green mango and pineapple, so you’d rather be sour, yes, you are a SOUR LOSER!!! Did he actually love you? Did he? Loved you? A year ago? Or was everything a big joke? Like you were a big joke to him? Maybe he was just young then, maybe…Maybe he’s just fooling around…Maybe he wasn’t…What if he was?

Or maybe it was your fault….for driving him away…for being coward…for not following what your heart sought to do. Your only CONSOLATION : You dumped him first (sort of, hehehe) before he could dump you! You didn’t even give him the chance to get close to you. So why are you sulking and wanting him back? SANITY CHECK : Nababaliw ka na ba? HOW COULD YOU WIN BACK SOMEONE WHO WASN’T THERE AT ALL? Someone who wasn’t yours? SOMEONE WHO WAS NEVER YOURS AND WOULD NEVER BE?


No, you don’t want him back. I guess, you just need to see him for the last time — to finally set yourself free and let go of
someone who was never there at all. You need to move on. You should. And you would! So what if you miss him? So what if you miss him so much it damn hurt? If you’re able to survive not seeing him for 16 mos, for sure you would for the next 16 mos or more…You could live without him, yes and be a COLOSSAL DENIAL QUEEN FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!

Kumanta n lang nga tayo :

“Even if you mean the whole damn world to me

I can forget you, wait and see

I can be strong even without you

I can’t waste my life forever hoping you’ll come back to me

But deep inside you know, I’ll be waiting here for you..”

***FOOTNOTE : This is a true story because this is MY STORY!!!

JUST A THOUGHT : “Sabi nila malalaman mo
daw kung talagang mahal mo ang isang tao
kapag nawala siya at alam mong may kulang
na sa’yo at hindi ka na magiging kompleto
kung hindi siya babalik.”

Days with Chele

Friday, March 18
Those SL’s bored the hell outta me (I was absent from my nerve-wracking and sanity-losing job because of tonsillitis — y not? In the call center industry, you tend to abuse your tonsil so much because you’re talking for the whole 7.5 hours you’re in the Goddamn office!) so I went to Chele’s place and went on swimming with her… Then found out that she’s already resigned from Etel…

Solo Pic

Chele and Me

Saturday, Mar 19
We’ve heard the news that there’d be a JOb fair at Mega, so we opted to go there and take chances…When I was there I’ve realized how many Filipinos were or are jobless, just by looking at how jobhunters swarmed around the Megatrade Hall. After we’d scanned the area for possible companies, we readily went to the Dep store and boutiques. Here were some pix taken there…

Me and Chele sa fx…pauwe n kami

Models not for Sale

This is how we say…GOODBYERS….!

They say nothing is permamnent in this world,
for others foresee change as either a
development, promotion, maturation or
Well maybe true…for some…but not for me
(for my team at least)…I just wish that the
sole person responsible for the team dispersal
would somehow be led to read mhy blog…No we
don’t hate you TL Mhy, it’s just that we find
your actions irresponsible and
What have you left was a struggling team who
somehow managed to survive and proved
themselves worthy of admonishon from the
management and other teams alike. Yes, we
survived, we manged to continue living…and
fighting even without your presence…
We don’t hate’s just that we wish you
could said goodbye so that there wouldn’t be
hard feelings over the teams’
separation…That we parted ways as friends,
good, good friends, for some of us spent a
year together….You, ernest, Chris and Mami
It’s just so hard to let go of not just the
team, but the FRIENDSHIP we all took pains to
build and ponder thru the months…I just
regret the fact that you didn’t say
goodbye…You could’ve told us…You know we’d
understand…WE WOULD UNDERSTAND why you have
to go…and leave…
You couldn’t have lied, you could’ve told us
the truth….
And now there is no longer AnoNiMhy — for
that name, that team was history…a legacy of
people who enjoyed being together despite the
challenging job we were bound to do,laughing
together despite the fact that life isn’t good
(sometimes…), drinking together after work
hours (regardless whether am or graveyard
shift — with or without MONEY), scutinizing
one another, not for the sake of “laitin” one
another but to really make fun of ourselves
because we know we love and enjoy our
companies so much that we hated going
home…but looking forward to seeing each
other again —exchanging stories as to what
happened during those time we weren’t
together, never failing to have a good laugh
at nothingness…
I know I will miss this team so much, as surely as I will the things we’re fond doing together..I will miss the friendship…the kind of friendship that was so rare I think only FORTUNATE people like me found…and would forever nourish…
TL Mhy, wherever you are, hope you’re happy and take care always….You know we’ll be okay..You know we will – with or without you….
I don’t know what’s gonna happen but knowing these Anonimhy pipz – I know we could survive, kahit hiwa-hiwalayin, pagtilad-tilarin, because we are connected in a circle — no ends, no corners but goes on forever — where our spirits, the spirits of camaraderie and love, a genuine friendship, reside forever..
Anywies, we are no longer known as AnoNiMhy pala, JAMANYA na…..
Tnx to QSP Jameh — we appreciated the little time you and the team had shared….Makulit man kami pero we’re so glad you were the one who’s assigned to the team…
And to TL Auds, kahit sa maikling panahon naramdaman namin ung concern and love mo sa team – WE SALUTE YOU!!!Kung sana man lang kaw na lang ung maging Tl namin and not itinapon kami sa kung kani-kaninong TL, wla na sanang mas masaya pa sa men….